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Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension GraphQL API
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Magento 2 SMS Notification

Magento 2 SMS Notification allows admin to send order notifications to customers in real-time to keep them updated about their activities in Magento 2 store. Also, the admin can get notified about the store activities of the customers using SMS notification for Magento 2.

Key Features:

  • Sends order placement and order shipment notifications both to the admin and customers. [Free]
  • Compatible with any SMS gateways supporting CURL. [Free]
  • Supports order verification, product review reminder, order invoice, cancellation and credit memo generation notifications to customers [Pro]

Note: Our free extensions do not come with free support. You can avail our extended support service to get professional support.

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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration
2. API Settings
2. API Settings - SMS Gateway Supporting CURL
3. API Testing
4. Test SMS to Admin
5. Order Verification Settings
6. Order Verification SMS to Customer
7. Order Verification Pop up
8. Mobile Number Update Settings
9. Mobile Number Update in Frontend
10. Order Placement Notification Settings
11. Order Placement Notification to Customer
12. Order Placement Notification to Admin
13. Order Invoice Notification Settings
14. Invoice Generation Notification to Customer
15. Invoice Generation Notification to Admin
16. Order Cancellation Notification Settings
17. Order Cancellation Notification to Customers
18. Order Cancellation Notification to Admin
19. Order Shipment Notification Settings
20. Order Shipment Notification to Customer
21. Order Shipment Notification to Admin
22. Order Credit Memo Notification Settings
23. Refund Request Notification to Customer
24. Credit Memo Generation Notification to Admin
25. Contact Inquiry Notification Settings
26. New Contact Inquiry Notification to Admin
27. New Customer Registration Notification Settings
28. Registration Form with Mobile Number
29. New Customer Registration OTP Verification SMS to Customer
30. New User Registration Notification to Admin
31. Review Reminder Notification Settings
32. Product Review Reminder to Customers
33. Product Review Received Notification to Admins
34. Country Flag Settings
35. SMS Logs

SMS is always the better option over Email to notify someone due to its higher response rate and read rate. The fact that mobile phones are easily accessible over an Internet connection to check Emails, SMS plays an important role, being a favorable option. These facts also apply to Magento 2 store admins who want to notify their customers about their Magento 2 store and order activities. Meetanshi has developed developed paid and free Magento 2 SMS Notification extensions that allows the store owner to send text messages to quickly notify customers about order status updates.

Magento 2 SMS Notifications extension is also helpful to Magento 2 store owners to get notified about customers' activities apart from notifying the customers themselves. The admin receives SMS alerts for various customers' activities such as new order placement, cancellation, a contact inquiry, website registration, etc. Hence, by providing SMS service to the customers with SMS notifications for Magento 2, the admin can keep himself updated and act accordingly!

Customer experience plays an essential role in the success of the business. Interaction with customers is always good! The Magento 2 SMS Integration helps you in improving the customer experience of your Magento 2 store. When a customer makes a purchase and is instantly notified of the payment received or the purchase made, the Magento 2 store wins that customer's trust.

Win your customer's loyalty towards your Magento 2 store by easing the account registration, phone number verification, and password reset procedure by implementing SMS notification for Magento 2.

Works like charm!

M2 SMS notification by Meetanshi is robust and works well. In case of any queries, team Meetanshi was always there to help and support. Thank you, guys!

Review by R. Castro
All in one SMS extension

The SMS notification extension has more than the functionalities that one would expect. Login with OTP. Register with OTP. Order verification with OTP and instant order updates were what I needed. All in one extension. Go for it

Review by Maria Murrah
Thanks for Free Magento SMS notification extension

This SMS notification extension has many features that are free and helpful! Thanks for this cool extension!

Review by R.D.Lancaster
Great SMS extension

Great plugin. Very scalable.

Review by Anna C. Whiting
Recommended one!

Really impressed with the quality work provided. SMS notifications is one of the best extension with best customization features. Satisfied with the product and worth investing in it.

Review by Chisholm
Most reliable extension!

SMS notifiation is an amazing extension developed by Meetanshi. It is well-built and one of the most reliable extension for sending notifications to your customers. Good functionalities.

Review by k.d. horton
Convenient to notify customers

The module is extremely helpful for sending automatic SMS notifications to the customers. Product developed very well.

Review by Jerrie
Best module at reasonable rates

The module SMS Notifications has been useful for my Magento store that has helped increase my revenue by sending discounts, offers to the customers.

Review by Henry Chinn
SMS are very useful!

Magento 2 SMS Notification extension are best and helps to easily notify customers about the offers, discounts and much more.

Review by McKenzie
Great module with appreciable support

Integrating the extension is very easy and provides a great support. No issues found uptil yet.

Review by B.d. harmon
Convenient and helpful extension

I have installed an extension before a month and it totally works fine. Its very convenient and helpful enough for sending automatic SMS to admins and customers.

Review by Martha Williams
Awesome extension

M2 SMS Notification is an useful extension developed to ease the store owners pain of getting easy engagement. Surely recommended!

Review by Christinia
Reliable & works well

SMS notification magento 2 is highly reliable module and works very well as expected.

Review by Richa aggarwal
Very good module for SMS notification

The module is simple, easy to install & configure. Loved the product developed by team Meetanshi.

Review by arvi panchal
Increases customer engagement

Overall good module and SMS notifications helps in creating customer engagement with the customers.

Review by Christinia
Can easily inform the customers

magento 2 send sms helps to easily inform their clients regarding any offers, discounts, schemes and much more. Amazing one!

Review by Niamh ellis
Well done Team Meetanshi

nicely developed and expecting to have such more products from you.

Review by Katherine
Functions as described

Magento 2 SMS Notification functions exactly as described. It is just amazing and good to have.

Review by Luca summers
Get at an affordable price

Recommended for magento2 users at very reasonable price. Messages looks professional by using this module.

Review by Leah Bowen
very good plugin

Thank you for this extension. Magento sms helps to easily interact directly with the customers.

Review by Nadine
Facilitates to keep customers updated

magento sms extension facilitates to send text messages to customers to keep them updated about recent updates.

Review by Gloeckner
Magento 2 sms extension can customize messages

It is possible to create different templates for your messages using different variables. And the work by their team members is really appreciable.

Review by Erric Somer
It helps to increase engagement with customers

Magento 2 SMS Notification module helps us to send SMS to customers and we manage to increase sales.

Review by Tegan Todd
Best for sending offers via SMS

I use the extension for promoting newly launched products and offers. It helps me to drive more revenue. Thank you.

Review by John Smith
Provides outstanding shopping experience

After purchasing Magento 2 SMS Notification extension, we started notifying order status to customers and it boosts customer shopping experience.

Review by Harry Reid
I highly recommend this extension

My store has a young customer base and they spend too much time on their smartphone. Magento 2 SMS Notification extension allows me to send SMS to customers and it does not only increase my store traffic but the average store revenue too. Thanks a lot.

Review by Daniel C
Helpful to build trust

As I started sending order status updates via SMS, customers are feeling more comfortable buying from my store. Glad to have the module. Thanks.

Review by Lewis Robson
Thanks for great support

Team Meetanshi helped for every point in which I had queries. Thanks.

Review by Eileen Goyette
Working very smooth

It works smoother than expected! Thanks, Meetanshi!

Review by Lonny
SMSs are extremely helpful

For my store, Magento 2 SMS Notification module has been improving my order revenue as we send promotional offers to customers via SMSs.

Review by Anya Sharma
I love the extension

Meetanshi provided all the things as mentioned on the product page. Thank you.

Review by Mr. Bernardo
Value for money extension

Buying Magento 2 SMS Notification extension is the best investment for me.

Review by Gabrielle Jones
Very good

Actually they don't provide Unifonic integration with the default package but if you need it they will adapt and send you the expected one in short time.

Very good service.

Review by Chien Hoang
Perfecto !

It works great! The support and installation are excellent. It works perfect for Mexico. The next updates make it the best extension in the market.

Review by BJOUX

Work well

Review by Gitesh
Works very well

Superb module by Meetanshi team. Works very well. Customers and admin both receive sms without any delay. Got free credits from msg91 too :)

Review by Amith
Fantastic SMS Notification extension for Magento 2

A feature rich extension that supports customised SMS texts!

Review by Joseph doll
Helped to enhance the customer experience!

wonderful functionality implemented neatly. Support is also good

Review by Margaret
On time notifications are helpful!

Updates me about customers' activities timely

Review by Gary
Support is awesome

The team was helpful to customize the module

Review by V. Stewart
Nice module

I can customize the module for compatibility with my choice of SMS gateway!

Review by terry
Helpful extension in terms of user experience

Good features for customers! Support is timely

Review by Brian
The new features are appreciated by customers!

The extension helped to improve user experience by sending instant SMS notifications to users.

Review by Dean
Useful extension

As an admin, I can keep a check on store's customers activities easily with the help of module

Review by Jennifer
Improved user experience

The module helped us boost rankings by improving the customer experience.

Review by Norma daniel
Received appreciation from the customers

Positive feed backs from our customers that we received for our service makes the extension worth every dollar!

Review by Karen rhea
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  • 19 May, 2022


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4 and GraphQL.
  • 16 Dec, 2021


    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 09 Nov, 2021


    • Admin can now send test SMS to test the functionality.
    • Order verification with SMS at checkout.
    • Added mobile number add/update option in customer account.
    • Added new customer registration add mobile number verification functionality.
    • Review reminder SMS notification to admin and customer.
    • Added country flag option.
    • Added option to send SMS notifications to multiple admins.
  • 19 Jul, 2021


    • Added a separate grid for SMS logs.
    • Added support for shipping carrier tracking related variable in order shipment SMS template.
  • 21 Jun, 2021


    • Msg91 SMS template support with DLT.
  • 06 Oct, 2020


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4 and Minor bug fixes.
  • 15 Apr, 2020


    • Compatible with custom SMS API supporting CURL.
  • 20 Jan, 2020


    • Minor bug fixes and code Improvement.
  • 02 Dec, 2019


    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 13 Aug, 2019


    • Compatible with REST api/calls


5000 FREE!

SMS Credits



10000 FREE!

SMS Credits



  1. Does your extension come with SMS credits to send SMS notifications or I have to buy SMSs?
    No, the extension doesn’t come with any SMS credits. You have to select a preferred SMS gateway to buy SMS credits. The extension is compatible with any SMS gateway supporting CURL. Simply create an account with you preferred SMS gateway, buy SMS credits and configure the extension.

  2. How SMS Notification extension collects mobile number of the customers?
    Enabling the extension will add a mobile number field in the default registration form. This field is mandatory and thus, it collects the customers’ mobile number to send the SMS notifications.

  3. Do you provide any offer on SMS gateway integration?
    You can check all the SMS offers from partners at

  4. What should I do to receive admin notifications on my mobile number?
    In the extension configuration, add your mobile number under the “Admin Mobile Number” option to get the SMS notifications for various order and store activities by the customers.

  5. Can I customize the SMS text for each notification sent to the customers?
    Yes, the extension facilitates to set custom SMS notification text for each notification type. You can also use the system variables to pass on the various order values in the SMS notifications.

  6. I'm getting "Class Twilio\Rest\ClientFactory does not exist" error, what can I do now?
    Install the Twilio library using the command: composer require twilio/sdk

How Meetanshi's Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension Works?

Features of Free Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension:

  • The free Magento 2 SMS notification keeps the customers and store admin updated about below order activities through SMS notifications: 
    • Order placement SMS notification to both the customers and admin
    • Order shipment SMS notification to both the customers and admin
  • The admin can enter his mobile number to receive SMS notifications about order activities of the customers.
  • The free Magento 2 SMS notification extension supports easy integration with Twilio, Msg91 and any other SMS gateway APIs of the world supporting CURL.
  • Configure API settings by registering with SMS Gateway to get sender ID, API key, and URL and choose the message type to be sent to customers for Magento SMS gateway integration.
  • Customize the Magento 2 SMS notification text by using system variables such as order_id, first_name.
  • For additional SMS notifications related to order and store activities, you can opt for the paid version of Magento 2 SMS notification.

Additional Features of Paid Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension:

  • The paid version provides features such as third-party SMS API integration, sending SMS notification for various events, etc, in addition to that of the free Magento 2 SMS notification.
  • In the case of custom SMS API supporting CURL, the admin has to add CURL URL using the {mobile} and {msg} variables to pass the values of mobile number and message fields.
  • Send test SMS from the backend to check the functionality of the SMS API.
  • Create custom SMS templates and customizable SMS content for various SMS notifications.
  • Automatic SMS notifications for multiple events related to orders and store activities:
    • New customer registration SMS notification (only for admin)
    • Customer account registration via OTP SMS to customers
    • Mobile number update via OTP on customer registration 
    • Order verification via OTP SMS to customers
    • Order placement SMS notification to both admin and customers
    • Order invoice SMS notification to both admin and customers
    • Order shipment SMS notification to both admin and customers
    • Order cancellation SMS notification to both admin and customers
    • Order credit memo SMS notification to both admin and customers
    • Product review reminder (only for customers)
    • New review received (only to admin)
    • New contact inquiry SMS notifiation (only for admin)
  • Use system variables like order_id, first_name, etc., to configure Magento 2 SMS notification texts.
  • Option to show country flag in the mobile number field and set default country.
  • Allow the new customers to verify their registration and verify orders using OTP through SMS.
  • Enter the DLT template ID for SMS notifications for customer and admin if you are an Indian customer using Msg91 SMS API.
  • Send SMS notifications to the customers after a specific period of days of the order to remind them to put reviews on your store.
  • The admin also configure the extension to receive SMS notifications when customers put reviews on the store.
  • The backend grid "SMS Log" lists all the SMS service details like ID, mobile number, SMS provider, response, message, and date, of only registered users.
  • The admin can select multiple logs and delete them using the mass action.
  • The Magento 2 SMS gateway extension allows default Magento registration and guest checkout form to collect customers' mobile numbers to send SMS notifications.
  • Admin can send SMS notifications for each activity as soon as the mobile number is registered with the store using the SMS extension for Magento 2.

Feature Comparison for Paid and Free Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension:


Free SMS Notification Magento 2
SMS Notification Pro

Compatible with Best SMS Gateways

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