Meetanshi Announces the Subscription Model for Magento Extensions

Meetanshi is introducing a subscription based business model for Magento extensions from February 01, 2022, meaning that all products within new orders will become available by subscription only, replacing the old “one-time-payment” model.

Magento Market is Ready to Introduce Product Subscriptions

Magento market is changing.

To fulfill the customers’ demands for the best support service and quality products, the industry is switching to a subscription-based model for Magento extensions.

And we, along with the leading Magento extension providers, including official Magento Marketplace, Amasty Mageplaza, Aheadworx, Mirasvit, and Mageworx, following E-commerce market best practices, are now ready to make a joint effort and rethink our approach to ensure continuous value delivery to our customers.

How Does Our Subscription Model Work:

  • The annual product subscription includes the SUPPORT SERVICE and UPGRADES along with the Magento extension package
  • If you are an existing customer, you get FREE 1-year access to the updates of our products
  • If you purchase any Magento extensions before the launch date of this business model, you get extra access to the upgrades and support from the date of your purchase till February 2023.
  • At any point in time, if you decide to cancel the subscription, you still have access to the code base of the extension package.
  • The customers will not receive updated packages and support services if they cancel the subscription to our products.

Subscription-Based Model for Early Bird Customers

There is a piece of good news for the customers that have purchased Meetanshi’s products/services before February 1, 2022. Such customers will be considered as Early Bird Customers, and they will get a 10% benefit on subscription renewals of the products/services purchased before the said date.

The subscription renewal cost for such customers will remain 50%, instead of 60%, of the price of the product / service, provided that they are renewing the subscription within the grace period. Also, the customer will get free support until the expiry of the active subscription.

To explain this more clearly, I have provided an example in the table provided below. You can refer to this table for more understanding.

Total Price of Extension / Service (for eg)$100.00
Date of Purchase (early bird customers)Before February 1, 2022
Subscription Renewal DateFebruary 1, 2023
Last Date to Renew (15 days grace period)February 15, 2023
Subscription Renewal Cost$50.00 (50%)
Subscription Renewal Cost After the Grace Period$80.00 (80%)
Free SupportUntil the expiry of the active subscription

Thus, the early bird customers will get flat benefit of 10% of the price every year on their subscription renewals. However, once the customers miss renewing their subscription within the grace period, they will have to pay 80% of the product/service price to re-enter the subscription cycle. They will be further considered as regular customers.

Subscription-Based Model for Regular Customers

Provided below is the table explaining how the subscription model will work for the customers making a purchase on or after February 1, 2022. The subscription renewal charges for such customers will remain 60% of the price of the service/product. Also, Meetanshi will provide a free support to such customers regarding the product/service until the expiry of the subscription.

The customers need to renew their subscriptions every year after the date of purchase or previous renewal. Also, a penalty-less grace period of 15 days will be provided to the customers to renew their subscription.

Total Price of Extension / Service (For Example)$100.00
Date of Purchase (Regular Customers)On or after February 1, 2022
Subscription Renewal Date1 year after the extension purchase date
Grace Period15 days from the subscription renewal date
Subscription Renewal Cost$60.00 (60%)
Subscription Renewal Cost After the Grace Period$80.00 (80%)
Free SupportUntil the expiry of the active subscription

However, if customers fail to renew their subscription before the end of the grace period, they will have to pay 80% of the product/service price to renew their subscription and re-enter the subscription cycle. The customers can continue their subscription renewals at the cost of 60% of the product/service price after that.

How Do Our Customers Benefit from Subscription-Based Business Model:

  • Better product quality with continuous investment in development, QA, and compatibility assurance
  • The customers will now get more frequent product upgrades by implementing the market research study, latest approaches, and user experience practices.
  • Warranties for the stability of service and full coverage with integrated updates and support package
  • Lifetime access to the original code base;
  • Availability of all Magento versions and inter-product compatibilities;
  • Availability of all new features delivered within the product line;
  • And full support coverage for the product during the entire subscription period.

Benefit of subscription model

Over the last few years, there’s been a transformational change that’s happening throughout the economy. An ever-increasing number of global B2C and B2B companies are switching to the subscription-based business model. 

E-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Shopware have already adapted to the subscription model, making access to the software and updates an option of their clients’ choice.

The subscription model has made it possible for the vendors to provide end-users with everlasting integration of new features and crucial updates to the existing products.

This reformation in the business model has not only transformed B2B companies but has also marked its benefits for customers and businesses, hence a win-win situation!

What do you think about this news? Do share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Also, stay tuned for more details about subscription plans and pricing structure.

What do you think about the subscription business model for Magento extensions? We appreciate your valuable feedback for this switch. Please take 2 minutes time out of your schedule to fill this Survey Form.


Who are the Early Bird Customers for Meetanshi?

The customers that have purchased products / services before the introduction of the subscription-based model, ie before February 1, 2022, will be considered as Early Bird Customers by Meetanshi. They will receive 10% benefit on every renewals, provided that they are renewing their subscriptions before the ending of the grace period.

When will the subscription pricing structure start for all the Magento extensions?

The subscription pricing will start from February 01, 2022, for all our Magento extensions.

How will I benefit from the product subscription business model?

With subscriptions for Magento 2 extensions, you will now get:

  • Better product quality
  • Regular feature updates
  • Free support included
  • Compatibility with latest Magento version
  • Lifetime access to original extension codebase

What will happen with all orders placed before Feb 01, 2022?

Our existing customers get the added benefit of updates and support till Feb 01, 2023. We are working on how to deliver maximum benefit to our loyal customers which will be announced shortly.

Do I have options to cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time you wish. You won’t be charged further and will lose access to extension updates and support services. However, you can still use the extension package in your online store.

Will there be any other pricing option apart from subscription?

No, the annual product subscriptions will be our only pricing method. The one-time payment method will no longer be available once this business model is launched.

How do I know the further details about the subscription model?

Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to get timely updates of our terms and conditions regarding the product subscriptions.

What will be the refund policy once the product subscription is launched?

We are yet to decide the refund policy and other terms and conditions but will update you with a detailed announcement soon. Till then, it would be helpful to know what you think about this major change.

Please contact us if you want to talk anything about product subscriptions.

Thank you.

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Meetanshi Announces the Subscription Model for Magento Extensions

Dhara Tuvar

Marketing Manager at Meetanshi, she is an expert in the field with 7 years of experience. Apart from work, she is a foodie, watch lover and a proud wife.


  • Peter

    I don’t think this is good news, quite the opposite.
    Magento is already making the platform uninteresting for many SMB customers with the ever increasing requirements and costs, such as Elasticsearch, which often means a need for dedicated hosting and need for a professional support for even the smallest needs.
    Many of our customers have 10-30 extensions in their stores and changing to a subscription model will add yet another cost (presumably a significant one) to them annually.

    We are already looking for alternatives to replace Magento and have stopped recommending it, many other platforms are easier to setup and maintain, even if they already have the subscription model for extensions.
    I also know that we’re not the only one, on the current path Magento CE will probably be a thing of the past in a few years.

    • Dhara Tuvar

      Hello Peter,

      Adobe’s now moving toward recurring billing as an adaptation of the Magento ecosystem to the general eCommerce trends. The other CMS platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, etc. have already started this trend, so switching to other platforms won’t be helpful.

      Also, as far as costing is concerned, you can always pay the one-time price and keep using the original extension package for lifetime. Only if you need the upgrades and support service, you need to pay for the subscriptions.

      Additionally, though Magento is not easy to maintain, it is only because the platform is capable to run an online store with complex functionalities, thousands of products & customers, and high performance.

      The decision to switch the business model to subscriptions will also benefit the customers as they will get free support service included, timely upgrades and high quality of Magento extensions,


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