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Volusion to Magento Migration Service

Volusion to Magento Migration Service

Avail Meetanshi's Volusion to Magento Migration service for smooth shopping cart migration with advanced security and almost zero downtime.
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Want to migrate from Volusion to secured & feature rich Magento? Plan your migration with Expert!

Choosing an E-commerce platform is one of the foremost tasks for any business owner to sell their products or services online. After all, the online CMS you select will determine how you will set up your online store, how you process and accept orders, how you accept payments and how you run your E-commerce store.

There are a number of CMS platforms available in the market such as Magento, Volusion, Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, and many more. Volusion is one of the oldest platforms founded in 1999 and still empowers thousands of users worldwide to scale up their business. However, the problem is that it lacks innovative features like Magento. The solution is Volusion to Magento Migration service by Meetanshi to professionally migrate your store to the latest Magento 2 version!

Magento comes with responsive themes, a comprehensive site builder, third-party extensions, scalability, and performance that is easily available on this platform satisfying your business requirements. This helps to enhance the performance of the store along with advanced security.

If your store is already built using Volusion and you want to leverage features like Page Builder, GraphQl, PWA Studio, etc., avail Meetanshi's Volusion to Magento 2 migration service from the dedicated Magento developers!

Why Volusion to Magento 2 Migration is Necessary?

Magento is one of the most powerful and robust platforms available in the market. Magento has over 120 different free themes on the Magento marketplace. It is even possible to create custom themes as per your choices. Whereas Volusion has 28 free themes and 88 paid themes. It is tough to implement customization in Volusion.

Also, Magento offers out-of-box features like quantity discount options, wish lists, customer account dashboards, and much more. It is equipped with more than 5000 extensions that offer third-party programs and APIs to add more functionality to your online store making it a better shopping platform for your customers!

Due to such limitations of Volusion, store owners decide for migrating to Magento 2 from Volusion that will even be beneficial to your business in terms of performance, themes, extensions, and user experience. 

However, the steps of migration can be complex, but this process can be made simpler by opting for Meetanshi's Volusion to Magento 2 Migration Service if you are willing to migrate your old version to the latest Magento 2 version.

What Data is Migrated Under the Volusion to Magento Migration Service?

  • Name, SKU, Short Description, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer.
  • Price, Special Price.
  • Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description.
  • Weight.
  • Variants: (SKU, Weight, Quantity, Images, Price, Special Price).
  • Thumbnail Image.
  • Quantity.

Product Categories

  • Name, Description, Status.
  • Meta Keywords.
  • Name
  • Tax Class: (Name), Tax Rates: (Country, State, Percent).
  • ID, First Name, Last Name, Email.
  • Billing Address: (Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City).
  • Shipping Address: (Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City).
  • ID, Order Date, Order Status, Order Products: (Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Tax Price, Total Price, Order Comments Shipping Price.
  • Customer Name, Email, Billing Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone).
  • Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone).
  • Coupon Code, Type Discount, Discount Amount
  • Created Date, Status, Rate, User Name, Product, Title.

Why Choose Meetanshi for Volusion to Magento 2 Migration? 

  • Certified Magento Developers: Meetanshi's dedicated Magento developers ensure that all the functionalities remain intact during the migration of Volusion to Magento and without any data loss.
  • Fast Delivery: Certified developers at Meetanshi offers on-time delivery of their work without any flaws in the entire migration service.
  • 6 Months Warranty: To move Volusion to Magento 2 is quite a difficult task and thus, it comes with a warranty period of 6 months to fix any issues related to store migration. 
  • Zero Downtime: Magento experts at Meetanshi offer the Migration service with almost zero downtime so as to not affect the current store sales. 
  • No Data Loss: Moving the store data from Volusion to Magento 2 without any loss is a part and parcel of the service.
  • 100% Secure: Do not worry about the store's security if you are working with Meetanshi!

Our Volusion to Magento Migration Process:

Volusion to Magento Migration Process

Avail the Volusion to Magento migration service from Meetanshi today! Improve the shopping experience of your store with better features and security that Magento 2 has to offer!

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Worked beyond my expectations.

The company has put forth consistent efforts during the migration process. I had dozens of questions about the migration process & customizations. But, everything were clarified by the team members. Helpful enough & I recommend Meetanshi!

Review by William P. Stanton
Get the most out of your data transfer.

Appreciable service and they migrated our store from Volusion to Magento. The team members were very cooperative during the entire process. Thank you team. I recommend them to everyone.

Review by G. R. Cole
Good communication & execution!

I always had worries regarding the migration process because of its challenging process. But, Meetanshi has made it easy enough and carried out the entire process very smoothly. Also, helped to boost performance of my store.

Review by Tanya
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