Introducing Mit From Meetanshi – Your E-commerce Buddy!

Since its inception, Meetanshi was desperate to have a face that can bestow the brand a different personality, represent the brand and resonate with the niche users.

At Meetanshi, we are always into either fixing an E-commerce store or developing one! The work revolves around making sure that our clients’ E-commerce sites are up and running.

With this idea as the center, Meetanshi got its mascot, Mit, who is a member of a Mit crew, making sure that the E-commerce sites are running efficiently!

Mit working

Meetanshi is an E-commerce development company founded by Mr. Sanjay Jethva and Mr. Shivbhadrasinh Gohil. The company got its name from the combination of two cuties Meet and Devyanshi, their little ones!

When pondering for a name for the mascot, the team came up with names like Mitron, Mento, Pinto, etc. but no one gave “this-is-it” moment.

Suddenly, it struck one of us why not simply Mit!!? The name which we all loved and approved.

The team can imagine Mit hanging out with them, helping them fix and develop Magento sites, attend events around the world, and chill with them at the picnics!

Moreover, Mit notifies of the empty shopping cart and reminds you to fill it with Magento 2 extensions:

Empty Cart Meetanshi

Mit can help you find your way back to from 404 pages

404 Page Design Meetanshi

Celebrates successful order placement with you:

Order Success Page Meetanshi

And also explain to you about Meetanshi

Meetanshi about us page

Mit is an expert in the E-commerce field and you can see him upgrading a Magento 2 store, fixing a bug in woocommerce store, or develop a feature for Prestashop site!

Mit Working on various site features

He also went on a vacation recently!

Mit Enjoying Holidays

And celebrates Christmas

Mit Celebrating Christmas

While we were in the idea and designing phase for the mascot, we sketched a superhero:

Male and female mascot versions

But this was having many misconceptions and dissatisfactions like,

  1. It’s not easy to draw every time you require to connect with the brand functions
  2. Peeps may confuse it with some superhero of the movie
  3. We believe in gender equality and thus, we never allow having a male and female version of the superhero mascot.
  4. The current sketch looks like a child which may represent the company as a startup or inexperienced
  5. The above mascot has his own identity and attraction which has a heavy impact over the team members who are the actual working heroes of Meetanshi.
  6. We didn’t want a frontliner who get highlighted rather we wanted the backbencher (the team member) who works behind the scenes with the complete dedication who has no sense of individuality
  7. We don’t want the mascot to have a good looking face which grabs all the attention over his good deeds

Obviously, it failed the normal human touch that can mend the site, build a business, or fix a bug. And hence we landed on this sketch:

mit basic sketch

And when we finally had the mascot design ready, the Mit crew was enjoying the party!!

Mit Mascot Dancing

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Introducing Mit From Meetanshi – Your E-commerce Buddy!

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil is the Wizard of Light Bulb Moments at Meetanshi.
He is a Digital Marketer and started optimizing Magento stores since 2010. He has founded 2 successful Magento Agencies since 2014. When not working, you can find him reading books or spending time with his daughter & son.

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