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Magento 2 Google Sitemap Extension

Magento 2 Google Sitemap

Magento 2 Google Sitemap generates XML and HTML sitemaps to Index and crawl your pages faster, make your store visible in search results, get more organic traffic and help customers navigate the site easily.

Key features:

  • Auto generates XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Offers XML sitemap generation for crawlers to easily crawl the webpages
  • Offers HTML sitemap for the customers to navigate through the store easily.
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. M2 XML Sitemap Settings
2. Auto Sitemap Generation Settings
3. M2 HTML Sitemap Settings
4. Manage XML Sitemaps
5. Add New XML Sitemap
6. XML Sitemap Index
7. XML Sitemap File View
8. HTML Sitemap Link in Footer
9. HTML Sitemap

Sitemaps help search engines find, crawl, and index your online store. It is an XML file that informs search engines which pages are important, how usually it changes when it was updated, and its metadata.

Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Google Sitemap extension that generates the XML and HTML sitemaps to make the task of search engines and customers easier.

Why do you need the Magento 2 XML Sitemap extension?

According to Google, an XML sitemap can be useful if:

  • The site is very large
  • Large archive of content pages that are not properly interlinked
  • New site with fewer external links
  • A large number of videos and images

Even though the above kind of websites definitely gets benefited by having an XML sitemap, we believe, it's beneficial for all the websites. Allow Google to crawl your site more intelligently with the help of the XML sitemap. Meetanshi's Magento 2 XML sitemap extension auto-generates the XML sitemap for you to relax while the crawlers can crawl your Magento 2 store!

Not only this, but you can also include the images in the sitemap, partition the sitemaps based on the number of URLs and file size, and submit the XML sitemap to robots.txt.

Why do you need the Magento 2 HTML Sitemap extension?

At the time of website creation with fewer links, it's easy to access pages using a single dropdown. But gradually you keep adding multiple products, categories, and pages, it impossible to link each of the pages from somewhere. You require a complete list of every single link of your website to keep the track of it and for the proper navigation facility. By adding an HTML sitemap, you can create an organized system of pages to make the website more usable and easily navigational by visitors. HTML sitemap, in short, is a central blueprint of your entire website.

However, the Magento 2 HTML sitemap extension can help with this by allowing including or excluding web pages in the HTML sitemap:

  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • CMS pages
  • Custom URL

Adding an HTML sitemap link in the footer helps customers to view and understand the structure of a website. The automatically generated HTML sitemap for Magento 2 store will help the customers to navigate through your store quickly.

Be it XML sitemap for search engines or the HTML sitemaps for the customers, the Magento 2 Sitemap extension by Meetanshi offers both and is all set to improve the crawling and hence SERPs as well as the in-store experience of the visitors!

Note: Google does not currently consume the priority attribute in sitemaps due to which we have excluded that feature from the extension for the sake of simplicity.

Facilitates to make your store in search results

The module helps in establishing online presence. I am greatful to Meetanshi.

Review by Lance S. Summers
Allows Google to crawl your site intelligently

Google sitemaps for Magento 2 allows Google to crawl your site intelligently. great module.

Review by Smith
Auto generates XML and HTML

Facilitates auto generating XML and HTML sitemaps making the tasks easier for search engines and crawlers.

Review by Priyank Mehta
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  • 16 Dec, 2021


    • Minor bug fixes.

Features of Meetanshi's Magento 2 Google Sitemap extension:

Features of Magento 2 XML Sitemap:

  • Generates XML sitemaps
  • Make it easier for the search engines to crawl the site pages.
  • Option to enable homepage optimization to remove the link of the CMS pages having "home" from the sitemap.
  • Option to enable additional links to add more custom links into the sitemap XML file. Also, you can enable the option to enter one link per line to include in the sitemap XML file and set its priority.
  • Option to include images in the sitemap
  • Option to enter the maximum number of URLs per file
  • Enter the maximum file size in bytes
  • Option to enable submission to robots.txt
  • Facility to autogenerate the sitemaps.
  • The admin can enter the number of days to update the sitemap on a regular basis.
  • Enable/disable sending the sitemap error email by entering the email id, email sender, and selecting the error email template.
  • The backend grid "Manage Google XML Sitemaps" lists the sitemap ID, file name, path, URL, store view, date and time of generation, and the action to generate or edit the sitemap
  • The admin can use the "delete" mass action to delete multiple sitemap files
  • The admin can also add new sitemap with the details like file name, path, and store view

Features of Magento 2 HTML Sitemap:

  • Enable/disable HTML sitemap generation
  • Help customers to navigate easily through the store
  • The sitemaps can include:
    • Category URLs
    • Product URLs
    • CMS Page URLs
  • The admin can exclude a list of CMS pages to include in the HTML sitemap
  • Option to enable additional links and enter one link per line to include in the HTML sitemap file
  • Option to add HTML sitemap link in the footer
  • Improve customers' shopping experience.

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