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Magento 2 PayPal Account per Customer Group

Magento 2 PayPal Account per Customer Group extension allows accepting online payments from different customer groups in different PayPal accounts in Magento 2 store.

Key Features:

  • Capture customer group-wise PayPal payments
  • Easy to manage multiple accounts for different customer groups.
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 PayPal Account Per Customer Group
1. Configuration M2 PayPal Account Per Customer Group

PayPal is an online payment provider that performs online money transfers and payment processing for online merchants and commercial uses. As per Statista, the number of PayPal's total active user accounts increased from 84.3 million in 2010 to 377 million in 2020. Owing to the popularity of the payment gateway, Magento 2 merchants prefer to collect online payments via PayPal from the customers.

However, if the merchant wants to manage multiple accounts and collect the payments based on customer groups, the default Magento 2 or PayPal cannot address such requirement.

Hence, Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 PayPal Account per Customer Group extension that enables the admin to collect payments based on customer groups in different PayPal accounts.

For example, if there are two business partners and they have an agreement where the wholesale deals will be accepted by one partner and the other will look after the retail customers only. In such a situation, the admin can configure the extension to capture the payments from wholesale customers in one account and retail customers in another account.

If you are managing multiple PayPal accounts for payments in Magento 2 stores or if you are more than one business partners whose payments are based on customer groups, Meetanshi's Magento 2 PayPal Account per Customer Group is a must-have extension for you!

Moreover, the extension can be helpful to get the idea of major revenue share based on customer groups. For instance, if you see that wholesale customers prefer your business more and that's where the major revenue comes from, then you can focus your efforts to increase the business in that direction and save the efforts in the areas where there is no much success!

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Features of Magento 2 PayPal Account per Customer Group Extension:

  • Handle online payments based on customer groups to be accepted in multiple PayPal accounts.
  • The admin can set the customer group wise PayPal account by adding API username, API password, and API signature provided by PayPal while registration
  • In the front end, when the customer selects the PayPal payment method, he/she gets redirected to the PayPal hosted payment page. The amount will automatically be paid to the PayPal account based on the Customer Group wise PayPal Account Setup and the customer group in which the customer resides.
  • Easy to handle the payments based on customer groups
  • Get the idea of the customer group from which the most revenue comes from and hence focus the efforts in that direction only.


  1. The extension is not related to PayPal's IPN. The multiple accounts are for the order creation process only and it works for the main account configured. The extension will not be compatible with multiple accounts' IPN.
  2. The extension is only compatible with PayPal Express Checkout and one must have configured the payment method in Magento 2 before using our extension

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