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Magento 2 CIM Extension

Magento 2 CIM

Integrate payment gateway with your Magento store using Magento 2 CIM extension by Meetanshi. Offer a quick and easy payment method to your customers.

Key Features: 

  • Enjoy the security of Centinel 3D secure.
  • Supports various payment methods.
  • Seamless payment experience to the customers through the direct method.
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2
2. Visa Checkout Payment Method Configuration
3. Credit Card Payment Method Configuration
4. eCheck Payment Method Configuration
5. Centinel 3D Secure Configuration
6. Paypal Express Payment Method Configuration
7. Webhooks
8. Payment Method on Checkout Page
9. Payment Details in Customer My Account Section
10. Payment Details in Sales Order View Backend
11. Saved Cards for Future Orders through Payment Method
12. Payment Method While Creating New Order from Backend

Authorize.Net is a US-based payment solution provider company that conveniently allows online businesses to accept online payments from their customers. The company provides strong fraud protection features with payment solutions that make it a prime choice for online businesses.

Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 CIM extension to allow the store owners to integrate the most reliable and secure payment gateway with their online store. Store owners can now easily accept online payments from their customers using the convenient payment method. The Authorize.Net CIM payment gateway supports accepting payments through various payment methods, including visa checkout, credit card payments, eCheck, and PayPal express.

Authorize.Net CIM extension for Magento 2 provides a direct payment solution, promising a simplified checkout process. Using the Authorize.Net, the customers need to enter their payment details on the payment page and can complete the payment in Magento 2 environment only without leaving the website. Thus, it provides a smooth and seamless customer experience while making payments.

The extension also supports adding an extra layer of security to the payments using Centinel 3D secure. Facilitate the customers to securely use the Authorize Net CIM to pay using their preferred payment method from a large range of options. Improve your customers' buying experience with a smoother and reliable payment method by CIM on your Magento store.

Here are some reasons to use the payment gateway on your Magento store:

  • Advance fraud protection tools.
  • Easily make payments without re-entering card details.
  • Supports multiple online payment methods.
  • Simplified checkout process.
  • Reliable payment gateway.
Super Awesome extension

Truly an exceptional extension that is well-designed with fantastic features to offer customers great experience on the store. The payment process on my store has never been such easier.

Review by Alex Orosco
Best-in-class payment experience

Magento 2 CIM is a very robust extension developed by Meetanshi. All transactions are handled with utmost security and provides great convenience. I loved the extension and has made my work much easier.

Review by Sandra R. Romero
Totally worthy product! CIM for Magento 2 handles all transactions very smoothly and helps providing a flawless shopping experience. Top-notch extension & I really loved it!

Review by Connie
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  • 01 Jun, 2022


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4.


Features of Magento 2 CIM Extension

  • Integrates Authorize.Net CIM with Magento 2 store for accepting online payments conveniently.
  • Supports debug mode for the developers.
  • Sandbox mode to test the payment gateway functionality before deployment.
  • Easily connect CIM account with Magento 2 store using the following credentials:
    • Login ID
    • Transaction Key
    • Client Key
    • Signature Key
  • Option to enable and configure various payment methods through Authorize.Net CIM, which includes:
    • Visa Checkout
    • Credit Card
    • eCheck
    • PayPal Express
  • The extension supports securing the payments through Centinel 3D secure, which can be easily connected using the following credentials:
    • API ID
    • Org Unit ID
    • API Key
  • Magento 2 Authorize.Net extension also supports payment for the backend orders.
  • The customers can find complete payment details of the orders paid using Authorize.Net CIM in the 'My Orders' section, and the admin can also find the same in the backend.

Magento 2 Authorize.Net CIM - Various Payment Methods

Visa Checkout

  • Magento 2 Authorize.Net CIM extension supports accepting payments through Visa Checkout.
  • Select 'Yes' to enable the Visa Checkout payment method.
  • Option to enter a custom title for the Visa Checkout payment.
  • Field to enter Visa Checkout API key for payment integration.
  • Option to select the default payment action of the orders from the following:
    • Authorize and Capture
    • Authorize Only
  • Allow customers from only specific countries to use the Authorize.Net Visa Checkout payment method.
  • Options to enable or disable the Visa Checkout button on the product and cart pages.
  • Option to allow the customers to checkout using the payment method without phone numbers.  

Credit Card

  • The extension facilitates the customers to pay using various credit cards in Magento 2.
  • Option to enable the credit card payment method from the backend.
  • Customize the Authorize.Net credit card payment method title to show to the customers.
  • Select default payment action from the following:
    • Authorize and Capture
    • Authorize Only
  • Limit the use of credit card payments to customers from selected countries only.
  • Option to select the allowed credit card types from the following:
    • China Union Pay
    • American Express
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Diners
    • Maestro International
  • The Authorize.Net CIM extension for Magento 2 allows saving credit card information in encrypted form through vaults.
  • Option to enable the vault to allow saving credit card information for faster checkouts.
  • Option to make it mandatory to enter the CVV while using the vault for backend and frontend orders.
  • Supports 3d secure card validation for the credit card payment for added security.


  • Accept online payments through eCheck using Authorize.Net CIM in Magento 2.
  • Enter a custom title for the eCheck payment method to show to the frontend customers.
  • Option to limit the use of payment methods to specific countries only.
  • Show custom order agreement content to the customers while paying using eCheck.
  • Option to enable or disable the vault for the eCheck payment method.

PayPal Express

  • Authorize.Net CIM extension supports accepting payments through PayPal express. Admin can enable the payment method from the backend.
  • Option to enter a custom title for the PayPal express payment method.
  • Select the default payment action for the orders from the following:
    • Authorize and Capture
    • Authorize Only
  • Allow customers from only selected countries to use the Authorize.Net PayPal express payment method.

Integrate the payment gateway and boost the payment experience of your Magento 2 store! Win your customers' trust by providing a quick and most reliable payment solution on your Magento 2 store. 

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