Magento to OpenMage Migration Service by Meetanshi

Magento to OpenMage Migration Service

Magento to OpenMage Migration Service by Meetanshi offers professional migration from Magento 1 to OpenMage for the smooth and secure workflow of your online store even after Magento 1 EOL.

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OpenMage is a community-driven fork of Magento Open source 1 and continues to support Magento 1 even after Adobe has dropped it. 

Mainly, two development branches 19.x and 20.x is offered by OpenMage which is as follows:

The 19.x branch is an LTS version that is long-term support that provides maximum compatibility to outdated Magento 1.x version. The 20.x version is equipped with new functionalities and features and is not compatible with Magento

Meetanshi is the official partner of OpenMage as "Module Vendors" where we offer our Magento extensions compatible with OpenMage for their users.

Why Migrate from Magento 1 to OpenMage?

There are a number of benefits associated with Magento 1, the only disadvantage is the support provided by vendors for Magento 1 and the new security fixes and updates. 

Comparing Magento 1 vs Openmage, here are the key benefits to making the right decision to migrate. They are as follows:

  • OpenMage provides support from the diverse Magento community.
  • OpenMage also includes security patches ensuring utmost security.
  • Improved design and customer experience
  • Increased conversion rates.

As after EOL for Magento 1, no security patches will be released for the new vulnerabilities and the store might easily get exposed to them.

What happens if Migration from Magento 1 is avoided?

  • There are high chances that stores may become vulnerable to hackers and might become unstable without security patches.
  • Extensions might not work as per the expectations satisfying the needs.
  • Quite tough to find Magento 1 developers.
  • Your store won't be PCI Compliance

Why Choose Meetanshi for Magento to OpenMage Migration Service?

  • Hire Certified Magento Developers: Get Professional Magento Service from certified Magento developers, reducing the chances of errors.
  • Data Security: Getting your data transferred from older versions to the latest version ensures that the data is protected.
  • Zero Downtime: Meetanshi’s experts offer upgrade service with almost zero downtime in such a manner that it does not affect store sales. 
  • Provides 6 months warranty: The Magento 1 to OpenMage migration service comes with 6 months warranty to fix any issues related to the Magento version upgrade.
  • Ensures utmost security: Always expect to have a reliable Magento migration with the latest security patches. 
  • Fast Delivery: The installation process is quite smooth and speedy enough.

Our Upgrade Process

The process is quite similar to the standard Magento 1 upgrade, such as upgrading Magento 1.8 to 1.9.4. The process is as follows:

  • Firstly, the store is upgraded to And then, you need to prepare an upgrade patch of your store from the OpenMage Git repository.
  • Merge the codebase with the upgrade patch and upgrade your store with the latest OpenMage v19.4.15 with the help of regular Magento Upgrade Service.
  • Select OpenMage LTS version for upgrading it.
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happy customer keeping your functionalities intact and at the same time, securing your store is possible with migration to openmage! They did the job very well. Review by Ken
Thank you for openmage migration Thank you Meetanshi for excellent experience to migrate from Magento to OpenMage. I highly recommend them for Magento related work. Also, their support staff is very cooperative. Review by R. evans
Happily on Magento 1 Meetanshi's service to migrate Magento 1 to OpenMage was a saviour. Thanks to their certified developers, I am able to run my Magento 1 store smoothly. Review by Jeffery
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