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Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes

Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes extension enables users to check delivery availability based on zip codes and helps store owners to restrict orders for the invalid zip codes.

Key Features:

  • Allow delivery availability check on the product page.
  • Upload allowed zip codes using CSV.
  • Display estimated delivery time with delivery availability.
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Magento 2 stores, though wanting to reach a wide customer base, may require to restrict some users due to the following reasons:

  1. Offering products for localities only
  2. Avoiding shipping costs that may nullify the profit of the product
  3. Local stores having an online Magento 2 store
  4. Due to legal reasons

As the default Magento 2 does not allow restricting orders based on the locations, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes extension to restrict orders based on the zip codes.

Though offering an online shop, you can still limit your customer base to particular locations by restricting the orders based on zip codes. 

The extension allows admin to ask the frontend user to check for the delivery availability with a custom message. On entering the zip code, the module checks the zip code CSV and returns the availability or unavailability message as per the CSV.

It saves visitors time from going through the order placing and transaction process only to know that the item is not available for their area at the end!

The Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes extension can also facilitate to display estimated delivery time to the users if the delivery is available for the zip code, hence contributing to the improved user experience!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes extension:

  • Restrict customers to place an order based on the zip codes.
  • Option to enable the display of estimated delivery time (if added in the zip codes CSV) along with the delivery availability message. 
  • Display a custom message to ask for checking the zip code for availability in the frontend.
  • Display custom messages for the order availability or unavailability messages in the frontend.
  • Option to delete the existing zip codes while uploading a new zip codes CSV.
  • The admin can export the CSV of already added zip codes.
  • Upload the allowed zip codes for orders along with the estimated delivery time using CSV from the admin panel.
  • The admin can download the sample CSV from the backend for reference of the CSV format.
  • Include the estimated delivery time with the allowed zip codes in the CSV file.
  • Allow the users to enter the zip code for checking the order availability for their location from the frontend.
  • When the "Check" button is clicked, the module checks for the allowed zip codes in the CSV and displays the availability or unavailability message based on the check. 
  • For order availability, the estimated delivery time is displayed if enabled and added in the zip code CSV.
  • For order unavailability, Restrict Zip Codes for Magento 2 displays delivery unavailability message added from the backend.
  • The order unavailability message on the checkout page restricts placing the order.
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Very good features A useful module that helped me in order management Review by Scott N. Hawkins
The support was very good The support team was quite helpful and solved my issue within an hour which is very impressive Review by Karen
Very helpful Restricting the orders based on zip codes has helped in avoiding the management of unnecessary orders Review by K. beane
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Change Log
  • 21 Oct, 2019


    • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.3.

Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes