7 Popular Shopify Development Services [2022]

This blog post lists the seven most popular Shopify development services you may require for your online business in 2022.

Shopify is one of the most sought-after eCommerce platforms by businesses. It facilitates brick-and-mortar store owners to go online and start selling with its easy-to-use interface. This allows the merchants to design and customize elegant storefronts even without any coding or technical requirements. It may sound great when you are looking to do some basic tweaks in your online store. But, it requires expert hands to build a super-fast, good-looking, and powerful online store that stands out from the crowd.

Imagine a scenario where you want to develop custom functionality in your Shopify store or want to upgrade your Shopify store. In such scenarios, you may feel short of technical knowledge and need to opt for Shopify services. Numerous services are provided by Shopify experts and agencies that you can opt for as per your needs.

Let’s look at some of the most popular Shopify Development Services.

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7 Popular Shopify Development Services

Let’s have a look at what Shopify development services you may need for your online store.

1. Shopify Website Development & Customization

Shopify Development Services for Website Development & Customization

You can set up basic online storefronts using the built-in templates and intuitive editor in Shopify. However, there is a catch! These basic customization abilities are not sufficient enough to meet the requirements of most store owners. In addition to this, you may feel short of technical know-how to make changes and customize your Shopify store as you want.

In eCommerce businesses, the user experience of the storefront holds high importance and can be a success-deciding factor. Therefore, it is important for all Shopify store owners to build a store that is clean, professional, and loads quickly. The Shopify website development & customization service can help you develop a storefront as you want and offer the best user experience to the customers of your store. Opting for a professional Shopify web development and customization service for your store can help you ensure providing the best shopping experience to the customers. This can improve conversions and reduce the cart abandonment rate of your Shopify store.

Meetanshi’s extensive range of Shopify store development services helps you to develop and customize your store as you want without any kind of technical know-how. Whether you are starting your Shopify store from scratch or looking for some tweaks in your existing store, avail hassle-free Shopify development and customization with the help of our Shopify experts.

2. Shopify Theme Development Service

Shopify Theme Development ServiceAnother popular Shopify development service you may require is a custom theme development and design service. A neat and clean store is essential to provide a positive and good shopping experience to the customers. Shopify provides plenty of free and paid themes that you can use to customize their storefronts, but they may be too generic.

The themes available in Shopify can be customized but may not meet your customization expectations. Therefore, if you are thinking of something big, then it is advisable to get a custom theme developed for your Shopify store that matches your brand and the product you are selling. In addition to this, you may also require to redesign your store to meet new requirements of your store as your business grows.

Getting a custom theme developed for your Shopify store is also essential from the marketing point of view. Today, mobile responsiveness has become a must for eCommerce businesses, with the search engines such as Google prioritizing mobile sites. Furthermore, the loading speed also affects the overall ranking of a site. Therefore, it is essential to have a Shopify theme that is mobile-responsive and performs better to survive in the organic competition.

We are offering professional Shopify website design and theme development services that you can consider to get a pixel-perfect theme developed for your store. Shopify designers and developers at Meetanshi will help you match your store theme with your ideas.

3. Shopify 3rd-Party Integration Service

Shopify Integration Service - Popular Shopify Development ServicesShopify is indeed one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms with an extensive range of built-in features. It is a versatile platform that supports easy integration with other systems and services.

After building your store on Shopify, you may require to integrate it with other third-party services for better business efficiency, user experience, store management, and improved marketing. There are many Shopify apps available on the store that connects the store with other systems. However, if you are willing to connect a custom system or service to your Shopify store, then you may require a Shopify 3rd-party integration service.

Integrating third-party services such as CRM & ERP tools with your Shopify store can improve your better efficiency. You can also hire Shopify experts from reputed companies such as Meetanshi to integrate a third-party service with your Shopify store. We have a team of Shopify experts who can help you connect any kind of third-party tool or service with your Shopify store through seamless integration.

4. Shopify Migration Service

Shopify Migration ServiceThere are plenty of eCommerce platforms available in the market that allows businesses to open their online store and start selling online. Many of the business owners running on other eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and OpenCart, attracted by the advantages of Shopify, decide to migrate to Shopify. Migrating your online store from another platform to Shopify is not an easy task. There is a high chance that you may lose your store’s data and SEO efforts due to an improper migration. The Shopify migration services make the process easy and hassle-free for store owners.

The Shopify migration services include transferring all your store’s data from an old platform to Shopify, along with the store setup. We are providing a wide range of Shopify migrations services to help you migrate to Shopify from any platform.

5. Shopify Upgrade & Maintenance Service

Shopify Upgrade ServiceThe happy story of selling online through Shopify does not end with setting up and configuring the store. The key to eCommerce success is delivering an excellent shopping experience to the customer, and it is vital for store owners to regularly upgrade and maintain their stores. You may need Shopify upgrade and maintenance services for your store as well.

Over a period of time, you may notice a drop in the store’s performance with the increasing number of products and customers on board. Moreover, it is also essential to make sure your store is running flawlessly without any error to offer a seamless shopping experience to the customers. Successfully maintaining the store and dealing with the technical issues in it can not be an easy task for you. You can choose a Shopify maintenance service to grease the wheels of your online Shopify store and maintain the best customer experience.

After your Shopify business scales, you may require to upgrade to Shopify Plus and need the Shopify upgrade service for that. We have a team of Shopify professionals that have extensive experience in Shopify maintenance and support. Hire a dedicated Shopify expert to maintain your store and upgrade it.

6. Shopify Apps Development & Customization

Shopify App Development ServicesThe platform comes with all the basic features and functionalities that you may require to start selling online. The features can be further extended by installing the Shopify apps in your store. The store houses thousands of apps that help improve the store’s performance, user experience, management, and efficiency. The type of features and functionalities that a store owner may require differs from business to business, and therefore, the Shopify store owners may sometimes want a custom app specially developed for their store.

The Shopify apps development and customization service are helpful for developing bespoke Shopify apps and implementing custom features in the existing ones. You can also get a Shopify app developed as per your needs and add it to your Shopify store. We at Meetanshi have some of the best Shopify expert developers that can help you develop Shopify apps as per your requirements along with customization.

If you are a Shopify store owner looking to get an app developed for your store, you can consider our Shopify app development services. We are providing the best Shopify app development and customization services at best-in-the-market rates.

7. Shopify Plus Enterprise Services

Shopify Plus Enterprise ServicesStores running on Shopify plus version are generally enterprise-level businesses and may require a high level of Shopify development services. The Shopify stores usually have a large customer base and perform heavy operations, and therefore, may require highly experienced hands to develop them.

You may require the Shopify Plus enterprise services after upgrading your store. The services that you may require for your Shopify plus store include store development, customization, app development, integration, theme development, and maintenance.

You can contact us or hire our Shopify experts for any kind of Shopify plus service requirements.

Final Words

As stated in the beginning, Shopify is one of the fastest and easiest ways for businesses to go online. Setting up a basic online store is easy using the platform. The businesses that want to create something unique and dive into the pool of limitless customizations may require the Shopify development services to build their store as they want. This blog post focuses on the top seven popular Shopify development services that you may require for your store in 2022.

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7 Popular Shopify Development Services [2022]

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