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Magento 2 RMA Extension

Magento 2 RMA

Magento 2 RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) extension helps the admin to easily manage the returns or exchange of the purchased items in the Magento 2 store to boost customer loyalty and trust.

Key Features:

  • Easy for customers to return a purchased item
  • Insightful reports to manage RMA
  • RMA request for guest customers & offline orders
  • Build customer loyalty

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"Don't assume it all works! Put yourself in your consumer's shoes and do everything they'll do"

Online store owners constantly try to offer the best customer experience to their customers and it does not end if a customer decides to return an item. When you sell online, returns and exchanges are inevitable. Up to 40% of online purchases are returned which means more cost and management for online retailers.

In order to ease the returns management for Magento 2 store owners, Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 RMA extension that automates the product return management and exchanges. It reduces the cost of return management and boosts customer loyalty.

What is Return Order Management in E-commerce?

Return order management is a process for customers who wish to return or exchange a product after purchase. It involves interfacing with customers, collecting their purchased items, updating the inventory and its management, updating the accounts, and in case of exchange, packaging, and shipping the exchanged item.

Why do you need a Magento RMA Extension?

Return order management is difficult for the store owners and it impacts the profitability of the business. Customers may return an item due to reasons like products not matching the online description and pictures, faulty items, change of mind, fraudulent returns, etc.

However, the added cost in return management or exchange not only lowers the profit margin, but it impacts the customer experience and their loyalty in the long run if handled poorly.

Enter, Magento 2 Returns Management extension! The module allows customers to request for return or exchange for their orders and the admin can streamline the return process easier.

The Magento 2 RMA module even allows the guest customers to request RMA which will contribute to winning their trust in the long run. Moreover, if you own a physical store for your Magento 2 online store, the customers can even request RMA for their offline orders. Such an extensive customer experience is only possible with a Magento returns management tool!

RMA for Magento 2 gives the admin full control to approve or reject the RMA request by the customer based on the reasons for returns and the store's return policy. The admin can even allow partial return or exchange when the customer has ordered multiple items in one order.

The Magento Returns and Exchanges module has much more to offer as listed here. Leverage all these features to reduce the cost of RMA and also win your customers' trust for a long-term relationship with your brand!

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Features of Magento 2 RMA Extension:

General Features

  • The Magento 2 Return Merchandise authorization extension automates the RMA request and its processing for customers and the admin to cut the cost of managing returns and exchanges as well as improving the customer experience in the process.
  • The admin can configure the return address from the backend
  • Backend option to set the default status of the new RMA
  • Backend option to set the default owner for new RMA
  • Enable the option to ask the customer to confirm shipping
  • Admin can allow RMA for offline orders
  • Enable the option "This was a gift"
  • Option to enable the integration with helpdesk
  • Configure the code of the "brand" attribute
  • Enter the extension of attachment types allowed
  • Enter the allowed shipping label upload extensions
  • Configure the maximum attachment size in MB.

Customer Account Features:

  • Enable the option to show the RMA section in the customer account section with Magento 2 Return Order Management.
  • Enable the option to show RMA for guest customer by order
  • Customers are required to select from the following which the admin can mandate from the backend:
    • Reason
    • Condition
    • Resolution

RMA Policy Features

  • Enter the number of days after which requesting an RMA is allowed
  • Configure the order status for which requesting an RMA is allowed
  • Enable allowing RMA request for multiple orders
  • The admin can configure an option where if the order has only been partially shipped, then only the shipped items will be available for the RMA.
  • The admin can ask the customer to agree with the RMA policy text by configuring the option for the same from the backend
  • The admin can select the CMS block with RMA policy text

RMA Number Features

  • The admin can enable allowing a manual RMA number
  • Backend option to configure the RMA number format
  • Enable/disable the option to reset the counter for order
  • Configure the number to:
    • Start the counter
    • Counter increment step
    • Counter length

Email Notification Features

  • Select the Email sender
  • Select the template of notification Email for customers
  • Select the template of notification Email for the RMA owner
  • Select the template of Rule notification
  • Option to send Email Copy as:
    • Bcc
    • Separate Email
  • Enter the Email ID to send a copy of all emails to

RMA Grid

  • The RMA grid lists all the RMA requests by customers with the details like RMA number, customer name, order number, status, date of creation, last reply, and items.
  • The admin can add a new RMA, and create a new offline RMA.


  • The admin can add new
    • Statuses
    • Reasons
    • Conditions
    • Resolutions
    • Quick responses
    • Return Addresses


  • The admin can get the report of RMA by:
    • product
    • attributes
    • reason
    • status

Other Features

  • The admin can add custom fields
  • The admin can configure workflow rules
  • The admin can enable the option that if theme overrides Magento way of including style this option will add extension's styles to the page.

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