Magento 2 Barclaycard Payments

Magento 2 Barclaycard Payments extension by Meetanshi ensures secure online payment for Magento 2 store through UK's leading Barclaycard payment gateway.

Key Features:

  • Direct payment or hosted payment page
  • Major credit and debit cards supported 
  • CVC verification & 3D secure enabled for hosted payment
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x


Secure online payment is the core of E-commerce business. Magento 2 store owners need to establish a secure system that ensures customers safe payments. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Barclaycard Payments extension to enable Magento 2 store owners to capture secure online payments through UK's popular Barclaycard Payment gateway.

Barclaycard is a multinational banking and financial services company with 48 million customers in more than 50 countries. It's the most prestigious & trusted brand and it has established popularity in the card payments in the UK and thus integrating the payment gateway in Magento 2 store benefits your both brand image and reputation.

Magento 2 Barclaycard Payments extension enables accepting two types of payments: ePDQ Direct payment and ePDQ hosted payment. While ePDQ direct payment enables payment captures on site, ePDQ hosted payment enables checkout using a hosted payment page for secure transactions using 3D secure and CVC verification. Enjoy wide customer base of Barclaycard users for your Magento 2 store by integrating the Barclaycard payment gateway and grow your business rapidly.

To use the module, one needs to sign up for a merchant account in Barclaycard and get the API key for integration with Magento 2 store. Barclaycard also provides a test merchant account for testing payment processing before going live.

How Magento 2 Barclaycard Payments “Direct Method” Works?

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Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Barclaycard ‘ePDQ Direct payment’ Payments

Encryption in Card
and Payment Data

Encryption is used to exchange card and payment data with the Barclaycard server.

3D Secure Payment

3D secure payment processing for protection against theft.


Advanced protection for customer card details.

  • Provides seamless checkout process.
  • The card details are stored in the merchant's servers and sent to the payment gateway using encryption.
  • Merchants can handle more customers as card data stored and processed on their own website.
  • Option to set default settlement currency.
  • Use of hash algorithms to provide data and payment security.
  • Admin can create orders from backend using Barclaycard Payment method.
  • Set prefix for the orders placed through this payment method.
  • Support for Authorize as well as Authorize and Capture payment action.
  • Select order status for the new orders placed using this payment method.
  • Select credit card types to accept payments.
  • The payment details are sent to order Email.
  • Also, the payment details are stored in customers' My Account section and order view section in the backend.

How Magento 2 Barclaycard Payments “Hosted Method” Works?

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Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Barclaycard ‘ePDQ Hosted payment’ Payments

Supports all type of

Support for all type of major credit and debit cards along with Paypal.

Admin can Add
Payment Description

Add payment description to show on the hosted payment page.

Theme Can be

Select the button background and text color to match with your theme.

  • Card details are stored on the server of the payment gateway.
  • Sha-In and Sha-Out phrase for data verification and transaction feedback.
  • Use of hash algorithm for enhanced security.
  • Enable sandbox mode for the testing functionality.
  • Add order prefix to identify orders placed using this payment method.
  • Set default settlement currency.
  • Add instructions to show on the checkout page.
  • Barclaycard payment details in My Account section, order view page and order Email.
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Secure and easy Easy payments. Secure data. Excellent support Review by Olga Costa
Good development The module uses hash algorithms to provide data and payment security which is appreciable! Review by Michelle
Barclaycard integration done right! Good job done for the Barclaycard payment integration with Magento 2.
It ensures secure payments in my store
Review by julio
Good option for secure online payments Secure Barclaycard payment gateway integration with good support service Review by Sophia
Secure module CVC verification makes it secure to use in Magento 2 store! Support service is appreciable. Review by Daniel
Amazing Barclaycard Integration module The extension offers a seamless checkout process and other awesome features! Review by Jeanne
Secure payments in Magento 2 store I was having doubt while purchasing the extension but now I am happy with my decision as this module is very useful for my store. Review by Kenneth
Safe barclaycard payments Online payment process can be managed smoothly with the help of the extension! Review by Bruce black
Best barclaycard payment integration for Magento 2 After trying my hand on several integration tools for Barclaycard, it's safe to say the Meetanshi's extension best serves the purpose! Review by Jeffrey
Allows to capture secure online payments in my store After using several payments method, this is the one I settled for! Excellent Barclaycard module. Review by Joseph Farrar
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Change Log
  • 18 March, 2020

    Barclaycard Direct Payments - 1.0.2

    • Minor bug fixes and code improvement
  • 19 Jan, 2020

    Barclaycard Hosted Payments - 1.0.2

    • Minor bug fixes and code improvement
  • 30 August, 2019

    Barclaycard Hosted Payments - 1.0.1

    • Made compatible with Magento 2.3.2.