Meet Magento India 2021 – Recap and Insights [#MM21IN]

The pandemic has brought major shifts in how we work, live, and meet! It reflected in India’s biggest Magento event, Meet Magento India 2021 that was held on February 04, 2021, virtually.

The event was not limited to India but attended by the Magento community members all around the world.

The Meet Magento event was a growth opportunity for developers, marketers, and merchants.

Meetanshi attended the Meet Magento event as a Community Sponsor this year and enjoyed it to the fullest!

If you missed the event, here are the highlights and insights of MM21IN!

The event kickstarted with the welcome remarks from Brent Peterson and Vijay Golani

Following it was the session by Hashid Hameed on “Performance Commerce – the key to our future as developers”. The key takeaways from his amazing session are:

  • Understanding success
  • The Full Picture
  • Levers are amazing that improve the eCommerce business for our client

The next session was by Nath Parmeshwaran on “Enabling growth: The opportunity beyond borders” where he states that “Pandemic has changed the way we live, but essentially it has changed the Digital Payments to be a must-have feature on eCommerce Website.”

So true!

Now it was the time to start the various tracks like Technical, Business, Solution, and PWA.

But before that, the team enjoyed the breakfast break together!

Technical Track:

Key Takeaways from the session Magento Site-Wide Analysis Tool (SWAT) – Barnet Hellman

  • Definition of SWAT tabs
  • SWAT portal accessibility
  • Production and staging environment of SWAT portal
  • Feature development of SWAT
  • Business Case of SWAT
  • Why SWAT works

The next session was from Sarvagya Pandey where he talked about how to rescue Magento projects by handling proper customization.

Now, enter Vinai Kopp and Willem Wigman!

Sergii Ivashchenko was quite impressive talking about the challenges and dependencies for PHP 8 and Magento

  • PHP migration guide
  • PHP release and support
  • PHP features awaited by Magento community
  • Migration Process
  • Dependencies Update challenges and tips
    • Backward incompatibility
    • Cross dependency + limited compatibility
    • composer.lock conflicts
  • Codebase update tips and challenges

Arif Ahmad took us into the deep dive of Magento Indexers. The key points from the technical architect of Adobe are:

  • What is Magento Re-Indexing?
  • Re-Indexing Modes and Types
    • Update on save
    • Update on schedule
  • Understanding different tables and re-index
  • Partial Re-index logic
  • Understanding mview
  • Important Crons for re-indexing
  • Tips/ Tricks
  • Performance Optimization

The engaging talk on how to create quality Magento 2 extensions by Gareth James left us with amazing tips to create module in Magento 2

  • Why should you care
    • Increase brand perception
      • Bad extension = bad reputation
    • Fewer Refunds
      • Bad quality = unhappy customers
    • Decrease Support Cost
      • Less time investigating issue
    • Decrease Installation Cost
      • Faster implementation = happy devs
  • A quality Magento 2 extension must contain features:
    • Easily installable
      • via composer
      • Listed Magento Marketplace
    • It should work according to your advertise mentions.
    • Logging should be configurable
    • can be disabled via config
  • Follows Magento Coding standards
  • Security Conscious
  • Easily extendable
  • Well documented
  • Good support

Business Track:

The business track started by Marsha Naidoo was all about the client’s success story where she says that the migration to Magento 2 resulted in:

  • 120% increase in revenue after the upgrade
  • 140% increase in monthly visitors
  • Page load time decreased to 2.6s

The key takeaways from Adrian Luna‘s session on E-commerce industry’s security challenge in 2021 are:

  • Define your broader security framework, invest in it, & follow it
  • Monitor everything * Implement logging & control outside of the CDE
  • Partner wisely & benefit from other’s experience

The session “10 email programs proven to increase revenue for your Magento store” by Aparna Gray was all about reaching your customer at the right time, with the right communication channel, and engage with them.

She rightly said, “Email is still the #1 channel and here are the top 10 email programs suggested by her:

Next in line was Vatsal Shah who says,

It is important to know the pulse of your customer; then, what you say becomes the prescription, and the sale is automatic.

His session on “Triumph online sales with BI and Consumer Psychology” was not something that you could miss!

Kamlesh Sharma explained how to use AI in Ecommerce:

  • Powerful product search
  • Purchase Assistant
  • Store Protection from Frauds
  • Chatbots for Customer Service

and highlighted the Magento 2 AI features:

  • Context Search
  • Product Recommendation
  • Marketing by Identifying Target Audience
  • Magento Security Standards

and this is how Adobe Sensei is empowering Magento:

The next session was on “Subscription Commerce” – Future of eCommerce by Anuj Dalal who shows us the key challenges in subscription commerce:

  • Cash Flow
  • The sales cycle never end
  • Customers can move away quickly
  • Customer Retention

Here’s the gist of the enticing session on “Food & Beverages – Next Wave of Growth in eCommerce” by Vish Patel:

The next session was about “Successful B2B eCommerce for Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers” by Subhajit Goswami where he shared statistics that states B2B buyers are expected to stick with digital adoption even after the pandemic!

The business track ended with our partners’ session, Mage One, on “Secure eCommerce” which they presented in a unique way!

The key points from their session to secure your Ecommerce are:

Solution Track

David “Psy” Deppner kickstarted the solution track with his session on how to drive sales with better Google Shopping Feeds.

The next session was by Neeraj Gupta on “Enable your eCom Portal to stay atop of industry trends”

He says, “Enable your eCom Portal to stay atop of industry trends”
Meet Magento India 2021 - Recap and Insights [#MM21IN] 1
We also enjoyed Pradip Shah’s session on “Better code for faster website” where he gives valuable takeaways like:
  • Top 5 recommendation for faster website
    • Review your plugins periodically.
    • Remove functionality you don’t use
    • Avoid curl calls
    • Use cron for delayed processing
  • What are core web vitals?
    • What is LCP?
    • What is FID?
    • What is CLS?
  • How to improve LCP

Next in line was about “Improve load times and User Experience” by John Arne:

Ketika Maheshwari delivered a captive session on “Circle of Commerce – Enterprise Implementation Roadmap” where she explained components of integrated commerce. Merchants may use these components to enhance customer experience and increase their revenue.

Ravi Iyer was a hit when he delivered his session about “Smart Payment Buttons with Pay Later”. He talked about PayPal’s “Pay in 4 interest-free instalments” payment option.

Sriram Ramji from Adobe shared the journey of the Magento Community and discussed the cloud infrastructure. He focussed on the latest Magento 2.4.2 version.

The solution track was concluded with super mage man’s session on “Building High Performing B2B and B2C Marketplace”

Meet Magento India 2021 - Recap and Insights [#MM21IN] 5

Vikrant Shukla shared high-level components for a marketplace and amazing insights on the E-commerce admin console, buyer console, customer marketplace, and marketplace operator console.

PWA Track

Magento PWA

We came to know how immensely PWA is important for an online store. The core purpose of PWA is that the store should look like a web application. You need to have push notification facility on your store so that the customers keep visiting your store. And the core thing, all the pages of your store must be responsive.

A worth watching session on “Writing code for Headless Magento” by Jayanka Ghosh, Developer at Codilar

  • Think headless
  • Do not stop at layout.xml
  • Separate the GrapgQL implementation from the original mode
  • Say NO to sessions
  • Modification of data should not be on a UI level.
  • Use preference, observers or plugins instead of manipulating data on template files.

After the PWA track, Jonathan Roeder shared keynotes where he showed us the power of Magento Community!

Unlike Meet Magento India 2020, this year was different in all aspects but we found a way to carry on with our Magento Community’s tradition and we can’t be less proud of it!

Looking forward to the Meet Magento India 2022 on Feb 4, 2022 to meet the community members in person, hopefully!

You can also have a quick overview of Meetanshi’s Moments created on Twitter about this successful event!

P.S. – Congratulations to our Mit Crew member, Chandresh Chauhan on winning the second position in the Magento development tips and tricks contest!!

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Meet Magento India 2021 – Recap and Insights [#MM21IN]

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