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Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension
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Magento 2 Shop by Brand

Magento 2 Shop by Brand facilitates to showcase similar brand products collectively in your store. It helps customers to find products of their favorite brands easily and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Key Features:

  • Facilitate the customers to shop from products their favourite brands.
  • Create sliders with featured brands.
  • Build SEO-friendly brand pages.
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 Shop By Brand
2. All Brands Page Settings
3. All Brands Page Settings: Brand Filter Function
4. All Brands Page Settings: Brand Search Settings
5. All Brands Page Settings: Featured Brand Settings
6. All Brands Page Settings: Brand Related Products
7. Brand Information Settings
8. Sidebar: Featured Brand Settings
9. Sidebar: Brand List Thumbnail Settings
10. Sidebar: Category Brand Settings
11. SEO Settings for Shop by Brand Pages
12. Import Brands using CSV
13. Manage Brands: Attributes Properties
14. Manage Brands: Manage Options (Attribute Values)
15. Manage Brands Attributes: Manage Options: Configure Brand Information
16. Manage Brands Attributes: Manage Options: Configure Brand's Meta Information
17. Manage Brands: Advanced Attribute Properties
18. Manage Brands: Manage Titles
19. Manage Brands: Storefront Properties
20. Select Brand On Product Edit Page
21. Brand Categories
22. Brand Categories: Add New Category
23. Brand Categories: Add New Category: Brands
24. Select Widget from Backend
25. Brand Category ID Widget Storefront Properties
26. Brand Category ID Widget Options
27. Brand Category ID Widget Frontend
28. Brand Option ID Widget Storefront Properties
29. Brand Option ID Widget Options
30. Brand Option ID Widget Frontend
31. Featured Brands Storefront Properties
32.Featured Brands Widget Options
33. Featured Brands Frontend
34. Frontend Shop by Brand in Menu
35. Frontend Brands
36. Frontend Brand Search
37. Frontend Brand Quick Pop Up
38. Frontend Brand Page

"A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir".

Online shoppers love to purchase branded products. In the case of Magento stores selling branded products, creating brand pages and showcasing the branded products on the webstore can help build trust amongst the customers that can encourage them to purchase. To make this possible, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension.

Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension lets the store owners harness the full potential of the branded products in their store. It helps create all brands page, individual brands page, featured brands, and brand categories making it easier for the customers to find products from their favourite brands.

The extension facilitates creating a customized 'All brands page' in Magento 2 that lists all the brands in one place. Using Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension, the admin can also create and customize the individual brand pages, allowing the customers to explore the products from their favourite brand! Moreover, the store owner can also leverage sales of specific brands by featuring them on their website using the extension.

Furthermore, the extension allows the admin user to enter URL slug, meta title, keywords, and description for the brand pages, making the SEO stuff easier. Make your online store look more professional by allowing the customers to filter the products by brand.

Take the product browsing and shopping experience of your Magento 2 store to the next level by using Meetanshi's Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension. Leverage the conversions of your store by making the brands work for you.

Promote your store with unique functionality

The module helps promoting your products effectively. Must-have in your store.

Review by Mildred C. springer
Outstanding shopping experience to the customers

Extension helps to easily get connected to brands they wish to purchase. Good job.

Review by Clifton
Boost sales & increase conversion rates

Shop by Brand for Magento 2 helps in effectively finding out their most preferred brands & offer best customer experience.

Review by Niyati
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Features of Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension

Win Visitors' Trust

Showcase brands on your Magento 2 store to earn the visitors' trust.

Improve Conversions

Helps the visitors find products of their favourite brand and boost conversions.

Promote Brands

Shop by Brand for Magento 2 allows creating featured brands and showcasing them on CMS pages.

SEO-Friendly Brand Pages

Create SEO-friendly brand pages using custom URL slugs and Meta information.

Filter Brands

Allow the customers to filter the brands by letters or categories.

Shop by Brands in Magento 2

The Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension helps build and cutomize brand pages effortlessly. The store admin can easily enable or disable the extension from the backend and select the brand attribute of the products. The admin can also enter a custom URL slug for the brands page and make it look more clean and professional.

Magento store owners can also enter a custom title for the 'brands page' and choose the areas to link the brands page from Top Link, Footer Link, and Category. The admin can show the brands in the category menu in a Drop-down or List style. Pick the brand information that you want to show in the category menu from Logo, Label, or both.

Furthermore, the store admin can also enter the maximum number of brands to be shown in the category menu, select brand information to be shown on the product page, and set the custom height and width of the brand logo.

Display All Brands at One Place

The possibility of customizing the 'All Brands page' using Shop by Brand in Magento 2 is limitless. The admin can set brand list name, select the page style, choose brand information to be shown on the page, and set custom brand logo dimensions. Moreover, the extension also supports customizing the style colour of the brand page, and provides options to show or hide brand description, hide brands without products, show product quantity and quick view popup on the 'brands page'.

The customization of the 'brands page' doesn't end here. The Magento 2 Shop by Manufacturer extension also supports applying custom CSS codes to enhance the look and style of the page.

Help Customers Explore the Brands

The Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension facilitates adding a brand filter function on the 'brands page'. The admin can choose to filter the brands through initials and enter custom letters in the backend to display the brand names having those initials on the 'brands page'.

Moreover, the extension supports adding a custom brand search block in Magento, which can be customized to show a specific number of results with or without the brand thumbnail image. Thus, finding the favourite brands on your Magento 2 store is easier than ever using the custom search functionality of the Shop by Brand extension.

Show Featured Brands in Magento 2

Promote specific brands in your online store by featuring them using Shop by Brand extension for Magento 2. The extension facilitates showing the featured brands on the all brands page. The admin can select the brands to be featured under the Catalog > Shop By Brand > Manage Brands page.

Admin can choose to the featured brands display style from slider and simple view, enter a custom title, and choose the display information. Furthermore, it also provides codes that can be used to embed the featured brands on any of the CMS pages.

Leverage Cross-Selling by Showing Related Products

Allow the customers to explore more products of the same brand from the product page. The Magento 2 Brand extension facilitates adding and customizing the brand-related products section to the products pages. The store admin can choose to show products from the same brands, enter a custom title for the section, and set the maximum number of brands to be shown there.

Impress the brand whores and encourage them to purchase more products from their favourite brands using Magento 2 Shop by Brands extension.

Create Customized Brand Pages & Sidebars

The extension makes the task of customizing the individual brand pages in Magento 2 easy for the store admins. The extension facilitates the admin to upload a default image for brands having no image. It also allows the store owner to choose the default block, and the details to be shown on the brand page.

The Shop by Brand extension by Meetanshi also allows the admin to create sidebars to assist the customers in finding their favourite brands on the website. The admin can add featured brands, a list of all brands, and category brands in the sidebar and customize them through plenty of options.

Import and Manage Brands

Shop by Brand Magento 2 extension allows the admin to import all the brands at once using a CSV file. The admin can also add new or manage the existing brands by going to Catalog > Shop By Brand > Manage Brands in the backend. It facilitates adding information about brands such as page title, URL slug, brand image, description, and also allows the admin to select if the brand is featured or not.

Moreover, the admin can add individual brand-related meta information such as title, keywords, and description to optimize the pages for search engines. The admin can allocate the products to the brands by going to the product edit section and selecting the applicable brand for that product.

Create and Manage Brand Categories in Magento 2

The functionality of the Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension is not just limited to creating brands and showing them. The extension also facilitates categorizing the brands using various options. The Catalog > Shop by Brand > Categories grid in the backend manages all the brand categories in the store and allows the admin to add create new ones.

The admin can create new brand categories by entering the name, URL slug, applicable store view, status, and selecting the applicable brands.

Create SEO-Friendly Pages

The extension facilitates optimizing each of the brand and category pages for search engines by allowing to customize the page URL slug and Meta information such as title, keywords, and description. Moreover, the extension also facilitates configuring the robots.txt file for the category pages.

Useful Shop by Brand Widgets

Show the brands on various CMS pages using the widgets provided by the extension. The extension allows showing specific brands, featured brands, or brands by categories on specific CMS pages using the widgets. The Magento 2 Shop by Brand widgets are also fully customizable, making it easy for the admins to shape the customer experience of their store as they want.

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