Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA

Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA extension auto secures Magento stores from bots and spams by checking human behavior in the background without annoying users to solve quizzes and check "I'm not a Robot" button.

Key Features:

  • Secure Magento stores from bots.
  • Doesn't annoy users to solve quizzes and check "I'm not a Robot" button.
  • Select preferable reCAPTCHA theme.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x

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Cyber Security is essential when we live amongst hackers and thefts! Earlier we were using Magento reCAPTCHA to filter out the possibilities of spammy bots and frauds but we end up bothering the potential visitors as well. To avoid it, Meetanshi has developed Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA extension that works in the background to keep spams and bots away from your Magento stores.

Google has come up with an advanced version of Google reCAPTCHA, i.e., Google Invisible reCAPTCHA that serves as the security tool while improving the user experience! With the implementation of this invisible recaptcha in Magento, the store visitors need not check the "I'm not a robot" button or solve the quizzes anymore. The Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA extension integrates Magento with Google invisible recaptcha and secures your store from automated spammy bots and thefts.

Default Magento also has the functionality of inbuilt Magento captcha but it is not effective as compared to this Magento Google reCAPTCHA extension. It's proved to be able to keep Magento spam customers away. 

How Google Invisible reCAPTCHA secures your Magento stores?

Enjoy safe business and ensure customers a great user experience and security with the Google Invisible recaptcha integration in Magento!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA extension:

  • Secure the Magento store from spammy bots and frauds.
  • Avoid annoying the visitors to check "I'm not a robot" button or solve quizzes, hence improving the user experience.
  • Choose the reCAPTCHA theme according to your convenience.
  • Customize the position of the badge on your site.
  • Enable reCAPTCHA on the various pages of your Magento stores: 
    • Customer Login page
    • Forgot Password Page
    • Contact Us page
    • Website registration page
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Checkout Registration

Customer Reviews (6)
No bots and spams to annoy me anymore :)
Wonderful extension for security of my Magento store. Totally recommended if you are fed up with spams Review by James
The module ensures security from bots!
Good features. Perfect support service from the team! Review by Keny
The support team helped appreciably!
previously installed extensions caused conflict but the support team from Meetanshi helped resolve it! Review by G. mason
Excellent Magento Google recaptcha integration!
Along with securing my store, the extension facilitates not to annoy potential visitors due to its invisibility characteristics. Review by Kyle Steele
Effective and secured extension.
No more bots in my Magento store. Review by Eva
Useful to secure my Magento store
Must have module.
Offers awesome features.
The support team is good.
Review by Shane
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