WooCommerce KNET Payments

WooCommerce KNET Payments by Meetanshi integrates Kuwait's popular KNET payment gateway with WooCommerce to capture secure online payments.

Key Features:

  • Integrate KNET payment gateway using KNET (official) and CBK API.
  • Hosted payment processing
  • Enhanced security

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Running a Woocommerce online store involves a lot of activities, including marketing, bug fixes, creating products and categories and capturing online payments from customers.

These activities require people to interact with the store, create an account, and log in. And that's why security is the top priority of any store owner.

Capturing online payments with security is a critical mission and that too when you are targeting a specific region or customer base. To make it easier, Meetanshi has developed the Woocommerce KNET Payments extension

The KNET Payments plugin for WooCommerce integrates the Woocommerce store with Kuwait's KNET payment gateway. It uses the hosted payment process for accepting payments for ensuring security.

The extension offers using KNET Payment through 2 APIs:

Official KNET API: The customers are redirected to a secure payment page hosted by KNET where the debit card details are to be entered. The payment is processed by KNET itself, offering the best payment experience to your customers!

CBK KNET API: Commercial Bank of Kuwait (Al Tijari) provides an API to pay using KNET Payment. Meetanshi has developed WooCommerce CBK Knet payments to integrate the CBK KNET hosted API with WooCommerce. This integration offers hosted checkout to collect payment details and send it to the hosted URL of the payment gateway for processing.

Note: Select one of the preferred API Integration types while buying the KNET Payment plugin for WooCommerce.

However, to use the extension, the store is required to have an SSL certificate.

Use the WooCommerce KNET Payments plugin to improve the shopping experience, win customers' trust, and hence more sales!

Benefits of Woocommerce KNET Payments:

  • Configure the custom payment method title to show in the frontend
  • Integrate KNET gateway with Woocommerce using transportal ID, password and resource key.
  • Redirect customers to the secure payment page for processing the payments.

Benefits of Woocommerce CBK KNET Payments:

  • Integrate CBK KNET payment method with WooCommerce for secure payments
  • Option to set a custom title for the payment methods
  • Option to set a custom description for the payment methods to be displayed on the frontend
  • The admin can enable the CBK KNET payment method in the production mode in WooCommerce store
  • Easy integration of the CBK KNET payments with WooCommerce using a Client ID, Client Secret, and Encrp Key.
  • Redirect customers to the secure payment page for processing the payments
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