How To Pass Parameter To URL In Magento 2

How To Pass Parameter To URL In Magento 2

Online multi-channel retailing can be interpreted as an approach to sale online store products on additional platforms like Instagram, Facebook, relevant marketplaces, etc.

For Magento 2 stores going for this approach needs to offer an excellent shopping experience. For example, a visitor checks your product on a Facebook shop and decides to buy it. On clicking it, he should be redirected to your store, and the product must be added to the cart for checkout.

However, Magento 2 needs to identify the product that is to be added to the cart. And to do so, you need to pass parameter to URL in Magento 2.

Implement the below method to identify the particular product by passing a parameter through URL:

Method To Pass Parameter To URL In Magento 2:

Note: For phtml file, you can use:
That’s all.

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