Magento Image Clean

Magento Image Clean scans for unused product and category images present in the media folder & helps to delete it to have an optimized Magento store!

Key Features:

  • Delete unused images from the grid.
  • Mass delete action to remove images.
  • Optimizes Magento store.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x


Isn't it good to have an optimized store that works smoothly? The users would like to see the webpage loading faster. Also, there is nothing wrong with getting some extra disk space and delete unused images! Everything with Meetanshi's Magento Image Clean extension!

The Magento Image Clean up module allows to let admin get a list of all unused product or category images that can be deleted after verification. The extension lists all the unused product images and the path in grid form. Admin can refer it to decide if it is useless and hence delete images from media catalog.

The Image Clean Up for Magento is a tool that helps in optimizing the Magento store's user experience. It helps to get rid of the unused images from the media folder. As a result, disk acquires some free space which improves the page load speed!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Image Clean extension:

  • Two separate grids with the list of unused product and category images.
  • Admin can delete multiple images just with a single click after selection.
  • Even an individual image can be deleted by using the delete action.
  • Images from deactivated categories and disabled products are not considered to be useless and thus will not be listed under the grid. 
  • Optimize the Magento store by removing unused images.

Note: Make sure you backup your website data prior to installing Image Clean extension. 

Customer Reviews (7)
Yaay! Fabulous extension
After searching for quite some time, I finally landed on a useful feature-rich extension that is up to the mark. At last, an optimized store with better performance Review by Shaun McLaren
Good Magento Image Cleaner
Good extension deletion of multiple images just with a single click after selection ... Recommended. Review by Himanshu
Good features
Mass delete action possible now after the module's installation. Support is also good. Review by W. delgado
Helped optimise my store
As an admin of the store, the module eased the task of deletion of multiple images just with a single click after selection. Review by Dorris
Flawless Image Clean extension!
Makes my task with two separate grids with the list of unused product and category images. Review by Kathleen
Useful module
A must-have module! Feature rich free tool to optimize Magento store. Review by Janice
Finally an optimized store
I was facing issues due to a lot of unused images accumulated but not anymore with the help of the module! Review by Lisa
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1.0.1 Minor bug fixes. 25 January, 2019
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