How To Fix “ schema deprecated” Error

How To Fix " schema deprecated" Error

Google announces the end of support for data-vocabulary from April 6, 2020!

Do not panic, webmasters. The post includes the solution for your site to convert data-vocabulary to structured data scheme is to be used as a replacement of data-vocabulary to be eligible for Google rich results features.

Google says, “As a preparation for the change and starting today, Search Console will issue warnings for pages using the schema so that you can prepare for the sunset in time.

If you got a warning Email as below, you are at the right place:

Warning Email for updating the structured data to for the webpage


Avoid the notices from Google for using the old structured data with the below solution:

Previous structured data:


Updated structured data:


The pages not updating their structured data may face decreased organic visibility and less traffic.

Let’s see how I helped the first person who commented below for help:

When I tested his page in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, I got the error: schema deprecated

And looking at the Breadcrumb code, highlighted code as shown below needed to be updated:

data-vocabulary org markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features

I updated that code with the Google recommended code as shown below:

fixed solved schema deprecated error

You can validate(using Structured Data Testing Tool) the new code by replacing the old one and the error will be gone as shown below:

Solved schema deprecated error

After successful validation, update the code on your website and test it again in Structured Data Tool and click on “Validate Fix” from your website’ Google Search Console > Breadcrumbs to request Google to recrawl your website for updated Schema Breadcrumbs.

Google Search Console-data-vocabulary-org schema deprecated

Important notes from the announcement:

  • Google notices the increase in usage and popularity of which leads to a change in the structured data scheme.
  • Beginning from January 20 to April 06, 2020, the sites using data-vocabulary structured data will receive a warning for the same in Google search console.
  • Another option as suggested by Google is to use Google’s Rich Results tool for testing the live code snippets if it is eligible for the rich snippets or not! For example,
  • Pages using data-vocabulary schema will remain valid for all other purposes.

It is advisable to update the structured data scheme using the given solution with the required changes as per the plugins you are using for the structured data schemes.

You can note that the  JSON-LD structured data format is the preferred option when it comes to popularity.

Note: Due to lack of time, I won’t be able to help all of you who have commented but you can follow the example that I have added in the post to implement the solution easily for your website.

If your Breadcrumbs are part of a plugin or a theme you are using, you can contact them for an update to get this issue fixed.

Else, you may contact our Meetanshi Support Team for Professional Help to switch to structured data.

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