Meet Magento India 2020 Recap & Insights

Magento is more than a company. It is a community! And, Meet Magento is the conference that offers a chance to meet the best minds and fresh ideas of the Magento world.

Meet Magento India 2020 was all about learning, making friends, and everything Magento!

Team Meetanshi attended the event as a contributing sponsor and came back with lots of actionable tips and knowledge from the speakers at the event.

Organized by Wagento, the event was set ablaze with sessions from speakers like Ben Marks, VInai Kopp, Vikrant Shukla, Kali Charan Rajput, Marsha Naidoo, Miguel Balparda, Sathish Vaidyanathan, Sergii Ivashchenko, and the list is big!

Meet Magento India 2020 was held at The Leela, Mumbai on February 01, 2020.

Organized in a marvelous environment with delicious food and beverages, the conference offered a perfect opportunity for everyone to connect with the community, exchange knowledge, learn about Magento’s evolution and upcoming plans.

Meet Magento India 2020!

The event kicked off at 8:00 am with Magento peeps at the registration desk and taking selfies with the first look of #MM20IN.

With a welcome note by Vijay Golani and Brent Peterson, the conference got a boost and was followed by an insightful keynote by Sathish Vaidyanathan from PayPal. He focuses on the business outcome which matters the most, rather than technology which is only the medium, according to him!

Cheliyan Pancras from Adobe mentioned:

  • Integration of Magento & Adobe
  • Efficient operation of multi-source inventory
  • Page builder
  • An example of Forever New that benefitted from Magento 2
  • Upcoming AI-powered site search by Adobe

Not forgetting to mention the yummy breakfast sponsored by Codilar 😋

Now, the audience was all set to get the secret of succeeding in E-commerce from Kali Charan Rajput from Ranosys who says:

  • Have an emotional bond with site visitors
  • The attitude of shopper’s first at every instance
  • Creativity in product returns management

and more!

Enjoyed having a conversation with him!

Simultaneously, Krish Guda explained the need for speed and to achieve it with Image CDNs. We learned about “eTailing for a Billion”! from Mr. Vedanarayanan Vedantham at Meet Magento India 2020.

The panel discussion on hosting by Miguel Balparda, Arun Bansal, Shehzad Karkhanawala, Pradip Shah was a pleasant experience!

The most amazing speaker we met, Alfreds Genkins from ScandiPWA, talking about PWA at the age of 18!

Umair Mohammed from Wigzo, talking about the importance of data at #MM20IN:

  • Data collection
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization

The next hour saw another three simultaneous sessions by Jisse Reitsma from YireoStefan Willkommer from Techdivision, and Marsha Naidoo from Magemojo which were amazing in their own ways!

Jisse Reitsma talked about PWA and Duka.

Announcing Duka - MM20IN - Meetanshi

We received great tips about cross-cultural competence and how to do business with them in the most feasible way!

Marsha was amazing at #MM20IN. She talked everything about the Magento community and how can we be helpful and contribute. And not only during the session, she even interacted with us after the session with so much interest!

By now everyone in our team was thinking about the dessert served after the lunch by Netsmartz because we got a sweet tooth!

After the delightful lunch, Sergii Ivashchenko, Vikrant Shukla – the supermageman, and Ravi Trivedi from PushEngage took to stage to talk about Adobe Stock Integration, the art of requirement gathering, and best practices of web push notifications.

Vikrant Shukla has shared his presentation here.

Vikrant Shukla - Understanding requirement gatherings - MM20IN - Meetanshi

The conference was moving ahead with talks by Sailatha KarthikeyanChristopher Daniel, and Sahil Chug.

And meeting Sahil with his Magehost team personally was fab!

Magehost team with Meetanshi at #MM20IN

How can we forget Vinai Kopp! He talked all about Testing Framework.

Can you believe this! He took a selfie with one of our Mits at #MM20IN 🚀

Such an honor!

Mage2tv sponsored its subscription which was won by one from our Mit crew! And the crew was overwhelmed at this moment:

Team Meetanshi with Vinai Kopp at Meet Magento India 2020

You can see the happiness on our face!

Another highlight of the event was Saurabh Rajpal from Google, talking about AMP for Emails in eCommerce.

And now was the time for the showstopper of #MM20IN! The one and only Ben Marks.

To quote him from the conference, “India is a heart of Magento”

Such an aww moment for us. 😌

Not stopping to this, we were amazed when our team had a chat with him and selfie too!

The conference was rocking till its end. The attendees were enjoying the drinks by shogun where our team met friends from around the globe. Have a glimpse at the pictures:

Saying that the day was fun-filled would be an understatement! For those who weren’t able to attend the event, #MM20IN is the best place to check out the highlights.

The team Meetanshi is proud to be part of such a buzzing community. We hope to see you all at Meet Magento India 2021 at Ahmedabad.


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Meet Magento India 2020 Recap & Insights

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