Top 9 Tips on How to Increase User Sign Ups in E-commerce

Marketers are always in lieu of collecting user data. However, with the GDPR law in place, they are facing tough times, especially if they are serving customers in European Union. 

Though there are solutions for Magento 2 store owners like Magento 2 GDPR extension, at the end not all customers will agree to the terms and conditions and comply with your privacy policy.

One solution is to convince the visitors to register at your store and collect their details while signing up. These details can then be used in crafting effective marketing campaigns. 

Also, this user data can also be put to use in offering a better user experience based on their interest, hobbies, personal data, etc.

However, if the users are reluctant to sign up at your online store and give their details, as a store owner you will need to go one step ahead and put efforts to increase sign-ups by offering an additional benefit or offer a freebie in exchange.

This post gives tips on increasing user sign ups in E-commerce. There are a number of things that can be done on your website to increase user sign up. This can eventually be helpful in increasing the conversions, improving user experience, or growing the database for the marketing team!

9 Ways to Increase User Sign Ups Rate in Online Store:

  1. Login Using Mobile Number
  2. Establish Credibility
  3. Offer an Incentive in Exchange of Registration
  4. Minimize Distractions
  5. Link to Detailed Privacy Policy on Sign Up Form
  6. Simplify the Registration Popup
  7. Ask for Feedback
  8. Raise Emotions
  9. Referral Programs

9 Ways to Increase User Sign Ups in E-commerce:

1. Login Using Mobile Number

The process of login or registration in an online store may be time-consuming and tedious for a visitor. Users may get frustrated with the lengthy process of registration. However, it would be beneficial if the user can register easily using their mobile phone number in terms of the number of sign-ups.

Login or registration can be made quick and simple by using a mobile number with OTP verification. Login via mobile number ensures much security, thus, reducing the chances of fake registrations. It would help in reducing the length of the registration process and can make it convenient enough for the customers. 

If you are a Magento 2 store owner, you just got lucky! Meetanshi offers Magento 2 Mobile Login extension that facilitates the customers to register, login, and update mobile numbers with OTP verification. If the customers would not want to use their Email ID for registration, they can simply opt for mobile login to sign up.

2. Establish Credibility

Consumers often consider celebrities’ opinions and customer reviews who are using the product or service. Their purchase decision is based on user reviews and influencers. Thus, adding testimonials and providing social proofs can surely improve sign-ups.

Increasing the credibility of websites and building trust in your brand will increase user sign-ups.

You can create an unspoken bond between you and the visitor. Showcase how your product has helped people, made their lives easier, and hence win their trust to sign up with you!

3. Offer an Incentive in Exchange of Registration

What do your visitors want that you can offer in return for signup? Offering an incentive to sign up might help you in increasing the conversion ratio of sign-ups. Humans tend to crave freebies! So, this is the best time to offer something for free in return for signing up. 

You may offer a new product with a discount to only those customers who sign up at your store. In this way, you not only prompt them to register but also promote the newly launched product.

Also, you may offer an additional tutorial, guide, or ebook to the customers for signing up. Sending some additional content that adds value, apart from the regular content will motivate them to register in your online store.

4. Minimize Distractions

If the main aim of the web page is a sign-up, then avoid unnecessary elements that might be confusing for the visitors. Multiple callouts may even affect the signups leading the goal aside and can stop them from signing up.

If it’s your landing page, remove everything that is distracting the visitors and only let them focus on what you want them to. On a single web page, there should be only one action for which the goal is to be achieved, which is the registration in our case, one CTA that could be focused upon, here, the signup button which will compel them to sign up. In this way, you can get more email signups by eliminating distractions.

5. Link to Detailed Privacy Policy on Sign Up Form

People are often worried about their data being stolen and misused. No customer would tolerate their personal or sensitive information being stolen or used without their permission. There are chances when unethical businesses may do such a thing and hence it creates an impression in the visitor’s mind that makes them resistant to sign up.

However, you may link a detailed privacy policy to the sign-up form or registration page which states how you use their data for marketing purposes. It will ensure the customer that their data is in safe hands and they would benefit from signing up with your online store.

If you are a Magento 2 store, you may use the FREE Magento 2 Cookie Notice extension to show a cookie notice to aware users about the usage of the cookies by the store to comply with EU’s cookie compliance law.

If you are using popups to increase sign-ups on websites using popups, make sure to use it appropriately with a neat design and keep it simple. Overuse of popups may not only distract a visitor, but it may also hinder their user experience in the store.

You may ensure that a pop-up appears after 30-60 seconds that shows the visitors are interested in your content and show some engagement. 

A pop-up design should have minimum elements in it and should avoid complex structure. As simple popup designs would keep the visitors on your site and can boost the signups. You may even use the Magento 2 Popup extension for getting more website sales or sign-ups if you are a Magento 2 store owner.

7. Ask for Feedback

You can ask for feedback if the customer is about to leave a page without signing up or converting? All you can do is ask your visitors to click on an emoji that might represent appropriate feedback. 

There are websites that provide feedback features out of the box and plugins are also available which can be used. 

This feedbacks may help you understand your visitors’ behavior and what is stopping them to sign up in the store. It helps you with improvements and eventually gets more email sign-ups.

8. Raise Emotions

Emotions play an important role in marketing. You can leverage it to engage and convert the visitors. Emotions can drive registrations as nothing else would do.

Make use of images and language that raise an emotional response. Attaching emotional causes might convince the visitors to sign up. Emotions have huge potential that can drive attention that otherwise would not be possible. Thus, getting customers to sign up can be done with the power of emotions. 

9. Referral Programs

You can make use of “refer and earn” programs for increasing the user signup rate.

Referral programs are one of the easiest and most effective ways of attracting new visitors.

You can encourage your customers to invite other people to your website in return for a reward.

It would be exciting for the referrer and the referent as both of them will be awarded amazing prizes. And a win-win situation for everyone as it helps increase sign-ups on the website.


Increasing sign-ups in online stores is not quite easy, as the visitors find it boring and frustrating to do so. The simple thing you can do to increase sign-up is by means of providing value to them or making the boring process easy. This would definitely help you out in increasing the sign-ups. 

Boosting your sign-ups is a great way of developing and growing your business for a long time. More sign-ups mean more customer data on which you can work for your marketing efforts and thus generate more leads!

Thus, increase user signups using the above tips and let us know how you benefited in your store in the Comments section below. 

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Top 9 Tips on How to Increase User Sign Ups in E-commerce

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