Magento 2 Mobile Login

Magento 2 Mobile Login extension by Meetanshi facilitates customers to register and login using mobile number along with OTP verification in Magento 2.

Key Features:

  • Easy registration and login using the mobile number.
  • OTP verification for the security. 
  • Compatible with Msg91, Twilio and Textlocal gateway.
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x

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With the increasing use of mobile phones, users demand E-commerce to provide any service to be available anywhere, anytime. Also, security breaches are increasing day by day due to spammers which result in poor customer experience and decreased customer retention. To withstand the E-commerce security along with mobility, Magento 2 stores must provide mobile phone verification at every stage of customer lifecycle including website registration, login, and other services to provide the best user experience to customers. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Mobile Login extension that lets customers register and login using the mobile number with OTP verification.

Magento 2 Mobile Login eases the process of registration or login for customers. It also adds the layer of security by providing OTP verification for the mobile number at the time of registration and login. 

Don't let the drawback of default Magento 2 stop you from enhancing the store's user experience. Use Meetanshi's OTP extension for Magento 2 and allow easy and secured login via mobile number.

Right now, Magento Mobile Login is compatible with:

Contact Us to make our Magento Mobile Login extension compatible with your preferred SMS gateway for FREE.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Mobile Login extension:

  • Let users register and login using the mobile number along with the OTP verification.
  • Select OTP type from numeric or alphanumeric.
  • Admin can specify OTP length.
  • Admin has to register with the preferred SMS Gateway for API key and URL to send OTP SMS for registration and login.
  • Option to set either from the promotional or transactional message type to send OTP SMS using the SMS gateway.
  • Enable mobile verification using OTP while:
    • Registration
    • Login
    • Forgot Password
    • Update Mobile Number
  • Set custom OTP text for registration OTP SMS, login OTP SMS, forgot password OTP SMS and update mobile number OTP SMS. 
  • Make use of system variables while creating OTP text messages.
  • On click of the register or log in, a responsive popup is opened up to enter the mobile number for OTP verification.
  • Customers can log in either using Email ID or mobile number.
  • Customers can click "Forgot Password" to reset it after mobile verification using OTP.
  • Customers can update their registered mobile number after OTP verification from their “My Account” section.
  • The extension adds the layer of security for website registration, login, forgot password and update password.
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Helped enhance customer experience
Perfect extension to enable login with mobile! Recommend Review by Robert
Excellent Support Service
The team was supportive to customise the extension on time and it functions as expected! Review by Jeffery white
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