About Meetanshi

Meetanshi is the outcome of the passionate dreams with desperate desires of two talented brothers from different mothers.

Mission - Exceeding eCommerce Excellence

Vision - To Bring Every eCommerce Dreams to Life

With the goal to provide best Magento extensions and services to fit every business needs, Meetanshi keeps Exceeding eCommerce Excellence! The mission symbolizes our dedication & gratitude towards our customers, and we develop their requirements out of love! We obtain divine blessings and grace with our satisfied and happy customers who make us go beyond the present talent, skill, and capacity to drive excellence in every single work we do. Our gratitude towards customers is our offering to them not out of money or feelings of earning but out of thankfulness. We feel truly blessed and see divinity everywhere, in everything through the happy faces of our customers around the globe. Right from the start, our vision is to deliver solutions that help fulfill E-commerce dreams and outperform in terms of quality development. We want to be the first choice of anyone who wishes to build an E-commerce store. We look forward to carving out our name in the top list of Ecommerce Innovator and Enthusiast. Our team is constantly thriving to develop solutions those leave no boundary untouched when it comes to E-commerce.

Sanjay Jethva

Sanjay Jethva
Chief Technology Officer

“Magento Development is something I have done for years and still I get excited every time at the prospect on working on new projects since all our users have unique requirement and vision. Delivering perfect products and customized developments is what keeps me going every day. Let’s work together and create beautiful ecommerce solutions!”

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil
Marketing Director

“As the head of the marketing solutions, I love knowing about people and their businesses. I would love getting to know your dreams and passion which helps me deliver the best marketing solutions and products best suited to your ecommerce business. Let’s grow together!”