Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment

Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment by Meetanshi enhance user experience and eases admin's task by automating order invoice and shipment creation.

Key Features:

  • Auto update order status to complete after generating invoice and shipment for the same.
  • Send automated Invoice Emails, once created in the backend.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x


Sending out official transaction documents like invoices is important for store's and customers’ accounting and tax purposes.

Many Magento store owners struggle with their invoicing and find it an everyday hassle. It's because the default Magento does not offer to automate the invoicing and shipment. If this is the situation at your store, you’ve come to the right place! 

With Meetanshi's Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment, admin can automate the task of creating invoices and shipment, sending the Emails and receive payments.

A time saver extension, it also helps enhance the customer experience. A customer receives an immediate confirmation Email of their purchase and payment. Save yourself from the manual invoice and shipment processing with the Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment module.

The module offers a helping hand in winning customers' trust! With speedy service of invoice and shipment, they get their payment confirmation which creates a good impression! 

Quick order processing with improved customer experience by Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment!

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi's Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment extension:

  • Automatically generates invoices and shipments once the order is placed.
  • Admin can choose to auto send the only invoice, or only shipment or both.
  • Auto update order status to complete after generating invoice and shipment for the same.
  • Send automated Invoice Emails, once created in the backend.
  • Compatible with multiple payment methods in your Magento store.
  • Earn customers' trust with immediate invoices.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
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Helpful module Improved store's customer experience and support is good Review by Margaret
Helped improve the customer experience Automated invoice emails are appreciated by customers! Support is also fantastic from the team Review by Donna
Eases the admin's task Automated invoicing is a time saver feature! Very helpful extension for a large business like ours. Support team is also very active and their work is appreciative. Review by Linda
Nice features for auto invoice Compatible with multiple payment methods in my Magento store Review by Helen
Perfect invoice extension Feature pack extension helpful for auto invoice generation Review by B. clark
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  • I want to automate invoice generation only for my offline shipping methods, is it possible with your Auto Invoice & Shipment extension?

    Yes, you can select all or specific payment methods from the extension configuration for which you want to automate invoice and shipment generation.
  • Can I stop automated shipments and enable only the invoice automation?

    Yes, you can enable or disable both the invoice and shipment generation as per your need from the extension configuration.
  • Do I need to manually update the order status to “Complete” after the shipment is auto generated?

    No, the extension automatically updates the order status to “Complete” after the shipment is auto-generated.

Magento Auto Invoice & Shipment

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