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Extension Installation Service for Magento 1 and Magento 2

Magento extensions extend the functionality of the default store when installed and configured correctly.

Magento extensions are readily available in market, however, their installation can be a complex task. There is a scope of technical issues and you may face errors in case of lack of technical knowledge about Magento.

In order to avoid such scenarios, Meetanshi offers professional Magento Extension Installation Service to make the life of store owners' easy!

Purchase any of Meetanshi's Magento 2 extensions or Magento 1 extensions and avail this service for smooth installation!

Extension installation, be it in Magento 1 or Magento 2, can be complex and the process is prone to errors. Improper installation of the extension may disrupt the smooth functioning of the store. To avoid this worst-case scenario, one can opt for experts' help in extension installation.

With our Magento installation service, get professional help in installing any number of extensions at a time in either staging/dev or live store depending upon your choice. For example, you have purchased ten Magento extensions from Meetanshi together in a single order, and need a professional hand to install them, you just need to avail this service once to get all of them installed on your store without any hassle.

Avail the service and relax while the certified and expert Magento developers at Meetanshi will perform the Magento extension installation task for you!

What is included in Meetanshi's Magento Extension Installation Service

Unlimited Extensions

Installing any number of Meetanshi's Magento extensions at a time in one of the environments of your choice, staging/dev, or live.


We will configure every extension that we install in one order of this service.


Our experts will check for any errors in the installation process and fix them.

Post Installation

Our experts will perform a performance check of the functionality of the freshly installed extensions and give you suggestions for any scope of improvements in the store.

How does Meetanshi's Magento Extension Installation Service Work?

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi for Magento Extension Installation Service

Flawless Operation

Solve technical issues to ensure proper functioning.


Smooth and speedy Magento extension installation process


Experience of more than 10 years in the field of Magento

What Our Customer Speaks

Excellent Service

They provided the best Magento 2 extension installation and configuration service


Best Support

The team was very helpful in installing the extensions in my Magento store


Thank you Team Meetanshi

The team was excellent! Thank you so much for configuring the extensions and post analysis of my store


Best Magento developers

They are very professional and experts in Magento 2. They helped me with extension installation and configuration in my live Magento 2 store


Sanjay was very helpful

Certified developers to help me with extension installation and configuration! Recommneded



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  • The service does not include compatibility with other extensions already installed in your store nor does we offer any customization of the extensions that we install.
  • This service is applicable to the Magento extensions purchased from our site - '' only. To get our Magento installation service for the extensions purchased from any other vendors, contact us now!
  • Please take the backup of your store prior to the extension installation process.
  • Make sure the correct functioning of your Magento prior to the extension installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get the extension installation service to install more than one extension at a time?

    Yes, you can get any number of extensions installed at a time for one purchase of this service.
  • Do I need to purchase the installation service twice for installing two Magento extensions at a time?

    No, you don't need to purchase the service twice if both the extensions are to be installed at a time together
  • Can I install the Magento extensions on my own?

    It is not recommended to install the extension yourself if you do not have enough experience in this field because the security and smooth functioning of the store may be at risk. Our certified Magento experts can ensure secure and smooth extension installation.
  • Can I purchase this service to install Magento extensions in the staging environment?

    Yes, you can get our professional Magento extension installation service to install extensions in your staging/dev site.
  • Will I get extension configuration service with installation service?

    Yes, you will get extension configuration done for all the extensions that are included in one order of the installation service.
  • I've purchased 4 extensions from other vendors, can I use this Magento extension installation for the same?

    No, this service includes installation of only Meetanshi's Magento extensions, to get the professional help in installing extensions by other vendors, please contact us.
  • How much time will it take to complete the Magento extension installation?

    Our certified Magento developers will install all your Magento extensions and configure them within three to five business days.