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Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration Extension GraphQL API
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Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration

Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration extension synchronizes Magento 2 store products with the Facebook shop and facilitates you to sell your products on Facebook.

Key Features:

  • Allows Facebook shop integration with your store.
  • Support for Instagram shopping
  • Redirects customers directly to checkout
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 Facebook Store Integration
2. Set Google Category for Store Categories
3. Set Google Category for Product
4. Bulk Update Facebook Product Status
5. Bulk Update Facebook Store Attributes Using Mass Action
6. Facebook Attribute Mapping
7. Add New Attribute Mapping
8. Product Feed CSV Log
9. Move to Settings from Facebook Page
10. Enable Shop From Templates and Tabs
11. Move to Shop From Facebook Page
12. Agree to Seller Terms
13. Select Checkout Method
14. Select Currency for Product Pricing Display
15. Add One Product Manually in Facebook Shop
16. Add Details for Sample Facebook Product
17. Click Manage Your Catalogue
18. Click Add Products Button from Data Sources
19. Select Use Bulk Upload Option
20. Choose File Upload Option for CSV Upload
21. Upload Products CSV File
22. Successfully Uploaded CSV File
23. Complete Settings of Uploading CSV
24. Product Upload Details Overview
25. Items Tab of Data Sources
26. Configure Schedule for Auto Product Feed Update
27. Configure Update Schedule for Auto Product Feed Update
28. Products DIsplay in Facebook Page
29. Open a Product in Facebook Page
30. Redirection to Website Product Page from Facebook
Enable Instagram Shopping
31. Go to Settings in Instagram App
32. Click Business
33. Click Shopping
34. Enable Facebook Catalogue
35. Click Tag Products after Image Selection
36. Select Product from Catalog to Tag with Image
37. Tag Product with the Image
38. View Tagged Products
39. Click on Tagged Products to Purchase
40. View Product Details

Any E-commerce business owner knows how important it is to offer its products on multiple platforms. And, if you don't work on the platforms where your potential customers hang out the most, you are losing a great deal of business!

And it so happens that Facebook, with its 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019, according to Statista, is the most prominent social platform all over the world. And with numbers like that, selling through Facebook shop becomes obvious to reach a broader range of audiences. Also, Facebook shop covers another prevalent social media platform owned by Facebook, i.e., Instagram.

However, there is no built-in core feature in Magento 2 that allows you to integrate Facebook shop with your Magento store. Also, it can be a time and resource-consuming task to list each product on Facebook shop manually and manage your Facebook page. At this point, Facebook Shop Magento 2 integration becomes a necessity to reach more people.

Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration extension to allow the store owners to integrate Facebook shop with Magento 2 store and leverage sales by bringing your store on such a trendy platform.

Using the Facebook shop integration extension for Magento 2, you can show your products directly to your potential customers hanging on Facebook and make your Magento 2 online store products available to them at their fingertips. This will allow them to shop directly from the Facebook feed, thus providing a convenient Facebook shopping experience.

You can boost the sales via the Facebook platform with useful features like redirecting the customer to checkout directly when they click to check the product on the Facebook page or Facebook shop. Hence, decreasing the cart abandonment and increasing the click-through rate!

Facebook integration extension for Magento 2 automatically synchronizes any changes or updates done in the online store with the Facebook shop through the feed file. With the Facebook integration, the Magento 2 store owner no longer needs to spend time updating the product details on their Facebook shop, such as removing the out-of-stock products, updating product prices, stock availability, product images, etc.

Also, the store owners can easily manage the Facebook shop orders, and the Magento store orders, with no additional effort. Thus, allowing your customers to shop directly from their Facebook account along with a streamlined order management system for the store owners, Facebook Shop integration for Magento 2 becomes a win-win solution.

Facebook marketing is also one of the key benefits of getting your products on it. You can run Facebook dynamic ads for your Facebook shop and use it as a customer-creating and sales-boosting tactic for your Magento 2  eCommerce store. But before getting started, one must consider setting up a Facebook account before creating a Facebook shop as only registered users can integrate Facebook with Magento 2.

With this massive pool of features, don't wait to integrate the Magento 2 Facebook feed and benefit from the boost in sales from this top social media platform.

Easy to use & has no complaints

Facebook Shop Integration extension is simple & easy to use. The module has proved beneficial that helped me generate sales directly from Facebook itself.

Review by Holie Hall
Flawless extension

The module works smoothly and effectively without any errors. I really recommend it to everyone. Satisfied with the product and helped gain customers & increase sales.

Review by Jerome J. Saltz
Exactly as described!

I was searching for the easiest way to synchronize my online store with Facebook shop and the module exactly does that. Thanks to team Meetanshi for such a wonderful development.

Review by brittany
Magento facebook product feed facilitates to sell products on facebook

Improves the sales and reduces the chances of cart abandonment. Useful plugin!

Review by Kathy Nalley
Supports instagram Shopping

Magento 2 Facebook Shop Extension also supports Instagram product tagging feature. Really amazing plugin!

Review by Liva M. Brandt
Support for Instagram shopping

M2 facebook shop extension even facilitates Instagram shopping. It is possible to enjoy more sales and increase customer base.

Review by Nicolai
Decreases the chances of cart abandonment

Facebook Magento store provides useful feature to redirect directly to product. Loved the plugin!

Review by George Hayles
Supportive Team

Integrating Facebook store integration has helped me a lot. Happy with the product.

Review by B. Lowells
Beneficial for store owners

Integrating Facebook for Magento store businesses is beneficial to reach larger audience pool!

Review by Pooja
Easy synchronization

Facebook shop Magento facilitates to automatically update the products.

Review by madeline kelly
Boost the sales

Magento facebook product feed helps the store owners to boost the sales.

Review by Gregory Heath
Cart abandonment decreases

Integrating Magento facebook store has boosted the store traffic and sales

Review by Michael Smith
Useful enough

Magento 2 Facebook Store Integration is quite useful. Easy functioning.

Review by janeen
Very good extension

Very good extension. It works perfectly. I recommend Meetanshi to others.

Review by Justine
Support was good

I was having issues while understanding the module. But Dhara explained it nicely. Good support. Thank you.

Review by Samuel Sanchez
great to work with

i would say meetanshi provides quality modules at really affordable rates. i would continue to work.

Review by Robert
Works very smooth and I am amazed!

The way the extension works is very smooth. I am amazed how superbly the module is developed. Hats off.

Review by Lorenzo Outland
easy to use

I manage to set up and integrate facebook store easily using the module. so easy to use. grateful.

Review by Ken
Value for money product

being a business owner, I only spend money where I found value. The module is worth spending. Extremely valuable. Thanks

Review by Travis
Helps to generate revenue from facebook

the extension is helping me to generate revenue from facebook. that is really outstanding. keep developing such extensions. i would definitely buy.

Review by Chester Rhoades
helpful team

i got the best support i could ever imagine! product is too good.

Review by Donald
I have no complains!

Only one word for the extension: AMAZING!

Review by Kelley Deberry
All features are working

All the features mentioned on the product page are working smoothly. That's what i was expecting. Thanks.

Review by John
Easy to install and get going

The extention is easy to install, and Meetanshi team have great service: they anwsered all my questions regarding the setting within few hours (i wrote them at night before going to bed, i had my answer first thing in the morning). The aplication is now runing well without any bug

Review by ILHAM
Increased sales from facebook

Facebook shop is now a hit for my business, all thanks to the Meetanshi's module!

Review by Gail G. Case
perfectly suits my requirements

the module is what I was looking for and much more that proved beneficial.

Review by Miller
A feature-rich extension in true sense!

So many features to boost the Facebook shop business! Additionally, Meetanshi never fails to deliver top-level support

Review by Jessica
Useful module to make the most out of the Facebook platform

I used the module to set up my Facebook shop for the Magento 2 store products and can clearly see the difference in the sales!

Review by Robert
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  • 24 May, 2022


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4 and GraphQL.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 16 Jun, 2021


    • Added "Hourly" option to periodic CSV generation frequency.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 06 Jan, 2021


    • Added option to add all products to CSV.
    • Added facility to remove 'pub' folder from media URL.
    • Added option to allow Facebook product page redirection to the product page.
    • Download CSV action is added from product feed CSV log grid.
    • Now customers can display Tax/VAT, special price with the product price in the Facebook store.
  • 09 Nov, 2020


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4 and Minor bug fixes.
  • 06 Jun, 2020


    • Resolved issue with product grid mass action.
    • Resolved issue with simple product parent ID.
  • 21 Jan, 2020


    • Minor bug fixes and code Improvement.
  • 04 Dec, 2019


    • Minor bug fixes.
  • 21 Oct, 2019


    • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.3.


  1. Does the extension support scheduling periodic CSV generation?
    Yes, the extension allows the admin to schedule periodic generation of CSV along with the manual generation. The admin can set the frequency of periodic CSV generation and start time from the backend.

  2. How can I redirect the customers to the checkout page instead of product page from Facebook using the extension?
    The store admin can easily choose to redirect the customers from Facebook either to the product page or the checkout page from the backend. Go to Stores > Configuration > Meetanshi > Facebook Store Integration and set the Add Product URL to 'No', and it will redirect the customers from Facebook to the checkout page.

  3. Does the extension automatically map the product attributes with Facebook field, or do I need to map the attributes manually?
    The Magento 2 Facebook Shop integration extension maps the product attributes with the Facebook fields automatically after installation. You can also edit them or add new mappings from the backend.

  4. Does the extension support bulk upload, or do I need to upload each product manually to the Facebook shop?
    The extension creates a CSV file for the products as per the configuration. The store admin can then use the created CSV file to bulk upload all the products to Facebook at once.

  5. Can I use the Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration for only a specific store view?
    Yes, the extension supports generating store-specific CSV generation. The admin can select only specific store views from the backend to integrate products with Facebook shop through CSV.

  6. Do I need to update the CSV file every time with Facebook shop manually, or does the extension automates the process?
    Facebook shop integration extension for Magento 2 automates the process of CSV generation and updating the products with Facebook. The admin needs to perform the task manually for the first time while configuring the extension; later the Facebook shop periodically auto-fetches the product CSV file from Magento as per the configuration. Thus, the admin is no longer required to update their Facebook shop manually every time.

How Meetanshi's Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration Extension Works?

Features of Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration Extension

Generate CSV periodically Operation

Option to schedule periodic CSV generation with a set frequency and start time

Display product conditions Update

Select the product condition such as New, Used, or Refurbished, to show with the product details

Update Facebook store attributes

Update FB store attributes like Facebook Shop Product, Product Condition, & Google Product Category for multiple products using "Update Attributes" mass action

Auto create default mappings

The Magento 2 Facebook Store extension facilitates auto-creating default mappings between the product attributes and the Facebook fields for therequired Facebook fields

Supports Instagram shopping

The Magento Facebook shop extension supports Instagram product tagging to use the Instagram shopping feature

Set Google category for products

Set Google category for store products using category ID or name based on the Google Product Taxonomy.

Create Facebook Product Feed

The admin can create Facebook product feed from FB Business Manager. Select Catalogues from menu & create catalogue. Upload product feed CSV to add products using the "Use Data Feeds" option under "Product Data Sources"

Display price based on catalog rules

Option to apply the catalog rules for product pricing display in Facebook store

Bulk product status update

The admin can update the Facebook product status in bulk using the mass action

  • Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration allows setting up a Facebook shop with Magento 2 store products easily.
  • Use the "Generate Now" button to manually generate product CSV to upload in the Facebook store.
  • Option to enable CSV generation for all products and ignore product attribute selection.
  • Option to generate CSV based on the store view.
  • Magento Facebook extension offers an option to remove the out-of-stock products while product CSV generation.
  • The Magento 2 Facebook extension facilitates removing the 'pub' folder from the media URL.
  • Select one of the Facebook product page redirection options:
    • Checkout Page: On click of the "Check Out on Website" button from Facebook, the product is added to the cart and users get redirected to the checkout page. (For grouped and bundled products, users are directed to the product page to select the custom options.)
    • Product Page: On click of the "Check Out on Website" button from the Facebook, users get redirected to the product page.
  • Option to display product price with TAX/VAT in the Facebook store.
  • Option to display product special price in Facebook store.
  • To show only specific products in Magento 2 Facebook catalog, enable the product-specific option to display the product in the Facebook store.
  • Select the product condition such as New, Used, or Refurbished, to show along with the product details in the Facebook store.
  • Use the "Add New Mapping" button to create new attribute mapping for the required and other missing fields.
  • The "Facebook Attribute Mapping" grid lists the required Facebook fields for which the mapping is to be created without fail.
  • The required fields for which the extension cannot create the mapping, create it by adding new attribute code.
  • Select the Facebook attribute code and the Magento attribute code to add a new mapping for Facebook fields.
  • The "Product Feed CSV Log" grid lists the CSV generation log details like start date, finished at, triggered by, product IDs, status and message.
  • The admin can download the CSV using the "Download" action from the "Product Feed CSV Log" grid.
  • In Facebook, add the shop tab, agree to seller's terms and policy, select checkout method, set up price display currency, add products by uploading the CSV, and set the schedule to automatically update the product feed.
  • Displays the store products under the "Shop" tab on your Facebook page.
  • The visitors can view the product details in the popup and check out it in your store.
  • The Magento Facebook shop extension supports Instagram product tagging to use the Instagram shopping feature.
  • To use the shoppable Instagram feature in Magento 2, your business must reside under the approved regions.
  • The Magento 2 Facebook Store extension supports multi-stores.

Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration Extension - Free vs Paid Comparision

"You get what you pay for"

This generalized phrase seems to be true for the Magento 2 Facebook Store Integration extension as well. There are plenty of paid and free Magento 2 Facebook shop integration extensions available out there. The paid extensions triumphs over the free ones for a couple of reasons. Here is why you should be choosing the paid one over the free Magento 2 Facebook store Integration extension.

Professional Support

Free Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration extensions does not come with professional support, and thus may require paid support in case of any issue or trouble. On the other hand, we got your back with our free 1 year support on our paid Magento 2 Facebook shop integration extension. This ensures that you will not feel helpless in case you are facing any issues with the extension to focus on generating more revenue through Facebook shop.

Regular Updates

Updates are vital for the Magento 2 extensions that fix existing bugs and adds new functionality to them. Generally, most of the the free Magento 2 Facebook shop extensions available in the market remains limited to their built-in functionality with no regular updates. They remain as they are right from their launch and become obsele over time since they receive no future updates.

On the other side of the scenario, you will get free 1 year regular updates if you are choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Facebook shop integration extension. The regular updates include minor bug fixes, addition of new features, and much more to ensure smooth business operations for you.

Store Compatibility

It is vital to ensure that the extension you are installing on your Magento 2 store is fully compatible with their Magento 2 store version. The free Magento Facebook shop extensions are generally build for specific versions of Magento and may not be the right choice for your online store. Meetanshi's Facebook shop integration extension for Magento 2 is fully compatible with a wide range of Magento versions from 2.0.x to 2.4.x.


We at Meetanshi, follow a standardized coding practices to provide the best-in-the-market Magento extensions. Our Magento 2 Facebook Shop integration extension is verified and approved by the Magento Marketplace, proving the quality of our coding standards. Quality is where the free Magento 2 Facebook shop Integration extension lacks behind the paid one.

Finally, if you are thinking something big and taking your business to the next level, you should not be relying on the free Magento 2 Facebook shop extensions. Instead, you can opt for a better Magento Facebook integration solution with better quality and support.

Implementing Instagram shopping using Magento 2 Facebook Product Feed extension

Once you are done with integrating Facebook shop with Magento 2, you are automatically eligible for enabling Instagram Shopping. Shoppable Instagram is changing the way people shop. Using shoppable links, you can grab the opportunity to turn your Instagram account into a visual store, adding product tags and information to Instagram images and linking to Magento 2 product pages.

Once you have set up Instagram shoppable tags, a shopping bag gets displayed in the corner of each Instagram image. on hovering over the image, the product tags appear along with the product label and price.

On click of "view products", you can see all the tagged products in the image.

On click of an individual product, you can see product details and the "View on Website" button to get redirected to the website to view more product details and purchases.

Use the Facebook store for Magento 2 and make sales through both Facebook and Instagram. Create a fast progression from browsing to buying, giving the customers ease of see – tap – shop experience.

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