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Magento 2 Admin Action Log Extension
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Magento 2 Admin Action Log

Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension keeps the track of all the actions performed by various admin users to monitor every change performed and restore the changes when needed.

Key Features:

  • Supervise the admin activities
  • Restore the recent changes
  • Email notification on login attempts
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 Admin Action Log
2. Email Notification Settings
3. Actions Log Grid
4. Restore Action from Detailed Actions Log
5. Login Attempts Grid
6. Failed Login Attempt Email to Admin Users
7. Successful Login Attempt Email to Admin Users
8. Page Visit History
9. Detailed Page Visit History
10. Active Sessions

Magento 2 store admin is responsible for administering the entire store; it's working, creating products, managing orders, customers, and much more.

The store admin monitors the working of the Magento 2 store. However, if a store is huge in size and the administrative responsibilities are divided among multiple admin users, there ought to be a super admin who monitors all the admin users' work. 

Also, in scenarios where the store owners appoint an admin to administer the Magento 2 store, they need to monitor the admin's tasks.

To do so, Meetanshi offers Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension that allows the super admin or store owner to keep an eye on admin actions and gives a detailed log report for them.

The Magento 2 Admin Log extension helps store owners to manage the rights and access of multiple admins according to their duty. It helps to monitor their actions to avoid any mess & chances of mistakes due to restricted access to various admin panel menus.

Additionally, with the Magento admin activity log, super admin can track the history of all the changes performed by admin users for a product, order, and customer. By doing so, the super admin can quickly identify the performance of all the admin users and spot a mistake, if any.

Magento 2 action log is a must-have extension if your store is in multiple hands. It is because if an admin user has mistakenly updated a catalog, customer, or order or made changes that were not meant to be, the super admin or store owner has the option to restore those changes.

The separate Magento 2 audit log grid saves the time stamp, IP address, and admin user name. The detailed log view shows the changes made during each session of the admin users. 

great customer support

I really like the way they handle my query. great customer support service. thanks team meetanshi!

Review by Michael Hoffman
Loved the module

This is one of my favourite extension and has amazingly great features. Happy with the extension and the team is really professional. Great company to work with. No complains!

Review by M. soriano
Enhanced security!

Admin Action Log for Magento 2 is great module that helps boost stores' security. I was really amazed the way Meetanshi solved the issues. I even asked them to hide the passwords in the log and they did it. Thanks to the team.

Review by Cynthia
Helpful enough

Magento 2 Admin Action Log module has made it easy managing my online store. Works flawlessly!

Review by r.c.bailey
Amazing service!

Great extension with all the necessary features and great support team, Feasible rates and best in the market.

Review by Lottie elder
Time saver and useful enough

The major benefit of using this is it saves great time from our service team. Really helpful enough.

Review by Janie clay
Great tool

Admin action log is really great to use that eases my tasks. Provides hassle-free support and professional service.

Review by S. Copeland
Keep the great work going!

Best module to keep constant monitoring actions taken by the admins. Loved the product!

Review by Hariett
Can identify mistakes of the admin

Admin action log for Magento 2 allows to easily find out the mistakes made by the admins. Highly beneficial for the admins having multiple admins.

Review by Joe D. Littlejohn
helps identify performance of the admin

One can continuosly track all the actions performed by admin and can find mistakes.

Review by Behulah
Highly notable features!

The module offers notable features like can be a time saver for a support team. Much-needed extension.

Review by Diana topez
Recommended for everyone

Admin action log extension is recommended that helps to monitor admin's tasks and prepare reports.

Review by James B. Mercado
Tracks the history of changes

Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension facilitates tracking the history of the changes performed by the admin. Must-have extension.

Review by Candy sawyermy
Monitors the actions of the admin

The module monitors all the activities of the admin. Good support, recommended!

Review by angela
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  • 01 Jun, 2022


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4 and GraphQL.


Features of Magento 2 Admin Action Log Extension:

  • Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension facilitates the admin to automatically log all the admin users' actions and monitor them.
  • Enter the number of days after which you wish to clear the logs.
  • Select all the objects for which you want to log actions.
  • Option to enter custom warning text that you want to display while restoring admin actions.
  • The admin can enable the option to save page history.
  • Magento 2 admin action log facilitates Email notification for successful and unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Option to select the admin users to send the copy of login success and failure email notifications.
  • The admin can select the email template for:
    • Login success email
    • Login failure email
  • The Magento 2 admin action log extension facilitates a backend grid, "Action Logs" that lists all the action logs of multiple admin users, such as stay duration and sessions.
  • Apart from the monitoring Magento 2 activity log, the admin can export the logs in an XML or CSV file format. 
  • Facility to restore admin action from the "Action Log Details" displays the detailed log with each update action listed. It keeps the database clean by restoring the recent changes mistakenly done by admin users.
  • The backend grid "Login Attempts" lists all the login attempts by various admin users with its details and the option to export login attempts in XML or CSV files.
  • The backend grid "Page Visit History" lists all the page visit history by various admin users with the details like username, full name, IP address, session start and end time, and option to view detailed page visit history.
  • The extension offers a list of all the active admin user sessions and the option to terminate or disable an active session.

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