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Magento 2 Pre Order Extension
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Magento 2 Pre Order

Let the customers order the products that are out of stock in your online store using the Magento 2 Pre Order extension and save the sales. The extension also facilitates the customers to order products with quantity higher than available quantity in Magento 2.

Key Features:

  • Accept pre orders for products that are out of stock or unavailable in your store.
  • Customize the pre order button text and notes.
  • Let the buyers order products with a quantity higher than the available quantity using pre order extension.
  • Enable pre-order functionality for only specific products in the store.
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 Pre Order
2. Pre Order Display Settings
3. Product Specific Preorder Settings
4. PreOrder Products on Category Page
5. PreOrder Products on Product Page
6. Pre Order Details in Customer's My Account
7. Pre Order Column in Sales Orders Grid in Backend
8. Error Message While Generating Shipment for Pre Ordered Products
9. Shipment Generation for Pre Ordered Products with Quantity Greater than Zero
10. Pre Order Details in Order Email

Want to sell products to your customers before their launch? Looking for a solution to accept orders in quantities more than the available quantity in Magento 2? Our Magento 2 Pre Order extension is here to address all your such needs.

Understanding the market demand is crucial for all the merchants selling online. Quite often, big brands allow the customers to pre order the products before their launch to gauge the market demand and to create hype. The Magento 2 pre order extension allows the customers to place backorder in your store and help you save sales that you may have probably lost.

Save the sales by allowing the customers to place backorders in your online store and also enhance the customers' shopping experience by never showing the disappointing - 'Product Out of Stock' label!

Our Magento 2 backorder extension enables the store owners to set the pre order functionality for specific orders in the store. The store owner can also allow the pre order functionality for in-stock products to accept orders with quantities higher than the available quantity. This indeed can be a deal saver when a customer tries to place a bulk order in your store with high quantities. The order will be processed for the available quantity of products, and the rest of the quantity will be pre-ordered.

Understand the market demand, create a pre-launch hype, and accept pre orders & backorders in Magento 2 only using Meetanshi's Pre Order extension.

Note: Our Pre Order extension works with the default Magento backorder functionality and thus, product status must be in stock to make the extension function.

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Features of Magento 2 Pre Order Extension

  • The store owner can easily enable the extension from the configuration and allow pre orders in Magento 2.
  • Option to allow the customers to place backorders in Magento 2 by enabling it for products with zero quantity (out-of-stock products).
  • Admin can choose to enable or disable the backorder Magento 2 functionality for the products with positive quantities.
  • In case of backorder with the quantity greater than or equal to 1, the admin can customize the warning that is shown to the customers in the shopping cart using the variables such as product name and pre order quantity.
  • Option to customize the 'Add to Cart' button text for the pre order products. For example, change it to 'Pre-Order' or 'Pre-Book.'
  • Customize the pre order note that is displayed on all the products that are enabled for pre order by the extension.
  • Choose the location to show the pre order note on the front end by specifying the selector.
  • Pre order Magento 2 extension provides an option to show the pre order note on the product category page.
  • The admin can enable the backorder functionality for specific products in the store by enabling selecting the 'Allow pre-orders' option for the backorder attributes from the Product > Edit > Advanced Inventory section.
  • The customer can find all the information about the preorders in their my orders' section, and admin can also find the preorders in the sales grid in the backend.

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