Magento 2 Hide Price

Magento 2 Hide Price extension hides the product price and "Add to Cart" button for the customer groups and categories to provide personal approach & organize private sales in Magento 2 stores.

Key Features:

  • Hide product prices for customer groups.
  • Hide prices globally, category specific or product specific.
  • Hide "Add to Cart" button.
  • Set custom text to replace prices with. 
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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The pricing policy you follow for your E-commerce business impacts the sales. Your business may need to organize private sales; where not logged in and guest users would not be able to see the product prices. Such tactics encourage the visitors to sign up or login and offers the personal approach to specific users which is good for the store! Meetanshi offers Magento 2 Hide Price extension to help the store owners hide product prices and also the "Add to Cart" button for particular customers groups and categories as configured by the admin.

Magento 2 Hide Price extension by Meetanshi helps to easily manage the price display. Facilitates the price details and "Add to Cart" button only to the specific customers' groups based on set configuration. Admin can also set an HTML code to hide prices with the text like "Contact for Price" and redirect users to a particular page to invite contacts. This exclusiveness to privilege customers helps in maintaining client relationship and prompt other visitors to have those advantages by upgrading their account.  

The module has many more advantages such as allowing the store owners to decide the price according to the business needs, remove the prices for all categories, not allowing a particular customer group to add products to wishlist or redirect the users on click of "Add to Cart" button to the registration page, etc. 

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Hide Price:

  • Hide the price and "Add to Cart" button on any category and product of the store.
  • Select the scope to enable hide price:
    • Global
    • Category Specific
    • Product Specific
  • Select specific or all categories when you select category specific scope.
  • Also, select specific products and enable hide price for each by navigating to Catalog > Products > Product Edit > Hide Price tab. 
  • Set custom text to show along with the products where the price is hidden. 
  • You can add any HTML code to show with the custom hide price text.
  • Option to hide product prices for the selected customer groups which encourage others to sign up or upgrade the account to enjoy the benefits.
  • Product prices get hidden for the wishlist and compare pages as well. 
  • Multi-store & Multi-language support
Customer Reviews (10)
Easy solution
The module helps hide price easily and works perfectly fine in my store! Review by R. cooper
Useful for my Magento 2 store!
The feature to hide price according to the customer groups is very useful to me. The support is also appreacible! Review by Alex
Made my tasks to manage prices easier
Useful features to manage the pricing. Support from Sanjay was quick and it solved all our installation issues. Review by Frank
Best support service
I wanted to hide prices for specific categories and the module allows me to do so! The support from the team was appreciable. Review by Edward Miller
Allows me to decide the prices based on my business needs!
Extremely useful plugin!
Best Support Service!
Review by Stephen balbuena
Helps me manage my pricing policy
The features offered by the plugin is very helpful in my Ecommerce store as it allows to hide price for particular categories! Review by Nancy
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Review by GoveCex
Amazing features!
I can easily hide price of the products in my Magento 2 store with the help of the module. Review by Jerome
Easy to use plugin
Amazing module to use and the support team is highly qualified and ready to solve our issues. Thanks! Review by Patrick
Excellent hide price extension for my store!
I strongly recommend Hide Price extension by Meetanshi for its useful features. Review by Travis Bell
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1.0.1 Added different scope to enable hide price for.
Minor bug fixing.
1 October, 2018
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