10 Best eCommerce SEO Tools [2022]

Are you looking for the best SEO tools for eCommerce in 2022? Here is everything you need to know about SEO tools to use for your eCommerce business in 2022.

The last couple of years has remained tumultuous and unpredictable for almost all of us. The pandemic has affected people’s lifestyles, from healthcare to shopping online. Restrictions imposed by the pandemic forced people worldwide to shift towards online shopping platforms.

Running an eCommerce store has become a highly profitable business. Looking at the worldwide eCommerce statistics, we can expect the number of online shoppers to increase in the upcoming years as also the number of eCommerce businesses.

Therefore, the eCommerce competition is getting fierce with each passing day. Businesses are adopting innovative SEO approaches to survive and make a difference in such a highly competitive market. ECommerce companies need to reinforce their efforts across various areas to improve search engine rankings.

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Most eCommerce platforms come with limited SEO features and functionalities. Therefore, business owners may require using third-party SEO tools to leverage their marketing strategy. Here, in this post, I have provided a complete list of the best SEO tools for eCommerce that you can use to leverage the organic reach of your online store.

List of Best SEO Tools for eCommerce in 2022 (Free + Paid)

Here is a short list of the best SEO tools for eCommerce in 2022:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMrush
  4. SpyFu
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. Moz Pro
  7. Screaming Frog
  8. SEO Review Tools
  9. SEOquake
  10. WooRank

Best eCommerce SEO Tools

1. Google Search Console – Best Free SEO Tool for eCommerce

Google Search Console - Best eCommerce SEO Tools in 2022

Google Search Console tops the list of best eCommerce SEO tools because of the popularity of the Google search engine. It is being used by 9 out of 10 internet users worldwide, and therefore, it becomes essential to make sure that your eCommerce store is optimized for it.

Google provides a free Google search console tool that website owners can use to maintain, monitor, and optimize their website’s presence on the search engine. It is one of the essential and best SEO tools for eCommerce to ensure that the website and the pages are properly crawled and indexed by Google.

It can help you index your website pages, optimize your website, and send alerts about issues related to your site that can affect the rankings.

Key Features:

  • Crawl & index pages – Check if your site is crawlable and if the web pages are indexed by Google or not.
  • Request re-index – Request Google to index or re-index updated content on your site.
  • Traffic analysis – Monitor your site traffic and understand your rankings.
  • External links – Check backlinks, top linking pages, and anchor texts.
  • Security & enhancement – Monitor security, performance, and server issues.
  • Troubleshooting – Fix AMP, mobile-friendliness, and compatibility-related issues.


  • Free Tool

2. Ahrefs – All-in-one SEO Tool for eCommerce

AHREFS - SEO Tools for eCommerce

The list of the best SEO tools for eCommerce is incomplete without Ahrefs. It is one of the top-rated freemium SEO tools preferred by marketing experts worldwide. After Google, it has the second-fastest web crawler, which means that the data it provides is more reliable and accurate than any other tools available in the market.

It offers a complete toolset to track and boost your visibility over search engines. Ahrefs’ intuitive dashboard provides a complete SEO overview of the website, including health score, domain rating, referring domains & backlinks, organic traffic & keywords. It also provides keyword research tools, site audits, site explorer, rank tracker, and content explorer.

Moreover, you can also integrate the Google Search Console with Ahrefs to get more detailed reports about your website performance. It offers plenty of features that qualify it to make the list of the best SEO tools for eCommerce businesses.

Key Features:

  • Keyword explorer: Complete keyword research tool with advanced metrics to find the winning keywords for your eCommerce store.
  • Site explorer: Explore any website’s search traffic and backlink profile.
  • Site audit: Run a complete website SEO audit to find on-page issues hampering your rankings.
  • Rank tracker: Track the rank of your website over the targeted keywords in mobile and desktop devices.
  • Content explorer: Explore new content ideas and content gaps in your website to improve the rankings.


  • The free version is available with limited functionalities.
  • The Premium version starts at $99/month.
  • Visit Ahrefs pricing for more details.

3. Semrush – Ultimate Digital Marketing Tool

SEMrush - eCommerce SEO Tool

If you are looking for an ultimate digital marketing tool, then SEMrush can be the right choice for you. SEMrush provides complete eCommerce SEO and competitor analysis of the website. It is a complete set of marketing tools that include over 25 best SEO tools for eCommerce, making keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, rank tracking, link building, and competitor analysis more manageable than ever.

You can use SEMrush to get detailed reports about your site, and competitors’ sites, find keyword ideas, perform keyword research, find content gaps, keywords opportunities, and much more. SEMrush can help you sculpt a solid SEO strategy based on competitors’ analysis to ensure sure shot eCommerce SEO success in 2022.

It contains plenty of paid and free SEO tools that you can use for your eCommerce business.

Key Features:

  • Keyword research tool – Find the right keywords with the right search intent for SEO. Find content gaps and keyword opportunities through competitor analysis.
  • SEO site audit – Strengthen on-page SEO score by fixing website issues.
  • Performance tracking – Track and compare your site’s performance and compare with competitors to build a sure-shot SEO strategy.
  • Analyze backlinks – Analyze the backlink profile, find the backlink gaps, and scale up your link-building prospects.


  • Many of the SEMrush SEO tools are available for free.
  • The cost of premium SEMrush tools starts at $119.95/month.
  • Visit SEMrush Pricing for more details.

4. SpyFu – Competitor Keyword Research Tool

SpyFu - Best eCommerce SEO Tool 2022

SpyFu is one of the best competitor keyword analysis tools for eCommerce businesses. The tool provides a complete analysis of the ranking keywords for specific domains and its competitors. It is the ultimate competitor keyword research tool that can help you find the keywords on which your competitors are beating you.

Using SpyFu, you can also perform keyword analysis, rank tracking, SERP analysis, and much more for your site to track its performance. It is the best platform to sculpt a solid content strategy for your site.

Key Features:

  • Research competitor keywords – Find out the keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Track your performance – Keep track of how your site performs over the target keywords and look for emerging competitors.
  • Keyword ranking history – Get the ranking history of the domain over specific keywords.
  • Backlinks – Check competitors’ backlinks by keywords.


  • The basic plan of SpyFu starts at $39/month.
  • Free trial is available through ClickCease.
  • Visit SpyFu Pricing for more details.

5. Ubersuggest – Win the eCommerce SEO Game

Ubersuggest - Best eCommerce SEO Tool in 2022

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a highly user-friendly SEO tool preferred by thousands of SEO experts globally. It is a complete set of the best SEO tools for eCommerce that fulfills almost all the basic requirements. It provides a 360-degree overview of the domain and helps to reverse engineer competitors’ SEO strategies. It provides complete details about competitors’ top-ranking pages to help you create content that users love to read and share.

Using Ubersuggest’s keyword research tool, finding the perfect keywords for your site is much easier. It suggests a complete list of keywords from head to long tail with other metrics, including ranking difficulty, competition, and search volume.

Key Features:

  • Domain Overview: Get a complete overview of your competitor’s domain to determine what’s working for them.
  • Keyword suggestions: Discover profitable head and long-tail keywords with complete details such as search volume, difficulty, and competition.
  • Backlink profile: Analyze the backlink profile of your and your competitor’s site to explore link-building opportunities.
  • Content ideas: Discover amazing content ideas to get a more organic reach by analyzing what people love reading.


  • Ubersuggest is a freemium SEO tool with limited features in the free version.
  • The cost of the Ubersuggest pro version starts at $12/month or $120 for a lifetime.
  • Visit Ubersuggest Pricing for more details.

6. Moz Pro –  A Smarter Way to do SEO for eCommerce

Moz - Best eCommerce SEO Tool in 2022

Moz Pro is an ultimate flagship toolset for improving eCommerce SEO rankings. It offers plenty of paid and free SEO tools for eCommerce that can help achieve your SEO success. Over 35,000 worldwide customers trust it.

There are plenty of reasons that allow Moz to make the list of the best eCommerce SEO tools. It simplifies SEO audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research. You can begin with the Moz keyword explorer tool to discover potential keywords for your eCommerce store and can also run an SEO Audit to crawl your site and find issues that are affecting your rankings.

MozBar Chrome extension is a highly popular free SEO tool and is considered one of the best SEO tools for eCommerce. It provides some essential metrics by Moz, such as domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), and spam score to check the authenticity of any domain.

Key Features:

  • Easy site audits: Moz crawler can regularly crawl your site and inform you about new and recurring issues. It also categorizes the issues and shows them in a visually appealing way.
  • Keyword research: Fine-tune your keyword and content strategy by classifying, comparing, and prioritizing keywords.
  • Rank tracking: Figure out what’s working and what is not working by tracking your SERP ranking performance through Moz. Gather important data, compare mobile vs desktop visibility, and make solid SEO decisions based on that.
  • MozBar: Quick way to check the authenticity of a domain through Moz metrics.
  • Backlink analysis: Get a list of your competitors and check their backlink profile


  • Moz is providing free SEO tools with limited functionalities.
  • The pro version pricing starts at $99/month.
  • Visit Moz Pro Pricing for more details.

7. Screaming Frog – eCommerce SEO Audit at One Place

Screaming Frog - SEO Audit Tool for eCommerce

Screaming frog is a freemium SEO audit tool that helps to discover common issues in your site to improve the onsite SEO. The tool can find broken links, audit redirects, analyze meta information, generate sitemaps, and much more.

It is an all-in-one website SEO audit tool for eCommerce that can provide an in-depth analysis of your online store and help you solve issues that can hamper your website rankings right from technical issues to user experience.

Key Features:

  • 301 redirect audit: The top-notch website audit by Screaming Frog includes a 301 redirect audit that can save plenty of time during a website migration.
  • Analyze metadata: Analyze your website’s meta information, such as meta title, and make sure they are of appropriate length.
  • SEO at one place: The tool can support data from third-party tools such as PageSpeed Insights, Google Search Console & Google Analytics, Ahrefs, etc., to gather all SEO-related information in one place.


  • Free SEO tools with limited functionality.
  • The paid version starts at £149.00 Per Year.
  • Visit Screaming Frog pricing for more details.

8. SEO Review Tools – Complete Free SEO Toolkit

SEO Review Tools - Best Free eCommerce SEO Tools

SEO review tools is the ultimate free SEO toolkit you need in 2022. It offers some of the best free SEO tools that you can use for your eCommerce business in 2022 to leverage your SEO efforts in a limited budget. It offers a complete set of free tools, providing 360-degree SEO assistance to you, right from content creation to SERP ranking analysis.

It offers more than 50 SEO tools that you can use for your eCommerce website in 2022.

Key Features:

  • Backlink checker: The free backlink checker enables you to keep track of your link-building efforts by tracking new backlinks and finding broken backlinks to your site.
  • SEO writing assistant: The free content editor by SEO review tools makes it easy to optimize content for targeted keywords for better SERP rankings. It helps to make sure that you have got proper headings, meta titles, and meta descriptions to hit the nail.
  • SERP analysis tool: The SERP analysis tool makes it easier to keep track of the SERP rankings and helps to understand the common ranking patterns.
  • Technical SEO: Free review tools offer a plethora of technical SEO tools such as an internal link analyzer, FAQ schema generator, core web vital test, etc., that make the technical audit much more effortless.


  • Free tool.

9. SEOquake – Highly Useful SEO Extension for Chrome

SEOquake - Chrome Extension for eCommerce SEO

SEOquake is a powerful SEO toolbar extension for Chrome browsers to have a glance at various SEO parameters such as Alexa rank, Google index, Bing index, SEMrush rank, backlinks, and much more. The extension facilitates checking the internal and external links, keyword density, and comparing URLs/Domains.

Moreover, you can also connect your SEMrush account with the SEOquake extension to gauge more details about the web pages in a single click. Using SEOquake, all the crucial metrics related to SEO are at your fingertips. It is a highly preferable SEO Chrome extension for link building to verify the authenticity of the domains through multiple metrics.

Key Features:

  • Quick comparison: Compare rankings, backlinks, and other important data of multiple domains/URLs quickly.
  • SEO diagnosis: Conduct a lighting fast SEO audit of any website with just a few clicks and diagnose critical SEO issues.
  • Complete SEO metrics: Get complete SEO metrics of search results in the SERPs and compare web pages quickly.
  • Keyword density checker: Perform a complete keyword analysis of any webpage and get a detailed report of keywords used in that webpage with density.


  • The extension is free to use.
  • You may require paid SEMrush to get more metrics.

10. WooRank – Provides Everything You Need for eCommerce SEO

WooRank - eCommerce SEO Tool for 2022

Last but not least, WooRank completes the list of the best eCommerce SEO tools to use in 2022. It is specially designed to improve online sales by leveraging marketing efforts. It includes website SEO analysis, keyword tracking, competitor research, and site crawling to find technical issues.

Implement a solid SEO strategy to improve your website performance through scheduled automatic web crawls and site audits. It also notifies you about the latest SEO issues on your site that can affect your rankings.

Key Features:

  • Automated site crawls: Perform automated site crawls to regularly find and fix technical issues on your site.
  • Instant competitive analysis: Study your competitors’ SEO strategies instantly and monitor the changes to build a solid SEO strategy for your eCommerce business.
  • Keyword tracking: Track your website’s performance over the targeted keywords, monitor the competition, and identify keyword opportunities to stay ahead in the game of eCommerce SEO.
  • Actionable SEO tasks: Fix website issues that frustrate visitors and hamper your rankings through simple actionable tasks without much technical jargon.


  • Free trial available for 14 days.
  • The paid version of this eCommerce SEO tool starts at $79.99 per month.
  • Visit WooRank pricing for more details.

You can also leverage Google search itself to improve your site’s ranking. Read our blog post Advanced Google Search Operators for SEO to master it!

Benefits of Using SEO Tools for eCommerce in 2022

Ever wondered what an eCommerce SEO tool can do for your online business? Well, it can help you improve search engine rankings and beat your competitors in several ways. Listed below are the benefits of using the best SEO tools for eCommerce in 2022.

Competitors’ Analysis

The biggest challenge in eCommerce business success is beating the high competition. Therefore, business owners need to keep an eagle eye on the competitors’ SEO strategies and plan accordingly. The eCommerce SEO tools can provide a complete analysis of the market competition and can help tailor a better SEO strategy to outrank the competitors.

SEO tools can help you dive deep into your competitor’s SEO strategy to determine why your store is left behind in the competition. You can get the list of their traffic, ranking keywords, complete backlinks profile, content performance, and much more.

This can help you understand the content gaps, and find keywords & backlink opportunities, to boost your SEO.

Simplify SEO Audit

SEO Audit is mandatory to get to know where you stand in terms of SEO. Online businesses need to perform regular SEO audits to ensure that they are not missing any vital points. Auditing SEO manually with no tools can be tedious and time-consuming.

The eCommerce SEO tools can help store owners simplify the SEO audit and provide accurate SEO reports of their sites in no time. Also, analyzing the SEO reports is easier than ever using the tools. They can provide an in-depth understanding of what the figures mean and help make important decisions.

Using the best eCommerce SEO tools can reduce the efforts, resources, and time required to prepare and analyze SEO audits.

Target Relevant Audience

Quality traffic is essential for eCommerce sites to improve conversions and revenue. Bringing irrelevant traffic to your site can worsen your conversion rates and cause brand misalignment. Now, what do irrelevant traffic and relevant traffic mean?

Targeting keywords and attracting visitors who are not interested in your product is irrelevant traffic. In SEO, it is highly important to focus all your efforts and dollars to reach out to only those visitors who actually want to buy your product.

SEO tools for eCommerce can help you focus on the relevant audience and can help you bring quality traffic to your site with a hike in conversion rates.

Track Progress

Tracking the progress of your efforts is essential when you are investing plenty of time and effort in your SEO strategy. Some of the best SEO tools for eCommerce businesses provided here make it easy for you to keep track of your progress and help you determine how much you have progressed over time.

By tracking your SEO progress, you can know what is working for you and what is not. Manually tracking the progress without eCommerce SEO tools is almost impossible.


The number of online stores is increasing with each passing day, and thus the competition. ECommerce businesses need to adopt the latest SEO trends to give cutting-edge competition in such a highly competitive market. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of an eCommerce business that can drive quality traffic and leverage sales. It is a long-term process that can produce a high return on investments if done correctly.

Using tools to improve eCommerce SEO can significantly decrease the time and effort required to leverage online presence. You can use the best SEO tools for eCommerce provided here to solidify your SEO efforts and strategy in 2022. Alternatively, you can also take help from professionals through expert SEO services and make your online business flourish!

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10 Best eCommerce SEO Tools [2022]

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