What is SMS Notification? Why Use it For Your Business?

In eCommerce, effective communication is indeed one of the most important things to win customers’ trust and build brand loyalty. Online businesses use multiple channels to connect with their customers, and text message (SMS) is one of them. In this blog post, I will cast light on What is SMS notification and how it can benefit your business.

The number of mobile devices around the world has been increasing in the last few years and is expected to grow more in the future. According to Statista, there were almost 15 billion mobile device users, which is expected to surpass the 18 billion milestones by 2025. The projections assert that we are heading towards a mobile-first eCommerce world, where businesses need to focus more on mobile users.

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SMS or ‘Text Messages’ pop up to be the best method to connect with mobile customers when we think of various communication channels. Leading eCommerce businesses such as Amazon and eBay are already leveraging the convenience of SMS to connect with customers.

Let’s understand what does SMS notification mean in Magento 2 & how it can help your business.

What is SMS Notification in Magento 2?

What is SMS Notification in Magento 2?

Short Messaging Service (SMS), also known as ‘Text messaging service’, facilitates sending short messages (up to 160 characters) to mobile devices over the cellular network. It is one of the most convenient and easiest methods of communication for businesses to connect with their customers as it is not dependent on the internet, unlike email.

By default, Magento 2 does not support sending SMS notifications. However, the store owners can implement such functionality by installing a Magento 2 SMS notification extension.

Magento 2 SMS notifications enable the store owners to send various alert messages to the customers. This includes sending SMS alerts for various order updates, transactions, profile updates, OTP verification, and marketing purposes. Furthermore, the SMS notifications can also be used to send text alerts to the store admins regarding customers’ various activities in the store.

Some of the popular examples of Magento 2 SMS notifications are explained below:

  • Order Updates: Text alerts about the latest updates on the orders, such as order placement, cancellation, and invoice, shipping, & credit memo generation alerts.
  • OTP Verification: Send one-time passwords (OTPs) to the customer for account registration, order verification, and mobile number update.
  • Review Reminder: Remind the customers to leave a review after a specific number of days from the purchase through Magento 2 SMS notifications.
  • Customer Inquiry: Get mobile alerts through SMS notifications whenever a customer submits a contact inquiry in your Magento 2 store.
  • Review Notifications: Recieve SMS alerts on your mobile phones for the reviews left by the customers on your Magento 2 store.

Explore our Free Magento 2 SMS notification extension now to implement all the above-mentioned SMS notification functionalities in your store.

Why Choose SMS Notification for Your Store?

Why Choose SMS Notification for Your Store?

Are you still thinking about whether Magento 2 SMS notification is a great choice or not? Here is how SMS notification can help your store.

Increasing Mobile Phone Users

As mentioned earlier, the number of mobile device users around the world is increasing with each passing year. SMS notification is the best way to leverage the benefits of the increasing number of mobile phone users for your online store. This can be the best choice for making your store ready for mobile users.

High Open Rate

The SMS notifications attract more attention from the customers as compared to other channels such as email because of their high open rates. The open rate of SMS notifications is 98%, as per the reports, which means that 98 out of 100 SMS notifications are read by the customers. On the other hand, according to MailChimp, the average open rate of emails is 21.33%, whereas the average click rate is 2.62%.

Super Fast Delivery

SMS is a time-efficient method of communication. It uses a cellular network and does not require any kind of internet connectivity to operate. Therefore, the messages are delivered in no time to the customers.


Short messaging service (SMS) is a highly reliable method of communication due to its simplicity. Unlike other channels such as email, the notifications are delivered in real-time with a high success rate. It is likely that your email notifications may hit the spam folder or fail to reach the customer on time due to connectivity issues, but that’s not the case with the SMS. They are delivered to the mobile phone as soon it is connected to the cellular network.


Using SMS notification for your eCommerce store is both cost-effective and efficient. It may get even cheaper if you choose to buy the SMS plans in bulk. All you need to do is choose the best SMS gateway provider and choose the bulk plan as per your business requirements.

How SMS Notification Can Help Your Magento 2 Store?

How SMS Notification Can Help Your Magento 2 Store

Implementing SMS notification functionality in your Magento 2 store can benefit your business in multiple ways. Some of the benefits of using Magento 2 SMS notifications are listed below:

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Adding Magento 2 SMS notifications to your store can help you notify the customers about each and every update on their order. This can palliate the anxiety of the customers waiting for the updates after placing the order. Implementing SMS notifications in Magento 2 can improve customer satisfaction, build trust, and drive customer loyalty, which can result in more returning customers over a period of time.

Prevents Fake Registrations

Fake registrations and spam account creation are one of the most common problems faced by online store owners that can eat away the resources. This can be prevented by adding an SMS OTP verification feature in the Magento 2 store. Using Magento 2 SMS notification extension, the admin can make the OTP verification mandatory for account creation and order placement, which can prevent fake orders.

Collect More Reviews

Customer reviews are important trust-building factors in eCommerce. The store owners can leverage SMS to send review reminder notifications to the customers. The extension facilitates the store owners to send SMS notifications to remind the customers to leave product reviews after a specific number of days from the purchase. Enjoy the tremendous benefits of customer reviews in your store by implementing SMS notifications in Magento 2.

Efficient Order Processing

The SMS notification in Magento 2 is not just for the customers! The store owners can also use the Magento 2 SMS notifications to stay updated with the customers’ latest activities in their store, such as order placement, customer inquiries, reviews, etc. This can speed up the business operations such as order processing and can lead to more efficient order processing.


In conclusion, SMS notification is one of the best ways to connect with customers for online businesses. It is a quick, efficient, and highly affordable way to communicate in this mobile-driven world. If you are an eCommerce business owner, you can not miss using SMS notifications for your business.

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What is SMS Notification? Why Use it For Your Business?

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