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Magento 2 NatWest Tyl Payments Extension
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Magento 2 NatWest Tyl Payments

Integrate UK's leading payment provider with your store using Magento 2 NatWest Tyl payments and offer a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

Key Features:

  • Quick integration of NatWest Tyl payment gateway with Magento 2.
  • Supports auto-invoicing and generating credit memos.
  • Security of hosted payment type.
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration NatWest Tyl Payments
2. NatWest Tyl Payment Method on Checkout Page
3. Redirection to NatWest Tyl Hosted Payment Page
4. NatWest Tyl Payment Details in Customer's My Account Section
5. NatWest Tyl Payment Details in Sales Order View Backend

National Westminster Bank (NatWest) is one of the leading retail and commercial banks in the United Kingdom. The renowned institution provides an array of services and products, including business solutions. Tyl by NatWest is a payment solution that makes it easier for businesses to accept card payments. We have developed Magento 2 NatWest Tyl Payments extension, which integrates the online payment gateway provided by Tyl with Magento 2.

Our extensions make it easier for Magento 2 store owners to integrate this renowned payment gateway and start accepting secure credit card payments through it. The extension makes the Magento 2 NatWest Tyl Payments integration seamless and empowers the store owners to customize it completely.

Using the extension, the admin can set a custom title for the payment method and choose the display the NatWest logo on the frontend. Moreover, the Magento 2 NatWest payments extension supports auto-invoicing and generating credit memos for processing refunds.

The extension integrates the hosted payment method of the NatWest Tyl with Magento 2. On the checkout page, the customers are simply redirected to a hosted payment page, where they can complete the transaction. Therefore, none of the customer's sensitive payment information is stored or processed in the Magento environment.

Provide secure and convenient card payments to your customers using Magento 2 NatWest Tyl payments!

Feature-rich module

Best payment gateway to capture secure online payments in my online store. Also, helped me enhance the customer experience and works flawlessly in my store. Support is also good and I highly recommend to others.

Review by Peter
Worth the penny spent!

Magento 2 NatWest Tyl Payments is easy to use and straightforward. Integration of payment gateway with Magento 2 store is flawless and the features are quite useful. Secure payments and easy transaction. The module also helped increase my sales. Recommended!

Review by Brian K. Wooten
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Features of Magento 2 NatWest Tyl Payments Extension

  • Integrates UK's renowned payment gateway with Magento 2.
  • Provides complete customization powers to the merchants; they can customize the title, show or hide the logo and choose the payment page language.
  • Comes with a sandbox functionality for testing.
  • Easy integration of NatWest Tyl payments with Magento 2 using Store ID/Name and Shared Secret Key.
  • Supports generating invoices automatically for the payments made through the NatWest Tyl payment gateway.
  • Option to enter the Gateway URL for the NatWest Tyl payments.
  • Supports limiting the payment gateway to only selected countries.
  • Display additional information to the customers on the Magento 2 frontend while using the NatWest Tyl payment gateway.
  • Set the order of the payment method on the payments page by entering the sort order in the backend.
  • The NatWest Tyl payment method is shown on the payments page as configured in the backend.
  • After selecting the payment method, the customers can complete their payment on the hosted page and are returned back to the store's site.
  • Complete payment information is reflected on the customer's my order section as well as in the  Sales > Orders backend grid in the backend.
  • Merchants can also easily generate credit memos and process refunds from the backend for the orders placed using the NatWest payment gateway.

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