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Magento Security Patches Installation Service

Magento Security Patches Installation Service

Magento Security Patches Installation Service by Meetanshi provides successful installation of SUPEE patches in Magento 1 stores and the latest security patches in Magento 2 stores.

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Adobe released emergency Magento 2 security patch MDVA-43395 & MDVA-43443 to fix the zero-day remote code execution vulnerability, Install patch now!

Install the missing Security patches to make your Store secure now!

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Magento releases regular security patches to fix the known security loopholes and protect the online stores from any kind of cyber threats. Installing these patches is important to make sure that the online store is guarded against any kind of potential exploitation. It is a piece of code developed to fix an issue or upgrade a program.

Security patches, earlier known as SUPEE patches for Magento 1, helps stores combat any possible attacks due to the exploitation of the security loopholes in Magento. Timely installation of these Magento 2 security patches is a must to keep your Magento store data hack-proof and safe.

Magento security patch installation is a complex process. It requires expertise and detailed knowledge to successfully safeguard Magento stores with proper patches installation.

This is the reason why the online Magento store owners approach and require professional Magento Security Patches Installation Service. Meetanshi has proven track records in Magento Security Patches Installation Service with satisfied clients worldwide who have trusted and successfully get installed security patches in a timely manner.

In case of critical cyber threats, emergency Magento patches are released by Adobe to safeguard the stores against possible attacks and exploits. For example, on Feb 13, 2022, Adobe released an emergency patch for the Magento stores to protect them against the zero-day RCE bug that was identified to be exploited by the attackers in the wild. The severity of the bug was rated 9.8/10 that requires an immediate security patch.

In such cases of emergency, Magento store owners can seek professional Magento Patch Installation Service by Meetanshi. We can help you safeguard your online store by installing the latest Magento 2 security patch.

Our Magento Patch Installation Process:

Magento Security Patches Installation Process
  • Check for the latest available patches for your current Magento version and compare which are not installed through
  • Backing up all files to be patched.
  • Login to admin panel, disabling compilation and clearing the cache to check if everything works fine.
  • Creating a staging mode of the website files on which the security patches will be applied first.
  • Applying the patches to the staging files via SSH or FTP.
  • Testing for the successful Magento patch installation in staging.
  • Applying the security patches to your live Magento website.
  • Clearing the cache and enabling compilation.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento Security patches Installation Service:

Magento Security Patches Benefit

  • Double-check of already installed and non-installed patches prior to Magento patch installation.
  • Accurate patch installation to avoid data loss or any other issues.
  • Surety of full protection of your Magento store.
  • A/B testing to ensure stability and protection the patch offers.
  • Assured integrity of the store.
  • Certified Magento developers to install the Magento patches without any error.

So don’t take Magento store security for granted, get Professional Magento Patches Installation Service from Meetanshi now and safeguard your store against security threats!

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Affordable rates & best price

Had experienced many service providers, but out of all, Meetanshi is best. The team is supportive and even provides great service. Thank you guys!

Review by Mary Boomer
High security!

Team Meetanshi provides high-security by availing this service. Time-saver service & now I can easily focus on my store. Thank you Meetanshi for such an amazing service.

Review by Joanne
Got much better!

Metanshi offers Magento Security Patches Installation Service at very affordable rates. Great service and support. Highly satisfied with the service and quality work provided.

Review by Tammie Joslin
happy with the patch installation

I have magento 2.4 version and contacted meetanshi to install recent security patch apsb22-12. they installed it super quickly and saved my store from rce bug.

Review by marty r.
Accurate patch installation without any data loss

Meetanshi offers accurate patch installation without any data loss. Ensures full protection. Great job by team members.

Review by Anissa
Much needed to keep your store safe.

Magento Security Patch Installation service is much needed service that helps to keep your Magento store safe and protect against potential vulnerabilities.

Review by James M. Romero
Get your store protected!

Avail Meetanshi's service to prevent your store from possible hacks without loosing data and full protection from the experts.

Review by E. Ferguson
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