Magento Shipping Per Product

Magento Shipping Per Product allows assigning individual flat rate shipping per product in Magento store and charges shipping for every item differently.

Key Features:

  • Set the default shipping rate.
  • Add the custom title and method name.
  • Allows hiding method if the shipping cost is zero.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x


The Magento store owners face difficulty using shipping calculators many times. When there is a variety of products in terms of weight, shipping locations, value, and carriers, the shipping calculators are of no use as it gives wrong results in the shipping charge calculations. Also, sometimes drop shippers charge more than required for lighter products and less for heavier ones. To overcome these drawbacks, Meetanshi has developed Magento Shipping Per Product extension that allows charging flat rate shipping per product. 

Magento Shipping Per Product extension is the tool used to charge flat rate shipping for each product when the shipping calculators charge incorrect shipping rates. It allows setting default shipping rate per product and also allows hiding method if the shipping cost is zero.

The Shipping Per Product for Magento is not limited to any number of products in order, neither product types. Set the custom title and method name and apply shipping charge per item transparently on orders. Apply the most feasible shipping charge with the help of the Shipping Per Product for Magento module!

How Magento Shipping Per Product Work?
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Benefits of Choosing Magento Shipping Per Product Extension
Admin Can set Title
& Method name

Option to set custom title and shipping method name for the display of this shipping method in the frontend.

Country Specific
Setting Available

Select allowed countries to enable shipping per product for.

Admin Can Set
Error Message

Set the default error message for the unavailability of this shipping method to users.

  • Set the individual flat rate shipping charges for each product in the Magento store.
  • Specify the default shipping rate to apply when individual products are not assigned individual shipping charge.
  • Option to hide method if the shipping cost is zero.
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Support from the team is appreciable I was having an issue with the configuration due to my lack of knowledge in Magento. However, the team was very helpful Review by Socorro
Easy solution to shipping rates problem The module offers the features that I was looking for to implement shipping per product in my Magento store Review by Morris
Solved my shipping issues I tried a number of extensions for shipping but Meetanshi's module solved my errors. Review by Steven
Feature rich extension Very useful module for my Magento stores. Installing it resolved me every shipping problems! Review by Sharon
Done with the shipping issues in my Magneto store The extension solved my problems regarding the shipping. Also, the support service is good! Review by Kenneth
Excellent Shipping extension Perfect to set flat rate shipping charges for each product in my store. Review by Drew hill
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  • How can I set default shipping rate for all the products of my store?

    You can set default shipping rate per item from the extension configuration. Set “Yes” to “Default Product Shipping Cost” from the configuration and add the rate under the option “Default Rate Per Item”. This default shipping rate will be applicable to all the products for which individual shipping rate has not been set.

  • Can I have more than one flat-rate shipping option per item?

    Only single flat-rate shipping is available for each item.

  • Is it possible to set this shipping rate through a CSV product import?

    Yes, it’s possible since Magento shipping rate is a product attribute. You can set the shipping rate through a CSV product import.

  • How can I set different shipping rate for specific product?

    Go to Catalog > Manage Products and select a product for which you want to set individual shipping rate. Find the option “Shipping Per Product” and set the shipping rate here for the product and save the product.

  • How can I let customers know that their orders have been charged with shipping per item?

    You can set a custom title for this shipping method from the extension configuration. Under the option “Title”, set a label to let your customers know they have been charged with shipping per item. This shipping method title will be shown on the cart page, checkout page and under the order details in “My Account” section.

  • Can I charge additional handling fee for shipping per product?

    Yes, from the extension configuration, add fee amount under the option “Handling Fee” to charge a handling fee on the customers’ orders.

Magento Shipping Per Product