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Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications Extension GraphQL API
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Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications

Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension sends WhatsApp notifications to customers, updating them about their store activities such as: order placement, invoice, order cancellation, shipment, etc.

Key Features:

  • Keep your customers updated about order activities like successful orders placed, shipped, canceled, invoice generation, etc., via WhatsApp.
  • Admin can also get WhatsApp notifications for customers' various store activities.
  • Build customers' trust and improve user experience by sending instant WhatsApp messages to users.
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 WhatsApp Notifications
2. Twilio API Settings for WhatsApp Notifications
3. WhatsApp API Testing
4. Test Message to Admin
5. Order Verification WhatsApp Notification Settings
6. Order Verification Pop up in Frontend
7. Order Verification OTP in WhatsApp to Customers
8. Mobile Number Update Settings
9. Mobile Number Update from Frontend
10. Order Placement Notification Settings
11. Order Placement WhatsApp Notification to Customers
12. New Order Placement WhatsApp Notification to Admin
13. Order Invoice Notification Settings
14. Order Invoice Generation Notification to Customers
15. Order Invoice WhatsApp Notification to Admin
16. Order Cancellation WhatsApp Notification Settings
17. Order Cancellation Notification to Admin
18. Order Cancellation Notification to Customers
19. Order Shipment WhatsApp Notification Settings
20. Order Shipment WhatsApp Notification to Customers
21. Order Shipment WhatsApp Notification to Admin
22. Credit Memo WhatsApp Notification Settings
23. Credit Memo WhatsApp Notification to Admin
24. Credit Memo WhatsApp Notification to Customer
25. Contact Inquiry WhatsApp Notification Settings
26. New Contact Inquiry WhatsApp Notification to Admin
27. New Customer Registration WhatsApp Notification Settings
28. Registration Form with Mobile Number
29. New Customer Registration OTP Verification to Customers
30. New Customer Registration WhatsApp Notification to Admin
31. Review Reminder Notification Settings
32. Product Review Reminder WhatsApp Message to Customers
33. Product Review Received Notification to Admin
34. Country Flag Settings
35. WhatsApp Notification Logs

As per statista, the number of monthly active WhatsApp users worldwide has increased. It shows the popularity and easy-to-use functionality of WhatsApp.

With the easy availability of the internet and smartphones, people find it easy to use WhatsApp instead of Emails or SMS. Also, the additional WhatsApp functions and attractive user interface play an important role.

Disregarding such a huge market for E-commerce is silly! To make the maximum out of such a popular platform, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension!

It's all about the customer experience when it comes to E-commerce services. The Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notifications module can contribute to your efforts in enhancing the customer experience by keeping them updated about their orders for which they are waiting!

Send WhatsApp messages to customers about their store activities such as successful orders placed, canceled, dispatched, registration, etc. Save your customers from checking their inbox; instead, drop an easier-to-access message on WhatsApp!

Offer the best customer experience in your Magento 2 store. Communicate with them via WhatsApp. Win their trust in your business. Everything with Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension!

Taking the goodness of WhatsApp notifications to the next level, the extension also facilitates the admin users to receive important notifications instantly through WhatsApp. Get instantly notified about new customer registration, latest orders, shipments, invoices, and much more using the WhatsApp Notification for Magento 2.

Harness the power of WhatsApp to increase the review count of the products by sending review reminder notifications to the customers.

The extension is compatible with the Twilio API to send WhatsApp Order Notifications in Magento 2. A store owner must register here for free and buy Twilio credits for WhatsApp messages.

Very very easy

This magento 2 extension for whatsapp notifications is very very easy to use. I recommend it to every store owners.

Review by Vimal Anish
Good support from the team

I have been using Meetanshi's extension for a couple of years now. I purchased their Magento 2 whatsapp Order notification extension and was facing some issues with it. I opened a support ticket and the team approached me and solved my issue in no time. Again, amazing experience

Review by Dove Bronwyn
Second to none.....!

The magento 2 whatsapp notify extension is really amazing . Apart from the order notifications, I am also using the review reminded messages to gather more customer reviews on my store :)

Review by Brian Suzan
Just amazing..........

I tried many other Magento 2 whatsapp order notification extensions with my online store before. I had to look for other alternatives as they were not fulfilling my requirements.

Well, I must say Meetanshi's whatsapp notifications extension for magento 2 is better than others for a couple of reasons.

It's flawless and easy to work with. I have been using it for more than 7 months now and faced no issues with the functionalities.

Also, the support from Sagar and his team was quick and satisfactory. Kudos to the team!......

Review by Blanch Twila
Really happy with the extension

After installing the extension, I am able to send automatic whatsapp order notifications to my customers from my magento 2 store, which is pretty amazing!

I am also thankful to the team for providing such quick support and helping me to configure the extension. I am happy

Review by Earl Elvin
Nice extension - Loving it

The extension is pretty good at sending whatsapp order notifications for magento 2 stores. I loved the part that it provides massive customization features.

It can literally customize the whatsapp message for each and every kind of notification which is pretty amazing. Second part I loved about this extension is the OTP order verification. Just amazing.

Review by Elisabeth Edna
Amazing extension to send whatsapp notifications in magento 2

Writing this review after using Meetanshi's Magento2 whatsapp notification for 3 months...

The extension was really easy to configure with my magento store. i used twilio whatsapp api to send messages and it works pretty fine. It is working perfectly as it should be. Just pretty awesome, I loved it!

Review by Arati Ramla
Fantastic Support and Extension Works Well

Sagar is impeccable at handling customer queries. Thanks for the fantastic support you have provided till the extension started sending out whatsapp messages to customers.

Review by Varun Khanna
easy integration with Twilio

I can send WhatsApp notifications that boosts customer experience impressively!

Review by John Risk
excellent module to keep customers updated

easy way to notify customers about their store activities!

Review by Lori Crain
The support is fantastic

Thanks support team for solving my issues!

Review by Arpan kashyap
Customizable notification msgs!

I can send custom WhatsApp notifications using the extension!

Review by Valerie Blankenship
Enhanced customer experience

A tool to win customers' trust and improve the shopping experience in my Magento 2 store

Review by Helen Albrecht
Extremely helpful support team

Dhara from Meetanshi was absolutely helpful in configuring the module! Thank you !

Review by Melissa Collier
Thanks Sanjay for helping me out

Lending a helping hand is what support team knows very well at Meetanshi! Thanks for the free and timely support!

Review by Wilson Bernardi
Customers love the WhatsApp notifications as compared to the Emails

There are many positive reviews from customers once I ditched the regular Emails for order updates and started WhatsApp messaging using the module. Good features

Review by Bernadette
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  • 19 May, 2022


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4 and GraphQL.
  • 23 Dec, 2021


    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 09 Nov, 2021


    • Admin can now test WhatsApp message functionality.
    • Order verification with WhatsApp at checkout.
    • Added mobile number add/update option in customer account.
    • Added new customer registration add mobile number verification functionality.
    • Review reminder WhatsApp message to admin and customer.
    • Added country flag option.
    • Added option to send WhatsApp messages to multiple admins.
  • 16 Oct, 2020


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4 and Minor bug fixes.
  • 23 Jan, 2020


    • Made compatible with Magento 2.3.2.
  • 30 Sep, 2019


    • Made extension compatible with Twilio API
  • 27 Mar, 2019


    • Automatically removes spaces and special characters from the phone number before sending the WhatsApp Notifications.
    • Now you can add predefined variable to include product name in message.


  1. Do I need to buy any message credits to send WhatsApp Notifications?
    Yes, you may need to buy message credits to send WhatsApp Notifications to the customers. Our extension allows sending WhatsApp notifications to the customers through third-party APIs. The pricing of the message credits may vary according to the WhatsApp API provider.

  2. Does the extension support all the Magento APIs?
    Our Magento 2 WhatsApp contact extension is supported by Twilio and all the WhatsApp API providers supporting CURL. In the case of other WhatsApp APIs, you can contact us at [email protected] Our experts will check if our extension can be made compatible with that API and help you use your preferred API with our extension.

  3. How does the extension collect customers' WhatsApp numbers?
    The Magento 2 WhatsApp notification extension uses the mobile number registered by the customer during the account registration or guest checkout.

  4. I am not able to send WhatsApp notifications to the customers, although I have configured the API properly. What should I do?
    In case you are not able to sent WhatsApp notifications to the customers even after correctly integrating WhatsApp API, please check if your API requires template approval. If yes, then you may require to approve all the message templates to start sending WhatsApp notifications to the customers. If the extension is still not working, you can contact us at [email protected]

  5. How can I integrate WhatsApp API with the extension?
    You can refer to the extension userguide to integrate the WhatsApp API with the extension. If you are still facing any issues, you can contact us at [email protected]

  6. Can I send a review reminder WhatsApp notification to the customer using the extension?
    Yes, the extension supports sending review reminder notifications to the customers through WhatsApp. You can also configure the content of the message and set the number of days after which you want to send the notification from the date of order.

  7. Can the admin get notified about various activities in the store through WhatsApp?
    Yes, the extension supports sending WhatsApp notifications to the store admin as well. The admin can set the WhatsApp number from the backend to receive WhatsApp notifications regarding various activities, such as:
    • Order Placement
    • Order Invoice
    • Order Cancellation
    • Order Shipment
    • Order Credit Memo
    • New Registration
    • Customers' Reviews

How Meetanshi's Magento 2 Whatsapp Notifications Extension Works?

Features of Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications Extension:

Get Notifications

Multiple admins can get notified about customers’ various activities on the store through WhatsApp.

Custom Text Allowed

Set different text for different Magento 2 WhatsApp notifications.

USe System Variables

Send personalized WhatsApp notifications using system variables, such as first_name, last_name.

  • Nurture your relationship with the customers by giving the communication a personal touch using Magento 2 WhatsApp order notifications.
  • Keep the customers informed about the latest orders updates on your store through WhatsApp and win their hearts.
  • Receive instant WhatsApp notifications about important events on your store and improve your business efficiency.
  • Add the admin WhatsApp number in the backend to receive notifications.
  • The Magento 2 WhatsApp order notification extension automatically uses mobile numbers submitted by customers on the Magento 2 checkout page to send WhatsApp order notifications.
  • Highly compatible with the leading API provider - Twilio. Easy to integrate with Twilio using the following credentials:
    • Twilio SID
    • Twilio Token
    • Twilio Number
  • Compatible with all the API providers that support CURL URLs.
  • Functionality to test Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications in the backend to ensure that the API is configured properly.
  • Prevent fake order placement on your store by making it mandatory to verify orders through WhatsApp OTPs in Magento 2.
  • Allow the customers to change/update their mobile numbers conveniently using OTPs through Magento 2 WhatsApp notifications.
  • Customize the 'Send OTP' button text color and background to match your store's theme for a steady user experience.
  • Enter custom text for the verification messages, and set the OTP length for each of them.
  • Send Magento 2 WhatsApp order notification to the customers for the following events:
    • Order Verification
    • Mobile Number Update
    • Order Placement
    • Order Invoice
    • Order Cancellation
    • Order Shipment
    • Order Credit Memo
    • New Registration
    • Review Reminder
  • The extension facilitates customizing the admin and customer messages for different events using system variables such as {{first_name}}, {{order_id}}, etc.
  • Admin can receive instant notifications through WhatsApp for the new contact inquiries submitted by customers to work upon it and improve the chances of conversion.
  • The admin can receive WhatsApp notifications about the following events:
    • Order Placement
    • Order Invoice
    • Order Cancellation
    • Order Shipment
    • Order Credit Memo
    • New Registration
    • Customers' Reviews
  • Make the UI more attractive by showing country flags on the mobile number fields to the customers. Also, select the allowed countries to allow the customers to use the Magento 2 WhatsApp notifications.
  • The 'WhatsApp Notification Logs' grid in the backend provides complete log of the send WhatsApp messages to the customers and admin at one place.

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