Buy One, Get One Tree: Meetanshi Plants a Tree for Each Order

“To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, to live as a people, we must have trees.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Since our inception in 2017, we’ve been putting people & planet first because they both are integral parts of our ecosystem.

We are constantly stepping towards making the planet greener and trying our best to give back to our planet Earth — which has been sustaining our lives for millions of years. Today, we proudly announce our ‘Buy One, Get One Tree’ initiative as our next step towards sustainability with an aim towards making Earth a better place to live for future generations.


We Are Planning for a Sustainable Future 🌱

IT sector accounts for 2% of the total global carbon emissions, which is the same as that of the aviation industry. Being a future-facing IT company, we are conscious of the impact we’ve on the planet. We are aiming to become a 100% sustainable IT company by the year 2030. Currently, we’ve partnered with to offset carbon emissions on our website and plant a tree for every order we receive on our website.

A message from our CEO:

“At Meetanshi, we think beyond business profits. We have always believed in giving back to the community, to the environment, and to the planet, we live on. Being a responsible organization, we are constantly trying our best to neutralize our carbon footprints. Our future plans include using clean energy and other sustainable strategies to become a completely sustainable company.”

— Sanjay Jethva, CEO of Meetanshi

Meetanshi Plans for a Sustainable Future is a Zero Carbon Website 🌏

Meetanshi is a Carbon Neutral Website

The internet is often misinterpreted as clean and immaterial. Sadly, it is not the truth. The data centers around the world, which are the backbone of the world wide web, are mostly powered by electricity generated via non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels that release hazardous gases into the environment.

On average, every webpage visit emits 6 grams of CO2 in the global ecosystem. That’s a lot of carbon dioxide!

We take sole responsibility for the CO2 emitted by our website and offset 100% of the carbon emissions.

The tree-nation label installed on our website auto-calculates the amount of carbon our website emits based on the number of page visits and plant trees required to compensate for those emissions.

Tree-nation Badge of Net Zero Website

Planting Trees for Every Order 🌲

Our planet needs more trees to address serious issues like climate change and global warming. We need to accelerate the rate of afforestation to achieve a sustainable ecosystem. To do our part, we plant a tree through Tree-Nation for every paid order we receive on our website.

How Does it Work? 🌴

Visit our website –, and select any paid product/service you want to purchase. Complete the checkout process, and you’ll receive virtual tree plantation invitation mail to plant your free tree in Meetanshi’s forest.

Step 1: Select Any Product

Select Any Paid Product in Our Store

Step 2: Complete the Payment

Place Your Order on Meetanshi

Step 3: A Tree will be Planted

We Will Plant a Tree


Our Achievement So Far 🍀


Benefits of Planting Trees 🏞️

Trees do not just add mere beauty to the landscapes and create scenic views. Being an integral part of the global ecosystem, they complement life on Earth.

Cools Down Our Planet

Trees Cool Down Temperature

Trees lower atmospheric temperature by absorbing CO2 and transpiration.

Increases Water Retention

Trees Improve Water Retention

Planting more trees can increase the water-holding capacity of the surrounding soil.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Prevents Soil Erosion

The tree roots stabilize the surrounding land and prevent soil erosions.

Cleanses Air

Cleanses Air - Provides More Oxygen

Trees provide pure oxygen gas in exchange for carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

Let’s Make an Impact Together 🌱🌳🌎

The carbon emission problem of our industry is real. Let’s not be a part of the problem and do our part. We may not be able to make a difference solely, but together we surely can! You’re not required to put any special efforts into making our planet greener; make any purchase from our online website, and we’ll plant a tree for you! You’ll also receive a tree plantation virtual certificate in your email.

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Buy One, Get One Tree: Meetanshi Plants a Tree for Each Order

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