Magento 2 Store Credit by Meetanshi

Magento 2 Store Credit

Magento 2 Store Credit extension automatically converts refund amount to store credit which customers can use for future purchase, hence improving sales and customer retention.

Key Features:

  • Convert refunds in to new sales
  • Automatically refund in form of store credit
  • Backend grid to easily manage customers' store credits
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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E-commerce store owners cannot deny that returns and refunds are part and parcel of online shopping. As much as you cannot run away from it, there is an excellent opportunity to convert these returns into future sales and customer retention. Yes, you read it right. Implementing store credit system in your online store can improve sales, and customer loyalty. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Store Credit extension that automatically converts refund amount to store credits.

Magento 2 Store Credit extension allows the customers to use their store credit for future purchases and hence get products at lower prices! Also, the store owner need not refund the amount and hence a win win situation for the business as well as customers!

The customers can apply the store credits, a virtual currency of your Magento 2 store, at the checkout page and get products at discounted prices. Also, you can reward your customers who had a bad experience with you service, with store credits, and turn it into a positive experience.

Magento 2 Store Credit & Refund Extension also allows the admin to manage store credits from the backend and notify the customers about any changes in their credit balance. Also, you can reward the customers with cashback using the module and make them return to your brand again!

Features of Magento 2 Store Credit Extension:

  • Improve the return and refund system of your online store with Magento 2 Loan Credit extension 
  • The admin can allow applying store credit on shipping and tax
  • The customers can use store credit at checkout page and cart page
  • Display store credit balance in the top link section
  • The admin can enable the option to hide the top link if store credit balance is empty
  • The admin can notify the customers via email about the store credit balance update when:
    • Admin adds to the store credit balance
    • Admin removes the store credit balance
    • Order refund (paid with store credit)
    • Order placed (paid with store credit)
  • Option to set store credit update Email sender and reply
  • Option to select store credit update Email template
  • The admin can add or subtract store credit value for a particular customer with a comment from the backend 
  • Transparently display the store credit calculation to the customers in the order summary in the frontend
  • Display success message in the frontend when the store credit is successfully applied to an order
  • Boost sales and win customer loyalty
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Magento 2 Store Credit