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Magento Security Patches Installation

Make your Magento secure against potential vulnerabilities and protect your store against possible hacks with Magento Security Patches Installation Service by Meetanshi.

The Latest and Final Security Patch for Magento 1 - Magento SUPEE 11346 is released on June 22nd, 2020.

Install the missing Security patches to make your Store secure now!


Being a most popular Ecommerce platform and in order to provide up to date security and protection against threats, Magento keeps releasing security patches popularly known as SUPEE patches.

A patch is a piece of code developed to fix an issue or upgrade a program. A package of modified core files to fix a security issue is called SUPEE patch.

Timely installation of this Magento security patches is must to keep your Magento store data hack proof and safe. SUPEE patch installation is a complex process which requires expertise and detailed knowledge to successfully safeguard Magento stores with proper patches installation. This is the reason why online Magento store owners approach and require professional Magento Patch Installation Service.

Meetanshi has proven track records in Magento Security Patches Installation Service with satisfied clients worldwide who have trusted and successfully get installed security patches in timely manner

Magento also releases security patches and hotfixes apart from the SUPEE patches. These patches are responsible for bug fixes. One such region patch was released by Magento on February 12, 2020. The region patch fixes the Paypal checkout issue which was caused when the user manually enters the country name instead of from the dropdown menu for the shipping address. The professional patch installation service can help fix this issue in your Magento 2 store smoothly.

Magento Security Patches

Our Magento Patch Installation Process:

Magento Security Patches Installation Process
  • Checking for the latest available patches for your current Magento version and compare which are not installed through
  • Backing up all files to be patched.
  • Login to admin panel, disabling compilation and clearing the cache to check if everything works fine.
  • Creating staging mode of the website files on which the security patches will be applied first.
  • Applying the patches to the staging files via SSH or FTP.
  • Testing for the successful patch installation in staging.
  • Applying the patches to your live website.
  • Clearing the cache and enabling compilation.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento Security patches Installation Service:

Magento Security Patches Benefit
  • Double check of already installed and non installed SUPEE patches prior patch installation.
  • Accurate patch installation to avoid data loss or any other issues.
  • Surety of fully protection of your Magento store.
  • A/B testing to ensure stability and protection the patch offers.

So don’t take Magento store security for granted, get Professional Magento Patches Installation Service from Meetanshi now and safeguard your store against security threats!

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