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Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension
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Magento 2 Product Attachments

Magento 2 Product Attachments extension allows providing detailed information about the product such as user guides, demo, license, presentations, etc. on the Product Page in an attractive manner.

Key Features:

  • Supports multiple file uploads on product and CMS pages.
  • Restrict the file download limit.
  • Set icon image with the product attachment for easy recognition of file type. 

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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration
2. CMS Page Settings
3. Add Attachment Category
4. Saved Attachment Categories
5. Create an Attachmet
6. File Upload for Attachment
7. Assign products to Attachment
8. Assign CMS pages
9. saved Attachments
10. Add Attachments from Product Edit
11. Product Attachments in frontend
12. URL Attachment in Frontend
13. Attachment on CMS Page

E-commerce store owners must make sure that the product pages are highly informative that the visitors can easily have a clear understanding of the products. When you are selling complex products, all the detailed information should be there on product pages to convince users before making the purchase. It helps in conversion as the visitors may get convinced about the products' usability and performance by the details provided. Also, such information must be easily accessible to the viewer. Meetanshi has come up with Magento 2 Product Attachments extension to enable file uploads right on the product page to make it more informative and easily convinceable to encourage users to purchase.

Magento 2 Product Attachment extension is a perfect module for the store owner to use as a file upload tool. The extension allows uploading downloadable files such as user guides, licenses, warranty cards, price lists, or any type of documentation on the product page itself. The extension supports all the most popular and used file types like PDFs, document files, audio and video files, presentations, image files, zips, flash files, and many more.

Sometimes, it may even happen that if you are selling complex products in your store, you need to provide a detailed description to bring the customers closer to make a purchase. Thus, Meetanshi's Magento 2 Product Attachments enable to attach multiple products, categories, and CMS pages.

Customers would want to check every property before buying anything and the Magento file upload extension allows to provide that details which enhance Magento 2 store's customer experience. Moreover, this shows your confidence in the product which pushes the viewer to buy your product. Also after the product purchases, customers can download the product attachment files to better use the products and understand every single aspect of it.

The Magento 2 Product File Upload extension supports restricting product attachment downloads customer groups and store view wise to avoid unnecessary downloads. Also, the admin can create a separate page to show these downloadable files. It helps easy file management and the admin can upload files through the product grid. Upload files in bulk and decide the position according to the templates used. Display attractive icons images to let the customer know what file they are about to open. Keep track of the downloaded files which gives an idea of the visitors' interest which may be further used for marketing purposes!

CAn further be used for marketing purpose

As the module provides with an idea about the visitors interest and so can be used for marketing purpose.

Review by J.d.riffle
Convincing enough to make a purchase!

Extension facilitates to convert as they get convinced about products usability and performance. Must-have module!

Review by Synder
Good module & support

Really good support and advice others to make a purchase from Meetanshi. Helps keep track of downloaded files.

Review by LAura L. Lundell
easy product attachment module

module is easy to use and configure

Review by Simone
The support from Sanjay was excellent

I was having troubles with the extension installation and configuration. However, the support provided was excellent and now the module is working flawlessly in my Magento 2 store

Review by R. Sterrett
Good features and support is also good

I can restrict file download limit and that's a very useful feature!

Review by Victor
Excellent feature rich product attachments module for my store!

I can quickly upload the files to the product grid with drag and drop feature which is brilliant!

Review by Della
Good product attachments extension

Nice extension that supports multiple file formats.

Review by Maria warren
The plugin is solution to my problem

Attaching files to different store views is now possible with Meetanshi's extension!

Review by Andrew busby
Improved the customer experience of my store

Nice product attachments extension to have for my Magento 2 store

Review by Shuana
Good support

These guys know the importance of quick support service in the IT industry and I can't appreciate enough for the excellent service they delivered!

Review by G. jensen
Easy file upload and download

The extension is designed in such a way that it is easier for me to manage files in the backend as well as for customers to access and download them!

Review by Graham
Perfect product attachment extension for Magento 2

Excellent module with useful features and great support

Review by Kathryn isbell
Feature rich

Allows to upload multiple files as well as restrict the file download limit.

Review by Jessie wright
Enjoying more conversions after I installed the module!

I can now make the visitors understand my store products in a better way and hence benefit the business

Review by Romona
Easy file management

The module allowed me to easily upload and manage the files in my Magento 2 store. Excellent support

Review by Crystal Dean
Best option until now!

I wanted the exact module for my store but was not satisfied with other modules I tried. At last, settled for the Magento 2 Product Attachments by Meetanshi!

Review by Roger
Increased sales!

Customers get convinced about your products having a look at your product attachments! Great extension.

Review by Kristen Sparks
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How Meetanshi's Magento 2 Product Attachments Works?

Features of Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension

Upload Any Number of Files

Attach any number of files in product & CMS pages with Magento 2 File Upload extension.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Quickly upload the Magento 2 attachment files with the drag and drop feature!

Multiple Files at a Time Supported

Magento 2 Product Attachment extension allows uploading multiple files at once.

  • Supports multiple Magento file upload formats.
  • Option to set a custom title for the attachment tab on the product page.
  • Option to set product attachment headings 
  • Admin can enable the display of file size and count of downloads in Magento 2 Product File Upload extension
  • Option to enable attachments on CMS pages with Magento Product Attachments extension.
  • Set custom heading for the attachments on CMS pages
  • Magento 2 file upload extension allows the admin to configure the category settings which includes entering the name of the attachment, description to show with the attachments, and activating the attachment category.
  • Offers the "Manage Categories" backend grid that lists all the saved attachment categories. With the "Add New Category" button, the admin can create a new attachment category.
  • Enter the attachment details like its category, name, and description.
  • Option to enable/disable the product attachments for Magento 2
  • Restrict the Magento 2 attachments file download limit
  • Option to attach a file or display URL with Magento 2 Product File Upload extension
  • Allow file view and downloads according to the customer groups which motivates the customers to signup/log in.
  • Product attachment extension for Magento 2 allows attaching files to different store views
  • Select and assign products to the attachment to show on the product page on the frontend
  • Select and assign CMS pages to the attachment to show on the CMS pages on the frontend
  • The "Manage Attachments" backend grid lists the saved attachments. The admin can also create a new attachment using the "Add New Attachment" button.
  • The admin can also assign product attachments from product edit or add more attachments with the "Add Attachments" button
  • Place the Magento 2 file attachment on the product page in a separate tab in such a way that pleases the viewers and improves the customer experience.

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