Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates

Helps you offer Unlimited Numbers of Shipping Options by defining different Shipping Rates based on Shipping Destination, Product Weight, Price and Quantity.

Key Features:

  • Create Unlimited Numbers of Custom Shipping Methods based on Price, Quantity, Destination & Weight
  • Create Table Rates in Bulk uploading CSV
  • Calculate Shipping Rates either in Flat Rate or in Percentage
  • Assign Shipping Rates for Specific Product Types & Groups
  • Option to exclude Virtual Product Types from Shipping Rates Calculations
  • Assign Minimum/Maximum rates to apply Shipping Charge on Whole Order
  • Display Estimated Delivery Date & Time along with Each Shipping Method
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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To deliver customers’ orders faster and conveniently, you need to offer various shipping options to customers making a purchase on your Magento 2 stores. Multiple shipping options allow choosing a shipping method that leads to store success by providing better user experience. Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates Extension by Meetanshi calculates accurate shipping price based on Shipping Destination, Product Weight, Price and Quantity prior defining Shipping Rates through CSV file. With Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates, one can effectively manage shipping process of the stores and build highly flexible table rates system.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates Extension:

  • Ability to create Numerous Custom Shipping Methods based on Shipping Destinations, Product Weight, Price and Quantity.
  • Define table rates in bulk through uploading CSV having Shipping Rates.
  • Display estimated delivery date and time along with each shipping method.
  • Calculate shipping rates either at a flat rate or in percentage.
  • Assign different shipping rates for specific product types and groups.
  • Create and charge accurate shipping rates based on various combinations of destination, price, weight, quantity.
  • Assign minimum or maximum rates to apply shipping charge to whole order having multiple products.
  • Exclude virtual product types from shipping rates calculations.
Customer Reviews (10)
Easy to use
Easy installation and setup. Great support from the team. Review by Warren Smith
Perfect shipping toolkit for Magento 2
Helps making complex shipping rules easy to setup. Great support. Thanks! Review by James
Brilliant support and extension
The support is very good. Helped me solve my doubts very patiently. Nice extension. Review by Joseph
Extremely helpful
Now I am able to create as many custom shipping methods as I want with this extension. Review by William
Fantastic addon
It is a time saver! Get the best shipping extension for your store from them. Review by Amy Melendez
Great extension
It's very flexible and allows managing shipping rates according to my requirements. Review by Shirley
Thank you for creating this great product. Nice and affordable. Review by Darlene Moore
All you need is here!
Get this extension and get your work going! Satisfied with the module and service. Review by Emma
Best shipping extension
The extension does everything I need. Support is great. Review by Terry Smith
Versatile extension
Not only does it give sellers the ability to assign shipping rates to specific orders very easily, it has bulk CSV upload features too. Review by Mary Rojas
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