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Prestashop to Magento Migration Service

Prestashop to Magento Migration Service

PrestaShop to Magento Migration service by Meetanshi facilitates migrating your online store from PrestaShop to Magento 2 without any data loss & almost zero downtime.
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Store owners opt for migrating to Magento 2 after the release of the Magento 2.4.4 version as it offers features such as advanced security, improved quality, GraphQL, page-builder, and much more. This helps to enhance the performance of the store and advanced security. 

If your existing store is not built in Magento but any other CMS platform, you may want to migrate to the latest Magento 2 version in order to leverage its features. 

If you are a Prestashop store owner, Meetanshi offers PrestaShop to Magento Migration service that professionally migrates your PrestaShop store to Magento 2, a scalable platform with robust features!

You can sit back and relax while your store's Prestashop migration to Magento 2 is carried out with utmost precaution & perfection!

Why Prestashop to Magento 2 Migration is Necessary?

Although PrestaShop is much simple to use, Magento is preferred when it comes to customization. Magento is equipped with an efficient and innovative platform with all the functionalities that are required for creating and developing your online store and scaling the business.

Magento 2 offers out-of-box functionalities and is trusted by the world's leading brands like Nike, Jaguar, etc. Its feature-rich interface is capable of running a complex online store effectively. 

Magento supports various mobile-responsive themes whereas, PrestaShop does not offer default themes. Additionally, Magento comes with various in-built SEO features whereas you need to add SEO modules in PrestaShop.

Therefore, migrating to Magento 2 from Prestashop will benefit your business in terms of performance, user experience, SEO, and themes availability.

However, the steps of migration can be complex but you can make this tedious process much easier by opting for Meetanshi's PrestaShop to Magento 2 Migration Service if you are willing to migrate your old version to the latest Magento 2 version.

Meetanshi's certified developers ensure PrestaShop to Magento Migration service without data loss, 100% security, and zero downtime. 

Meetanshi's certified Magento developers ensure PrestaShop to Magento Migration service without data loss, 100% security, and zero downtime.

What Data is Migrated under the PrestaShop to Magento Migration Service?

  • Name, Short Description, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer, Tax Class, Sort Order in Category.
  • Price, Special Price, Tier Price.
  • Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description.
  • Product Tags EAN-13 UPC.
  • Attributes: (Name, Values).
  • Downloadable Products: (Files).
  • Variants: (SKU, Weight, Attributes, Quantity, Images, Price, Name).
  • Additional Images
Product Categories
  • Name, Description, Status, Sort Order.
  • Image, Thumbnail Image.
  • URL, Meta Title, Meta Description.
  • Name, Image. 
  • Description, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords.
  • Tax Class: (Tax name, Country, Tax rate).
  • ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Customer Group, Newsletter, Gender, Date of Birth, Passwords, Created Date, Telephone.
  • Address: (Zip Code, City, State, Country, First Name, Last Name).
  • ID, Order Date, Order Status, Order Products: (Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Total Price Custom Order Status Shipping Price Order Status History.
  • Customer Name, Email, Billing Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name, Last Name).
  • Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name , Last Name).
  • Description, Coupon Code, Uses Per Customer, Type Discount, Discount Amount, Minimum Spent, Coupon Expire Date, Product, Category.
  • Created Date, Status, Rate, User Name, Product, Title, Comment.
CMS Pages
  • Title, Created Date, URL, Description.
Multiple Languages
  • Yes

Why Choose Meetanshi for PrestaShop to Magento 2 Migration?

  • Certified Magento Developers: Dedicated certified developers at Meetanshi ensure to migrate PrestaShop to Magento 2 without any data loss and keeping in mind that all the features remain intact.
  • On-Time Delivery: Meetanshi offers to deliver qualitative work on time without any flaws is one of the highlights of the Magento Migration service.
  • 6 Month Warranty: To move PrestaShop to Magento 2 is quite a difficult job and hence, it comes with six months of warranty to fix any issues related to store migration.
  • Zero Downtime: Our Magento experts offer the Migration service with almost zero downtime so as to not affect the current store sales.
  • No Data Loss: Moving the store data from the current version to the newer version is a part and parcel of the service.
  • Advanced Security: Security plays a crucial role for any business and you do not need to worry if you are working with Meetanshi!

Our PrestaShop to Magento Migration Process:

PrestaShop to Magento Migration Process

Take the big step to migrate PrestaShop to Magento 2, ensuring security and performance of the store, only with Meetanshi!

Recommended to everyone who needs migration.

No hesitation to recommend Meetanshi's service. They have worked professionally and provided great support during the entire migration process. Definitely would look further working with them again.

Review by L.A. Merrill
Look no further for a quality migration service!

Great to work with and avail their migration services. I needed to move 3000 products on two different platforms but they carried out effectively in a promised time and ensured that the entire process was carried out safely. The communication was very quick and helped me a lot.

Review by Carl
Excellent service

Team Meetanshi is handling our migration in a best possible way, as it is bit challenging process. They carried out the process smoothly and assisted the migration process although being too costly. They have helped resolving all the issues efficiently and was worth the penny spent. Special thanks to team members!

Review by Molly Stoker
Get help from skilled professionals

Seek Meetanshi's Prestashop to Magento Migration Service without loosing any data, keeping all the data remain intact.

Review by robinson cruse
On time service!

I had to ask for technical support many times but Meetanshi provided it without hesitation. Thanks!

Review by Bobby Shah
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