Role of Meetanshi For Magento Community Contribution During COVID-19 Crisis

Role of Meetanshi For Magento Community Contribution During COVID-19 Crisis

Meetanshi is a Magento development company with a goal to exceed E-commerce excellence. The company offers Magento extensions and Magento development services.

Talking about the current COVID-19 crisis, Meetanshi understands its social responsibility towards the customers, community, and employees. With this in mind, certain measures are taken to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team has considered aspects like business, health safety, and mental stability while implementing these steps.

No doubt our goal is to reach the heights of the E-commerce world, but not at the cost of humanity. And these measures reflect the same!

Our keen desire to give it back to the community, contribute and be helpful to the Magento community, and be helpful to the employees have motivated us to take the below steps:

Role of Meetanshi for Magento Community Contribution during COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Launched the “Get Your Business Online” service
  2. Introduced FREE “Magento 2 Contactless Delivery” extension
  3. Donated a portion of each transaction to PM Cares Fund
  4. Extended the refund policy period
  5. Introduced Magento Power Packs
  6. Offered personalized demos
  7. Offered 20% discount on all Magento extensions
  8. Awareness campaign with the help of Social Distance Logo
  9. Shifted the entire team and set up for remote working
  10. Implemented a “Photos at 4” activity
  11. Team meditation
  12. Practice gratitude journal

How Meetanshi handled the COVID-19 pandemic as a community and a company:

  1. Launched the “Get Your Business Online” service

    Meetanshi offers “Get Your Business Online” service as much discounted rates to help offline businesses to launch their Magento 2 online store within a short time span as a token to fight against coronavirus.

    With social distancing as the new norm, E-commerce has a big role to play. People tend to purchase the essentials online only from the safety of their homes. Businesses with brick and mortar store can reach such customers if they set up the online store.

    Magento 2 being a popular platform for the online store setup, the certified and expert Magento developers at Meetanshi help businesses set an online store within a short time at lower rates.

    Not only this, but Meetanshi also offered free “Get Your Business Online” service to seven selected customers who need it the most!.

  2. Introduced FREE “Magento 2 Contactless Delivery” extension

    Meetanshi developed Magento 2 Contactless Delivery that allows the store owner to enable the “Contactless Delivery” option at the checkout for safe delivery of essentials.

    Contactless delivery is a win-win situation for consumers who require to purchase essential goods and the merchants whose businesses are facing a crisis during the pandemic.

    Magento 2 stores offering essentials goods online can opt for this free extension and allow the customers to select the contactless delivery at the checkout. It ensures the safety of customers as well as the delivery staff.

    Such steps reduce the spread of the virus and Meetanshi is proud to offer a free solution to easily implement contactless delivery in the Magento 2 stores.

  3. Donated a portion of each transaction to PM Cares Fund

    Meetanshi has donated the portion of each transaction to PM Cares fund, raised by Shree Narendra Modi, for India to fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

    Understanding the social responsibility of the company towards the nation and as a token of giving it back to the community, Meetanshi donated a portion of each transaction during the lockdown period in India to the PM Cares fund.

    The company encouraged the customers too for this noble cause and hence successfully made the donations with the support of our valuable customers.

  4. Extended the refund policy period

    Merchants whose online business is facing hard times may be reluctant to invest in a Magento 2 extension. However, as E-commerce is getting a boost during the coronavirus lockdown, businesses have no option but to optimize the store for online shopping.

    To aid the Magento 2 store merchants in this situation, Meetanshi has extended the refund policy period from 30 days to 45 days. Doing so, it gives enough time to the store owners to implement the module, test the results and then decide if it is wise to invest in the extension for their business.

  5. Introduced Magento Power Packs

    The anti-crisis Magento power packs by Meetanshi includes the ready-made solutions tailored in a way that suits the current scenario.

    The additional benefits and exclusive features of the Magento power packs help the merchants to lift up their business that has been adversely affected due to the coronavirus crisis.

    A business can select any of the power packs which addresses the issues like stock management, delivery management, financial crisis management, and also tailor-made power packs for special cases.

    Benefits of Magento power packs:

    1. Free LifeTime Support
    2. Free Lifetime Upgrades
    3. Free Installation
    4. Free Configuration
    5. Discount
    6. 45 Days money-back guarantee
  6. Offered personalized demos.

    As mentioned earlier, the businesses are in critical states and the investment decisions ain’t easy.

    Deciding a Magento extension can be tricky and even more when one is not sure about the results due to the market position.

    Meetanshi is happy to lend a helping hand to the merchants by offering a personalized demo to check how the extension works for their store, the compatibility with other modules, and get a first-hand experience!

    Role of Meetanshi For Magento Community Contribution During COVID-19 Crisis 1

    A potential customer can request for a personalized demo, check it, and then decide if the purchase is beneficial or not.

  7. Offered 20% discount on all Magento extensions

    Meetanshi offered 20% discount on all Magento extensions with the coupon code “WEGOTTHIS”

    A small effort by the company to help the Magento 2 store merchants offer a feature-rich store to the online shoppers and stand out in the competition.

    Also, these extension purchase comes with free lifetime support, 45 days money-back guarantee, and free upgrades!

  8. Social distancing is utmost necessary to curb the virus spreading and Meetanshi is happy to be a platform to thousands of visitors whom we display our logo as below:

  9. Shifted the entire team and set up for remote working

    While we care about the customers and community, our very own Mit Crew is no less of a community. Certain steps are taken during the pandemic for the safety of our team members and balanced mental health.

    One of them was shifting our desks home for leveraging the work from home facility. We had never experienced the work from home scenario till now but the team made sure that this remarkable change would not affect the productivity of employees.

    The team was well equipped with tools that would help them communicate with the team members, manage their tasks, and grow their skills!

  10. Implemented a “Photos at 4” activity

    Meetanshi believes that it is not enough to ensure the productivity but also the mental health and communication among the team.

    As a part of it. we carried out a “Photos at 4” activity under which a theme was decided each day. At 4 pm, the team members would share a picture according to the theme with the entire team.

    This activity encouraged communication among the remote working team members, refreshed them to work with better enthusiasm, and helped us know each better.

    Some of the themes were sharing a picture of their favourite quarantine snack, a picture of their dream vacation, a picture reflecting their childhood memory, etc.

  11. Team meditation

    As far as mental health is concerned, our team members have started practising mediation to overcome the impact of the crisis and the surrounding stress due to COVID-19.

    Using Headspace, each member starts the day at the office with meditation post lockdown.

  12. Practice gratitude journal

    While lakhs of people have lost their lives, loved ones, or jobs, our team makes it a point to be grateful for what we have. Even small things matter. Practising gratitude journal writing can benefit our mental health, a much-needed thing in difficult times.

    Our meditation is followed by gratitude journal writing at Meetanshi post lockdown. Such activities not only make us value what we have in spite of the crisis but also soothes our mind and gives a kick-start to a productive day!

That’s all for Meetanshi’s practices as a part of anti-coronavirus activities, be it for customers, community, or the team!

Do share your opinion and suggestions on the topic in the Comments section below.

Also, help the community leverage the discounts and benefits we are offering to overcome the pandemic crisis their businesses are facing by sharing this post far and wide using social media.

Thank you.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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