Magento Auto Cancel Order

Magento Auto Cancel Order by Meetanshi automatically cancels the orders with pending and pending payments order status in Magento stores.

Key Features:

  • Auto cancels unpaid and pending payment orders.
  • Set time period for automatically order cancelation.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x


Magento backend administration is a challenging task and extensions that make it easy are always welcomed! Meetanshi has developed Magento Auto Cancel Order that automatically cancels the orders having pending and pending payment order status after a definite time period.

The payment gateways that offer online payment facilities may face technical errors due to which payments are not completed successfully. It may happen that the 3rd party payments are not able to send a success or failed payment status. It results in pending payment order status in Magento backend. In the case of cash on delivery, if the payment is not received due to certain reasons, pending order status is updated in the Magento backend. Such orders that are neither complete nor failed, must be canceled and the extension does it automatically after a configured time period.

The Magento Auto Cancel Order extension is useful in the cases when customers choose to abandon payments, the payment is left due to stock availability limitation, etc. In all these scenarios, the module comes to rescue! Save yourself from the task of manually canceling these orders. Also, get help in stock management in your Magento store!

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi's Magento Auto Cancel Order Extension:

  • Enable or disable the module from the backend.
  • Automatic cancelation of orders with pending and pending payment status.
  • Set time period for automatic order cancelation.
  • Admin receives Email when an order is canceled.
  • Select the Email template of your choice.
  • Easy management of orders from the backend. 
Customer Reviews (5)
Support service is excellent
The support team from Meetanshi was very helpful in installation and configuration of the extension in my complex Magento store having a large number of products Review by Cynthia
Auto cancel unpaid orders
Easy order management with Meetanshi's module.
Good Support
Review by James
Automatically cancels the pending orders.
A helpful extension that allows setting time period for automatically order cancelation. Review by B. Moore
Recommended extension
Automatic cancelation of orders with pending and pending payment status with Auto Cancel Orders extension! Review by Josiah
I can easily manage the orders from backend now with the help of the module! Review by Markita
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Magento Auto Cancel Order

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