Magento Order Verification

Magento Order Verification extension enables order verification via OTP sent on the registered mobile number at the checkout step. It helps validating fake order placements.

Key Features:

  • Order verification at checkout via OTP sent on mobile number.
  • Compatible with Msg91 and Textlocal SMS gateways to send SMS for the OTP verification.
  • Prevent fake orders
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x

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Are the orders placed on your websites genuine? Do you fear wastage of efforts for the fake orders?

Having genuine customers to place an order in a Magento store is not always the case. When a fake order is placed without any verification, it costs the store to pack the item, deliver it and manage the order. To avoid this loss, Meetanshi's Magento Order Verification extension is a perfect choice to verify the order using OTP sent on the mobile number.

Magento OTP Verification for Orders helps prevent fake orders. The buyer has to enter the mobile number and verify the order via the OTP sent to the number entered. Only after the order is verified, the "Place Order" button is displayed on the checkout page.

The extension does not allow to place an order before it is verified. Also, there is an option to enable "Resend OTP" with customized text.

The order verification process ensures that no fake order is placed in the store and hence save the bucks to be spent in fake order management.

The Magento Order Verification extension is compatible with Msg91 and Textlocal to send the SMS having the OTP. Order verification before placing it at the checkout step is important to reduce the number of fraud orders in Magento stores!

How Meetanshi's Magento Order Verification Extension Works?

Features of Magento Order Verification Extension

Using OTP

Order verification at checkout via OTP sent on the registered mobile number.

Your System

Restrict fake order placement and enhance security.

Customer Group
wise Verification

Enable order verification for specific customer groups.

  • Compatible with Msg91 and Textlocal to send SMS for the OTP on given mobile number.
  • Option to enable order verification on the specific payment methods of the store.
  • "Verify Mobile Number" button gets displayed on the checkout page to enter the OTP and only after the mobile number verification, "Place Order" button is displayed.
  • Set custom message for the OTP text SMS.
  • Option to display "Resend OTP" in frontend at checkout step, with a customizable message.
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Best for indian stores To prevent fake orders, the module is essential for Indian stores. Review by Rahul Agarwal
Smooth experience helpful extension and smooth experience. thanks Review by Johnson
Easy to use the module is easy to use because it is developed very smartly. Review by Sarah
Useful while verifying the order the OTP SMS is sent to customers for order verification. I liked it. thank you. Review by Kathy
Excellent module So far, so good. works nicely. thanks for the module. Review by Kerry Wescott
Helped reduce fake orders! Feature rich module to prevent fake orders Review by Edward
Useful and configurable according to my needs Enabling the order verification for specific customer groups. is what I liked most as it allows me not to annoy the loyal customers Review by Richard
No more spam orders in the Magento store Excellent features and its implementation is done. Support offered by the team is also good Review by E. little
Help prevent fake orders The extensions saved my effort and money that used to go wasted in the fake order management. I highly recommend it to store owners for better order management. Review by Kyle
I can avoid fake orders now! I was fed up with the fake orders which disrupted the order management system. But not anymore, thanks to the Meetanshi's order verification module Review by H. stormer
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Magento Order Verification