Magento 2 Facebook Chat – Meetanshi Extension Explained

Magento 2 Facebook Chat - Meetanshi Extension Explained

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” — James Cash Penney

We are nearing the end of 2018 and with respect to E-commerce, what we learned about customer service, according to Forbes, is that, of almost 1,000 consumers polled, 92% say they would stop purchasing from a company after three or fewer poor customer service experiences. According to 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey, 26% of those would stop after just one bad experience!

Owing to the low average E-commerce conversion rates, the above statistics are something that store owners need to ponder and act fast. Improvements in customer experience is a continuous task and Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Facebook Chat extension to allow store admins provide instant support through the popular Facebook Messenger.

Enable direct chat with customers via Messenger to solve their queries or place an order. Communication with potential customers using the Facebook Chat extension impacts the sale. Offering a popular platform such as messenger for solving their doubts is a facility a customer will appreciate.

The Magento 2 Facebook Chat module contributes to building a loyal customer relationship. The live chat support on a preferable platform creates a personalized approach impression. Also, the chances of conversion increases when you can have a direct chat with potential customers.

Convert more customers in the short term and build a long-term loyalty by integrating Facebook for business with Magento 2. Allow users to easily contact your support service and enhance user experience in Magento 2 store!

Why choose Magento 2 Facebook Chat extension by Meetanshi?

Now that the use of the module is clear, let’s proceed to understand the module and its configuration. Also, check the frontend which can be customized!

However, there are certain things to be taken care of in Facebook Page settings before moving on to the extension configuration:

  • Open the Facebook Page and navigate to Settings > Page Info
  • Under Hours, make sure that the “Always Open” option is selected as shown below.

Magento 2 Facebook Chat - Meetanshi Extension Explained 1

  • Create a Facebook App ID.  The already created ID can be viewed from App IDThe Facebook Page ID is obtained when you create a new business page. It can also be viewed in the URL of a page.Facebook Page IDOr, you can get the Page ID from the Page “About” section under “More Info

    Page ID

    The app ID and page ID is used to identify a particular Facebook page to integrate it in the extension.

  • Moreover, under Messenger Platform tab, scroll down to General Settings. There is a setting to “Link your App to your Page” where you have to enter your app ID and link it. Also, enter the name of the domain of your store.Updated Facebook Settings

Enable the extension and enter the Facebook App ID and page ID which you’ll get after creating a Facebook page. There’s an option to set the theme color of the Facebook chat which is displayed in the frontend. Also, set customized greeting texts for users at the time of logging in and logging out.

Magento 2 Facebook Chat - Meetanshi Extension Explained 2

The frontend shows the option to chat via messenger which is an easy choice for customers!

Magento 2 Facebook Chat - Meetanshi Extension Explained 3

The chat theme is displayed as configured above! It can be customized as per your choice.

The store owners are recommended to use Facebook for Business, however, the normal Facebook is also compatible. The Facebook Messenger for business enables the admin to chat with customers and offer live support!

You may also check the user guide to read the installation steps and get set to offer excellent customer service in your Magento 2 store.


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