Top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms [2022]

The shopping habits of people are rapidly changing along with the ever-growing technologies. Also, eCommerce platforms have shown rapid growth with the ever-emerging technological innovations in the last few years. As per one report, the eCommerce market is expected to reach $5.4 trillion in 2022.

New technologies come with unique challenges for online business owners. It is highly important to keep up with the ever-emerging technologies to sustain eCommerce businesses. Headless eCommerce platforms are the bespoke solution for online store owners to run along with the new emerging technologies and reach ever-emerging touchpoints associated with them.

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This article covers complete details about headless eCommerce. Also, the top 10 best headless eCommerce platforms you can use in 2022 are listed below.

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A majority of the renowned eCommerce businesses are currently adopting headless commerce strategies to adapt to the ever-emerging touchpoints and reach their customers seamlessly.

But, wait! What does headless eCommerce mean? Let’s figure it out.

What is Headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce means ‘eCommerce that works without a head’ that delivers the content without having the front end. The frontend theme or template is decoupled from the backend in such cases.

In the case of headless eCommerce, the store works in the backend independently of the frontend and delivers the content through APIs. This enables the developers to produce the content, i.e., products, blog posts, customer reviews, prices, etc., on multiple platforms and frameworks using the APIs.

In a nutshell, headless eCommerce stores are made for the Internet of Things (IoT) age, where the API can produce content of the store as per the requirements of the target device regardless of the frontend.

Thus, it enables the store owners to create more flexible eCommerce stores and reach the end customers through various touchpoints. It allows the store owners to produce platform-focused stores.

For instance, a headless eCommerce store can work seamlessly on multiple devices such as smart wearables, mobile devices, kiosk screens, and almost everything.

Benefits of Headless eCommerce

You must have understood what is headless eCommerce and how does it work? Now, you must be wondering are the use cases of headless eCommerce. Below is a list of some of the benefits of using headless eCommerce platforms in 2022.

Omnichannel Capability

You might have heard the term – ‘Omnichannel marketing’ regarding online businesses. It works like a charm when it comes to eCommerce businesses. Headless eCommerce platforms can enable the store owners to create omnichannel stores to cover a broad range of devices.

This can enable the store owners to reach online shoppers at various stages of their buying journey. Whether they are checking out your product on their mobile phone or comparing it with another product on their desktop, a headless eCommerce platform can allow you to create a store providing an amazing shopping experience across a wider range of platforms.

Seamless Integrations

Headless eCommerce platforms are driven by APIs, which means they can be easily configured and integrated with third-party applications as per the requirement. Headless eCommerce talks in coding languages with the frontend, which can be easily configured along with other third-party CRM and CMS. This makes it much easier for the eCommerce store owners to manage and upscale their online business.

If you want to give your customers a seamless shopping experience, then you must consider switching to a headless eCommerce platform from a traditional one.

Minimize Site Downtime

Updates are the crucial part of eCommerce websites that can impact your performance. While running an online store, you might require updating your site frequently for security or performance reasons. With traditional eCommerce platforms, your website might have to suffer from downtime during the updates.

However, deploying updates on headless eCommerce platforms is smoother than ever as it works through API. You can deploy frequent updates on your eCommerce store without compromising the user experience. Headless eCommerce allows store owners minimum downtime during the updates and provides a seamless user experience.

Better Customer Experience

Headless eCommerce platforms are highly flexible and customizable, as per the requirements. The eCommerce market is ever-evolving, and the customer needs change. The best Headless eCommerce platforms can create customer-centric stores that provide a better customer experience and can be updated with time.

The API-based headless eCommerce allows creating seamless stores and can be configured as per the requirements of the end customer. Thus, they allow creating stores that are intuitive and can improve the customer loyalty of your store.

Top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms List

Provided below is the top 10 best headless eCommerce platforms list.

  1. Shopify Plus
  2. Magento Enterprise
  3. Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  4. CommerceTools
  5. BigCommerce Enterprise
  6. Elastic Path
  7. OroCommerce Enterprise
  8. Snipcart
  9. Enterprise
  10. Strapi Enterprise

Comparing the top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms

I have compared the 10 best headless eCommerce platforms to use in 2022 from every aspect in this article. To make it easy for you to understand the differences, I have provided a comparison table of the top 10 best headless eCommerce platforms below.

Comparing the Top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms
PlatformAnnual ChargesFree TrialTechnologyContact
Shopify Plus$24,000AvailableRuby on RailsClick Here
Magento Enterprise Edition$22,000 to 125,000Not AvailablePHP, MySQLClick Here
Salesforce Commerce Cloud$4 Price Per OrderNot AvailableApex, JavaScriptClick Here
CommerceTools$30,000AvailablePHP, MySQLClick Here
BigCommerce EnterpriseContact for PricingAvailablePHP, Python, Java, RubyClick Here
Elastic Path$50,000AvailableJava, ApacheClick Here
OroCommerce Enterprise EditionContact for PricingAvailablePHP, SymfonyClick Here
SnipcartContact for PricingNot AvailableHTML, JavaScriptClick Here Enterprise$24,000+AvailablePHP, HTMLClick Here
Strapi EnterpriseContact for PricingAvailableKoaJSClick Here

Best Headless eCommerce Platforms in 2022

Shopify Plus

Top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms - Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of renowned names in the eCommerce market. As per one report, it powers over 1.7 million eCommerce stores world-wide as of May 2021. Shopify plus is one of the most recommended headless eCommerce platforms in 2022 for online business owners because of several reasons.

Shopify Plus allows eCommerce store owners to transform any digital screen or device into a sales channel through its headless eCommerce solution. It is built on Ruby on Rails technology that allows versatile store creation across the devices.

Some of the world’s innovative brands use Shopify Plus for headless eCommerce solutions with a seamless customer experience.

Magento Enterprise

Top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms - Magento

Magento is one of the most famous names on the list of the best headless eCommerce platforms. It is well known for robust and flexible store creation. Magento enterprise edition allows creating API-based headless eCommerce stores that can be deployed across various channels and devices. The functionalities of Magento store can be extended by using various Magento extensions.

It allows online store owners to create a highly flexible and customizable store-front experience by using robust APIs with consistent experience across the touchpoints regardless of the technology. Magento also offers an open-source version with limited functionalities and support.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

SalesForce - Best Headless CMS For eCommerce

As the name suggests, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is one of the well-known cloud-based headless eCommerce platforms suitable for mid to enterprise level of store owners. It comes with robust and highly configurable cutting edge APIs that ensure utmost flexibility and customizable store creation across the store-fronts.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) may take a while to onboard because of its wealthy APIs; however it is worth waiting. This headless eCommerce platform allows eCommerce businesses to reach their customers across platforms.


CommerceTools - Best Headless eCommerce API

CommerceTools is one of the well-known headless eCommerce platforms that makes the list of the top 10 best headless eCommerce platforms in 2022. It allows extending the possibilities of digital commerce. The tool breaks the defined limitations of traditional platforms by offering decoupled, and an open environment eCommerce platform, ensuring limitless capabilities across all the platforms.

This headless eCommerce platform is built on PHP and MySQL as their core technologies and allows separating the store-front using specific APIs and can easily compose the store experiences as per the target storefront.

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce - Best Headless eCommerce Platforms

BigCommerce is another well-known name in the race of eCommerce platforms. The enterprise version of BigCommerce allows creating headless eCommerce platforms can deliver flexible and highly customizable store fronts. It is equipped with powerful and sophisticated APIs that can be connected with any environment across the touchpoints.

BigCommerce is built on PHP, Python, and Ruby and is a very power commerce engine that can deliver a seamless and extremely fast API-driven experience through your CMS, DXP application, device, or custom front end.

Elastic Path

ElasticPath - Headless CMS

Elastic Path provides composable, API-based, headless eCommerce solutions to allow store owners to deliver unique digital experiences across the range of touchpoints. It is built on Java and Apache that allows delivering super fast store-front through the APIs.

It’s simplicity, scalability, and control over the APIs allows it to make it to the list of top 10 best headless eCommerce platforms to use in 2022. Online store owners that are looking for a simple and scalable headless eCommerce platform must not think twice before choosing Elastic Search.

OroCommerce Enterprise

Orocommerce - eCommerce Headless Platform

OroCommerce is a B2B eCommerce platform that is specially built for the distributors, wholesalers, brands, and retailers. OroCommerce is an open source, however, it comes with limited functionalities. The enterprise version of OroCommerce allows to create headless eCommerce stores with greater flexibility and customization options.

It is ideal for the mid to enterprise level of online businesses that strive for customer experience and optimum performance. It is built on PHP & Symphony, which allows creating robust and highly flexible eCommerce stores through powerful APIs that can be presented seamlessly over a range of devices and customer touchpoints.

It is a comprehensive set of all the B2B requirements and features that can provide extreme flexibility and optimum solutions for your online business to grow more.


Snipcart - Headless Commerce Platforms

Snipcart allows converting any website into an intuitive and amazing online store with its APIs. It is simple and easy to use, yet a powerful headless eCommerce CMS, which is built on HTML and JavaScript.

It is a developer-first headless eCommerce platform that allows integrating eCommerce store to any site or on top of any CMS within minutes. It can develop static and dynamic eCommerce stores using the RESTful API, JavaScript API and Webhooks.

It allows seamless integration with the CMS and works buttery smooth across the shopping touchpoints. Let it be a smartwatch or a mobile device. Enterprise

Foxycart - Headless Commerce Platform or FoxyCart enterprise is a flexible eCommerce solution for your online business. This headless eCommerce solution is based on PHP and HTML, which allows the merchants to sell any type of product, anywhere, using its seamless API integration.

Also, it supports seamless integration along with other third-party services such as WordPress, SquareSpace, ClickFunnels, for a convenient and more profitable eCommerce business.

It is the most preferable eCommerce platform for the designers or developers that want to integrate existing CMS with eCommerce. Enterprise

Strapi Headless CMS

Last but not the least, is one of the best headless eCommerce platforms that is 100% built on JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first. Moreover, it is being adopted by many of the eCommerce business owners as it is open source and free.

It provides the developers and website designers with an easy way to integrate the online store with their preferred framework or CMS. Thus, it saves a lot of time to deploy the online store across devices. It also allows distributing content across the touchpoints hassle-free.

It is one of the premier choices for the store owners that are looking for open source headless eCommerce platforms.


The eCommerce market is evolving day by day and thus the eCommerce stores. Headless eCommerce is the future of online shopping experience provided the ever emerging technology and touch points. It is the technology of IoT age and the majority of the renowned eCommerce brands are already shifting towards it.

Adapting headless eCommerce platform can help you go beyond the limits of your traditional eCommerce store and reach to a wider range of audiences.

Here, I have provided complete complete details about the available headless eCommerce platforms in the market. You can choose the platform that fulfils your requirements within your budget. Also, I have compared the top 10 headless eCommerce platforms using various aspects that you can use to choose the right one for you.

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Top 10 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms [2022]

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