Coronavirus – Causes, Symptoms, & Precautions

Coronavirus - Causes, Symptoms, & Precautions - Meetanshi

Coronavirus is the talk of the town!

And unfortunately, mankind suffered the worst due to the outbreak of COVID – 19.

7989 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 18, 2020, 12:50 IST. Here’s the live Bing tracker for the current situation of the pandemic.

There are currently 198,753 confirmed cases in 167 countries and territories.

As our contribution to the official organizations’ efforts, Team Meetanshi has gathered a list of information that people should know about this disease.


Apart from it, here are some useful links that help fight the lethal disease:

This coronavirus infographic is meant to spread awareness about the disease COVID -19, its causes, symptoms, precautions, and the dangerous impact on the world, be it economical, or natural!

Coronavirus - Cause, Symptoms, & Precautions by Meetanshi

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We hope the world is set free from the jaws of the coronavirus asap!

What can you do while self-isolating yourself or quarantined during coronavirus outbreak that’ll benefit your store?

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We are confident that we, humans, companies, and communities, will continue to grow, together and stronger.

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