Top 5 Experts’ Strategies for Price Quotation in E-commerce [2022]

Price Quotes in eCommerce can be defined as a quotation given by the seller to a buyer for providing the service or product.

Here, the seller is referred to as an offeror and will send the quote to the offeree commonly known as a buyer. If the price quote sent by the customer is comfortable for the buyer, they will accept and make the deal. The deal can even move forward if the price is not agreed upon by the buyer.

Price Quotes are one of the crucial parts of any sales process. It is used so that the buyer and seller can understand each other. It even becomes easy for the sellers to know exactly what the customers are willing to pay and what they are expecting to have.

And as a buyer, they will know what they can get as a solution and the cost associated to it.

On visiting the store, customers select a few products to buy. The customers are tempted to inquire about some products or the discounts offered for their order and can send requests to the store owners. Depending on the requirements, the store owner will send the quote to the customers.

As a result, pricing quotes provide an opportunity and encourage the customers to make a purchase.

Talking about the budget for developing an eCommerce website is a bit confusing task. So, there are certain factors that need to be considered at the time of setting the price for developing a website.

Price Quotes include detailed information of every business transaction and can be used as a reference for both parties at the time of disputes. It mainly includes business information of the buyer and the seller, date of issue, the cost associated, the tax applied, payment method, signature, and much more.

Pricing quotes provide an opportunity and encourage the customers to make a purchase. It is important how to price quotation is handled in E-commerce as it can either make or break a business.

This post shows how experts handle price quotation in E-commerce and how it helps increase sales!

Experts’ Opinion on Price Quotation in E-commerce:

shivbhadrasinh gohil - Meetanshi

The pricing quotation plays a crucial role in a business. Providing pricing quotes gives a chance to communicate with the customers and improves customer engagement. It also facilitates interaction with the potential buyers and thus reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion rates.

There is no default functionality in Magento to hide prices and enable contacting for price quote. Thus, I use Magento 2 Call for Price extension that helps in hiding the prices and “add to cart” button in Magento 2 stores and replace with “Call for Price”, “Contact for Inquiry” and much more..

– Shivbhadrasinh Gohil, Co-Founder & CMO at Meetanshi

Will Henry

The quote management process is an essential part of the business because it determines the price at which your products are sold. In order to maximize your ROI, you should have a strategy that is focused on maximizing
the efficiency in this process by minimizing human interference and optimizing for future fluctuations.

My tactic is to provide my customers with a better experience in terms of price quotations. One tactic I have is to offer them a custom quote and promote it online. I would also like to be able to do the same thing digitally by including more currency options and providing more precision about the product.

– Will Henry, Founder of Bike Smarts

Top 5 Experts’ Strategies for Price Quotation in E-commerce [2022] 1

Improved Sales Effectiveness

If a business cannot provide a timely acknowledgment to the buyers, they might end up losing the transaction. As a result, the sales staff may want to over-discount goods and push for a larger volume order rather than working hard to win the opportunity. Such tactics consume the online store’s pricing power and will hurt the business in the long run. If the SaaS resolution offer can increase win rates and boost overall profitability for the online store, the business gains can be large.

– Shiv Gupta, CEO at Incrementors Web Solution

Top 5 Experts’ Strategies for Price Quotation in E-commerce [2022] 2

E-commerce needs to have an effective strategy to negotiate with the vendor, market the products, and promote maximum saving on the product delivered. The return on investment or ROI can be considerably increased by implementing effective strategies and also by doing thorough market research which will involve vendors, sales strategies, marketing plans, and also an overview of the target audience. There are quotation systems that aid in making quotes for the companies and the vendors that they have chosen. These systems of quotations will differ from client to client as well as from vendor to vendor. This will depend on the product for which the quotation is prepared. The pitching of the price to the client is a very refined and precise way to initiate the deal.

– Hitesh Patel, founder of RRPJewellers

Top 5 Experts’ Strategies for Price Quotation in E-commerce [2022] 3

Pricing Quote in eCommerce might help to know the different pricing strategies for service businesses and how to choose the right one.

There is something much more than offering lowest prices to beat your competitors. In fact, it may be one of the most dangerous pricing strategies for service businesses, as it almost guarantees lost profits. The right pricing strategy has to align with your business goals, that helps to maximize profit, ensure your business’ growth, and attract huge customer base.

– Bijoy Prasad, Co-Founder & CMO at ABOE

That was about the experts’ opinion on offering price quotations to the customers that help to encourage the customers to make a purchase.

If you are a Magento 2 store owner, Meetanshi offers Magento 2 Hide Price extension that helps the store owners to hide product prices and the “Add to Cart” button for specific customer groups and categories.

It offers:

  • To hide product prices for specific customer groups
  • To hide prices globally, category-specific, or product-specific
  • To hide “Add to Cart”

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Top 5 Experts’ Strategies for Price Quotation in E-commerce [2022]

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