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Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension
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Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed

Easily showcase your store's products on the Google shopping feeds and dive into a whole new channel of marketing. The Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extension makes it easier to set up and regularly update the feed through the API.

Key Features:

  • Easily map the Magento 2 product feed attributes with the Google shopping feed.
  • It supports auto-updating the Google Shopping Feed.
  • Rule-based product feed generation.
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 Google Shopping Feed
2. Set Google Category for Magento Store Categories
3. Set Google Category Specifically for Product
4. Bulk Update Google Shopping Feed Product Status
5. Google Shopping Feed Attribute Mapping
6. Add Google Shopping Feed Attribute Mapping
7. Google Shopping Feed Rules
8. Add New Shopping Feed Rule Feed Settings
9. Add New Shopping Feed Rule Product Conditions
10. Google Shopping Feed XML Log
11. Add New Google Shopping Feed File in Google Merchant Center
12. Add Basic Google Feed Information
13. Google Shopping Feed Name and Input Method
14. Upload Google Shopping Feed File
15. Google Shopping Feed Successful Upload
16. Feed Fetch Schedule in Google Merchant Center

The Shopping Feed by Google showcases the products listed by the eCommerce store owners and displays them to the customers. Moreover, setting up the feed in the merchant center is mandatory if you want to run Google Ads for your eCommerce store. Our Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extension makes the process seamless, requiring minimal manual setup and configuration. The Google Shopping Feed extension for Magento 2 developed by us is fully-fledged with all the features that you may require to submit your products to your Google merchant account.

Display your products on the Google Shopping Feed directly from your Magento 2 store and skip the manual management of product feeds. Increase the visibility of your online store and products using the Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extension. Add a new channel for marketing your products and a new growth factor to your Magento 2 store.

Our Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extension makes it easier for store owners to generate the XML file for feeding quickly. Generating the Magento 2 product feed has never been this easier! Just map the Magento 2 attributes with the Google shopping feed, set the rules, configure the extension, and you're done. This extension is a one-time solution for store owners looking for a Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed solution. Once the extension is configured and auto-updates are set up, the shopping feed is updated automatically at regular intervals based on the configuration.

Reliable module that works perfectly well!

It is one of the best products feed extension that works great on my Magento 2 store. Thanks team Meetanshi for getting my issues reolved easily. I really appreciate your efforts put forth and keep the hard work going. Recommended!

Review by Cassie Bryant
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Features of Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension

  • Option to generate an XML file for all products through single-click regardless of individual product attribute selection.
  • Supports auto-updating the Magento 2 product feed through periodic XML generation.
  • Provides options to set the frequency of XML file generation from the following:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Hourly
  • Option to set the starting time of the shopping feed generation.
  • Option to exclude or include the out-of-stock products from the Google shopping feed XML file.
  • Apply or ignore the catalogue rules on the product price while generating the product feed.
  • The Magento Google shopping feed provides an option to generate the media URL with or without pub/.
  • Easily redirect the checkout URL to the product page in your Magento 2 store. 
  • Choose to show the tax/vat or the discounts on the product price in the Google shopping feed.
  • Option to add product special prices in the Google Shopping feed.
  • Option to set Google Product Category for your Magento categories.
  • Generate XML files for the products with saved configuration through single-click.
  • The admin can select options to include or exclude individual products in the XML file from the Products > Edit > Google Shopping Feed section.
  • Supports setting the ID of the individual products according to Google's Product Taxonomy.
  • The admin can choose the products and set the product status for the Google shopping feed using mass action.
  • Auto-maps the default Magento 2 attributes with the Google shopping feed and allows you to create new attribute mappings.
  • The extension also allows mapping custom attributes with Google Shopping feed manually from the backend.
  • To create a new feed rule, configure the following settings for the Google Shopping Feed in Magento 2:
    • Feed name
    • Feed path
    • File name
  • Set different conditions in the backend to generate the rule-based Google shopping feeds for the Magento 2 products.
  • Keep track of all the Google shopping feed XML generation with details like start date, finish date, triggered by, product IDs, status, and mass action in the backend grid.
  • Option to download the XML file from the "Action" column and use it for product uploads in Google Merchant Center.
  • After submitting the file to the Google Merchant Account, you can easily integrate the Google shopping feed into your Magento 2 store. 

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