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Magento Email Quote Extension
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Magento Email Quote

Magento Email Quote lets users send their shopping cart via Email to request for quote to the admin for manage quotations and create the orders from the backend.

Key Features:

  • Easy for users to request for quote.
  • Admin can manage quotations and create orders from the backend.
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Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x
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1. Configuration
2. Email Quote for Admin
3. Email Quote for Customer
4. PDF Attachement Settings
5. Google reCAPTCHA Settings
6. Privacy Checkbox Settings
7. Email Quote Button on Cart Page
8. Quote Inquiry Form
9. New Quote Inquiry Email to Admin
10. Quote Inquiry Success Email to Users
11. Saved Quotes in My Account Section
12. Manage Quotes from Backend
13. Email Quote from Backend
14. Order Quote to User in Email
15. Attached PDF in Order Quote Email

Magento stores dealing in wholesale products or bulk deals may prefer negotiation before the order. Also, customers demanding specific requirements or personalization in their orders would want to negotiate with the admin. Meetanshi has developed Magento Email Quote extension to allow users to request for quotes by sharing their shopping cart via Email and helps the admin to manage quotes and create orders for the quotes from the backend.

Magento stores must always be in the improvement phase and one of them includes quotation management system. Extended process in quotes management hinders customer experience. Magento Quotations extension improves and eases the quotation process for both the customers and admin.

To make it easy for customers to request for quote, the Magento Cart to Quote module enables them to Email their shopping cart directly to admin. It also facilitates a separate grid in the backend for admin to manage the quotes and create orders from the grid easily. Not only that, the admin can add custom options, custom prices, apply discount coupons, etc.

Magento Request for Quote extension provides the easy way to request for product quotes. Once the admin receives the quotations, he creates and sends the order quote to the customers using the "Email Quote" button. On the other side, the customers can use the direct link to check out which makes the checkout process easy.

Additionally, admin can enable the latest Google reCAPTCHA v3 on the inquiry form to keep away from the spams. Moreover, the extension is in compliance with GDPR with the privacy policy checkbox feature!

Improve the shopping experience and win customers' satisfaction with Magento Email Quote extension.

easy quote request system in magento 2

thanks for such a useful module

Review by Boyd
support service appreciated

professional team with expertise in magento 2

Review by rodney
top notch quote system for magento 2 store

highly recommended solution for magento 2 store who wants to manage the quotes

Review by Maria
easy quote request process

Email quote feature flawlessly working in my Magento store with reasonably priced extension and lots of features

Review by V. menard
The module makes it easy for customers to request for quote.

I have been receiving positive feedback from customers since the installation of the module! Totally worth the dollars spent.

Review by P. Turner
Good support from the team!

I was facing a problem in the extension installation due to my complex store structure, but the support team was quite helpful.

Review by Francis
Best Magento email quote extension

Customers can easily fill in the details and request quote with selected product options with few clicks. Received positive feedback from customers!

Review by C. montes
quite good support service

I faced technical issues in the installation of the plugin but the support team was responsive and quickly solved my doubts. I got the extension working in my store within an hour!

Review by Teresa
Excellent email quote module

The easy way to request product quotes! Customers like it and the support team is also very responsive!

Review by Sameer
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  • 16 Sep, 2019


    • Implementation of Google reCAPTCHA v3 for the Email Quote form.

How Meetanshi's Magento Email Quote Works?

Features of Magento Email Quote Extension

Admin Gets Customer Quote

Set the email ID, template and the email sender for receiving the customers' quotation requests.

Customizable Button Label

Customizable button label for "Email Quote" to be shown on the frontend.

PDF Attachment Supported

Enable the option to send quote PDF as an attachment with Email as well as set a custom PDF footer text.

Privacy Policy Can be Enabled

Admin can enable the privacy policy checkbox

Customers Gets Product Options

Easy for customers to fill in the details and request quote with selected product options with few clicks.

Admin can Apply Coupon Code

Admin can apply the discount code from the backend when creating the order quote.

  • Backend option to customize the display of Email quote button with the custom color of button, text, and border.
  • Enable the latest Google reCAPTCHA v3 in the quote inquiry form to keep the bots away. To integrate the Google reCAPTCHA v3 with Magento, enter the site key in backend option that was obtained while registration with Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Option to set custom privacy notice text.
  • Select the privacy policy redirection page from the dropdown.
  • When a customer submits a quotation request, admin can see the entire cart with selected product options.
  • Send a Thank You Email to customers for quotation request. Select the success email template, customer email template, and the email sender for the same.
  • Allows admin to create an order from the backend and email it to customers.
  • Send the quote from the "Manage Quote" grid in the backend for the quotation requests received from Magento frontend easily.
  • Enable auto registration of guest users when an order quote is sent to them from the backend.
  • Use the default Magento feature of custom price to create an order quote from admin backend.
  • Facilitate customers to checkout directly from the link in the email sent using the "Email Quote" button by admin.
  • Admin can edit and resend the previously created and sent quotes from "Email Quote Statistics" by clicking "Resend Quote" action.

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