Meetanshi Turns 4! – Highlights From Our Fourth Meetanshiversary

It’s time to celebrate! Meetanshi turns 4 now!

Team Meetanshi is highly proud to say that we have successfully completed four years of exceeding eCommerce excellence. We are grateful to each and everyone that have supported us throughout the journey. Also, we are thankful to our clientele and Mit crew that has allowed us to reach this milestone and consider them to be a part of the success.

It was our day to honor our past, celebrate our present, and embrace our future! Here are some of the important announcements and a glimpse of the 4th Meetanshiversary!

Important Announcements on 4th Meetanshiversary

Mega Magento Giveaway by Meetanshi

To show the feeling of gratitude and thankfulness, we have organized a Mega Magento Giveaway on the occasion of Meetanshi’s 4th birthday. We are offering prizes worth up to $1,00,000 to the participants in the form of huge discounts on Magento extensions, hosting, and themes.

Mega Magento Giveaway by Meetanshi [2021]

Don’t miss the chance to participate in the Mega Magento Giveaway by Meetanshi. Follow the easy steps on the giveaway page to take part.

Rebranding of Meetanshi

Apart from achieving new heights of excellence in providing eCommerce services, Meetanshi has always thrived to adapt to the new challenges and has made a difference. During this period of our enormous growth, we have changed a lot. It led us to change our logo and look to better match our core values and ethics.



On this special occasion, our team has decided to gift Meetanshi with a fresh brand identity and look, which includes a new logo, website design, and fonts. You will find our fresh logo and look everywhere from now onwards. We hope it will provide our clients with a more transparent and clear picture of our expertise.

A Glimpse at the 4th Meetanshiversary Celebration

Just like every year, Team Meetanshi was highly exuberant to celebrate the 4th Meetanshiversary! The MIT crew was highly energetic to celebrate the Meetanshiversary from the morning onwards. Here are some of the highlights of the 4th Meetanshiversary day!

Meetanshi’s workplace was decorated with elegant balloons and lighting. The premise was filled with the vibes of excitement and an atmosphere of utmost joy. Heartful thanks to the Mit crew for their contribution to the decoration part that added extra glory to the workplace. Our creative team made amazing funny caricatures of the employees to add an extra smile to their faces.

Wall Decoration on the Occasion of 4th Meetanshiversary


The day began with a Pooja or auspicious morning prayer, keeping the moral ethics and traditions of the company in mind. We are truly thankful for the blessings of the divine power that has helped us to achieve new heights of eCommerce success. Here are some of the snaps of the Mit crew praying for everyone’s betterment.

Prayer on the occasion of 4th Meetanshiversary


Every celebration is incomplete without an amazing cake. So, what could be a better way to celebrate our Meetanshi’s anniversary than cake cutting? We had ordered a special Meetanshiversary cake depicting our company’s logo. The team enjoyed the cake-cutting ceremony by sharing bites with each other to depict the feeling of together-we-can. The office was filled with smiles with the glory of happiness on the faces of the Mit crew.

Cake cutting on the occasion of 4th Meetanshiversary


The cake-cutting ceremony was followed by a talk on tea with the MIT crew. I and my partner Mr. Sanjay Jethva (CTO & Founder) depicted our 4 years of the journey from a startup to building one of the most reputed eCommerce development companies. We talked about how we managed to handle the ups and downs along the journey. We also talked about our future goals and plans to take our eCommerce services to new heights. MIT crew shared their success stories related to the achievement of their personal goals while working with Meetanshi.


Speech on the occasion of 4th Meetanshiversary

Having enjoyed a lot in the morning session, the team had a delicious lunch to replenish their energy levels. In the afternoon session, we had an annual awards ceremony. The core motive behind this was to appreciate and recognize our employees for their excellent performance and contributions toward the growth of the company.

Award Ceremony on the Occasion of 4th Meetanshiversary



It was a proud moment for us to recognize the best employees and managers of the year. After that, the team had amazing talks and exchanged our views and ideas with each other.

In the end, MIT crew had an amazing dinner party together. Overall, the day was spent really well and remained memorable.

Dinner on the Occasion of 4th Meetanshiversary



It was our immense pleasure to celebrate the moment with our team. I hope to see our company and team celebrate more such years growing together.

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Meetanshi Turns 4! – Highlights From Our Fourth Meetanshiversary

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